episode 4

Just a little video update over on my YouTube channel.
I hope you all carve out some time for yourselves with knitting in your hands!


Libby had a few friends over to help decorate the cookies.  They did an amazing job.

The winner of the book 60 more quick baby blankets is number 4, Missy.  Missy, please email me, and I will make sure this sweet book lands in your mailbox!

those mitts

 I knit one present this year.  A pair of those mitts.  And when I finished I laid them on top of each other and low and behold they were two different lengths.  I was off by two rows.  I stretched and pulled and thought, heck, they are fine.  But then the voice in my head said, really?!  So... I cast on for another mitt.
And my awesome hairstylist will get a pair and an extra mitt.  A bonus mitt let's say.  In case she looses one. 😊


I don't know what took me so long to buy a sweater, a mitten and a hat cookie cutter.  I mean seriously.  Knitters that like to bake without knitwear cookie cutters?!
I used this recipe.  Seriously good.  Waiting for Libby to get home from college to decorate them.  (Tomorrow!  Yippee!)

60 more quick baby blankets giveaway

Okay, friends. This may be the cutest book of baby blanket patterns I have ever seen!
I flipped through the book marking my favorites with post it notes.  I think I put a post it note on every single pattern.  I'm not kidding.  This is honestly, the most spectacular selection of baby blanket patterns I have ever seen.
Honeycomb anything.  Swoon.
Are you kidding me?  Both of my boys would have been swaddled in this number.
These three farm animals tucked into bed.  Adorable.
There are so many more.  There is a mermaid Tail, heart motif, sailboats.  You name it.  It's in there.

And guess what?  The sweet peeps over at Sterling would like to give a copy to one of my readers.  If interested, please leave a comment here before Monday, December 18, 5pm EST, and I will have the random number generator choose a number.

Happy Friday!

december knitcrate

Imagine being tucked away in a little valley, snugly nestled between hills and mountains, little houses lined up together in the brightest, happiest painted colors.  -knitcrate

I actually can imagine just that.  And it makes me excited for this time of year.  For two hour delays and for snow days.

This months knitcrate contained 2 skeins of La Bribes 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  I just love the color way.  Perfect for a hat with ear warmers.  And the tempest Hat is just that. A crochet pattern was also included.  A lovely Frost Flower Cowl.

This crate retails for $63.00 and is available for $24.99.  If interested in ordering use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off of your first crate.  (That code works for any crate!)

christmas 2007

This was our Christmas 2007 photo shoot day.  Me.  Them.  Their father telling them to listen to their mother and smile for the camera.  I seriously can't believe this was ten years ago.  
 I often wonder what my Instagram would have looked liked when my kids were younger.  
Do you all think those thoughts?
How many more or less photos you would have taken?  I take a lot now.  I took a lot then.  It was digital back in 2007, after all.
Would I be the super photo snapping mom that I was with my camera?  Would I post all of the everyday pics that the younger moms of this generation post?  I tell my kids what a great photo album they would have had, cause in my mind, of course I would have!   I tell Andrew that he would have had an album!  (Haha!  Those poor youngest children.)
Happy 20017... From our 2007.
And in case you wondered?  They, of course, are wearing hand knit sweaters! 😉

three years ago

Today marks three years without the only father I ever knew.  I would love to say that time heals all wounds.  I think as individuals we are able to move on.  But the feeling of loss is there. When you let yourself dig deep, and let yourself feel again, those feeling come bubbling to the surface.  And it's okay.  It's a gift to have had that much love in your life.  
I miss him.  I miss the way he opened his heart and loved unconditionally.  He taught me so much.  And for that, I am forever grateful.

toast with purls

 Meet toast with purls.

I think of these arm warmers as being a slightly dressier version of toast.  (My mind suddenly goes to making toast and wearing pearls.)😉

The pattern is over on ravelry and you can download your free copy using the code "merryandbright".     (Available until Midnight on Thursday.) I bet you can whip a pair out in time for a gift.  OR you can save the pattern and knit a pair for yourself over your holiday break.  Yes, a pair for yourself sounds lovely.


xx, leslie

our tree

This was only the second year we have ever cut down our Christmas year.  We thought it would be really great to drive to the farm to get a fresh tree.  We found our favorite tree almost instantly.  Perfectly shaped and perfectly full.  It even came with it's very own birds nest.  We couldn't understand why everyone passed up this beauty!  The tree stand has never been without water, yet it is truly drying up before our very eyes.  It is shrinking and we can literally hear the needles falling onto the hardwood floor like gentle raindrops.  I'm thinking that by January 1st we will be left with our very own Charlie Brown Tree.

soon to be...

My yarn arrived for my next project;  humulus.  SO looking forward to casting on, but must wait until I finish a few small Christmas gifts.
It took me quite a while to decide on a yarn choice and color combo.  I'm going to be using the lovely Quince yarn in Lark.


It was the first time I made a peppermint cake.  I figured it was that time of year, and this year I am feeling particularly festive. It wasn't that pretty, but it sure was delicious.

music man

My music man, Charlie.

While my children were growing, I was always playing music.  I mean, always.  All sorts of different genre's.  I just love music.  George Winston was played in the house and on long car trips. Driving, getting lost in my thoughts, feeling it to the core.  I don't think I even thought about the impact music would have on them.  
Charlie, my oldest, also took a love for all things music.  When he text me in October saying that George Winston was playing in Columbus and asked me if I wanted to come and go with him, my heart almost exploded.  Truly.  We went to hear him play last night.  He was amazing.  
Charlie is studying finance at OSU and has a passion for music.  He was taught how to play the saxophone and the piano, and taught himself how to play the guitar.  He doesn't know where music will fit into his life, he just knows that it will have to fit.  
Charlie writes music in his spare time and in October released his second album.
You can listen/buy it on Bandcamp here and on iTunes here.  If you are a Spotify or a AppleMusic lover feel free to take a listen on Spotify here and AppleMusic here. 😊 I'm just so proud of him for having this passion.  

happy decorating

Guys!  I'm not the first to do this... but it was my first time doing this.  I grabbed the greens from the discard pile at Home Depot.  Along with the discarded trunks.  And, voila!  Instant, inexpensive (free!) center piece.  That is happy decorating!

100 x simple

This was by far one of my favorite pieces to knit.  It's mindless which is absolutely perfect when you need to concentrate on a conversation.  Or a book.  Or the TV.  Or while having a glass of wine.  Or in the movies.  Or just when you want to totally space out.  I realized I absolutely always need a knit like this in my life!
  The yarn is what keeps this interesting.  Other than that it's round and round and round you go.  
Using a provincial cast on, you then knit in the round using size 8 (or 7) needles.  My friend, Linda, found the pattern and yarn at Spun in Ann Arbor.  She whipped it out one morning at knitting and 3 of us were on the phone with the nice peeps at Spun ordering our own.  It takes 4 balls of Fiber Mill Crazy.  No two skeins are alike.  However,  if you have a color pallet you like that can make it easy.
My sister, Shelly, has made 3 of these.  This lighter version is one of hers.  That will sort of tell you how fun this is to make.   It's a lofty knit which makes it easy to travel with.  And then, easy to wear.  
Pattern: 100 x simple cowl
Yarn: 4 skeins of Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy
Needle size:  size 8 (or 7) circular needles

rent to own

 Ha.  So, remember when we decided to Rent the Chickens?!  Well, we loved it so much we decided to Adopt the Chickens.  The chicken experience was just too great.  And fresh eggs daily?  It's a dream!
Meet Scarlett, Violett, Gray and Lucille.

hotline sweater

I have missed knitting for my kids so much.  I hat here or there.  A pair of socks.  An occasional sweater for Libby (in which I choose the pattern).  But most of my knitting is for myself.  Except for the gift of Toast I give often to others.  Ack.  Does that sound selfish?  I sure hope not.  It's just that my boys don't want me to knit them a sweater.  However, I think Steve would probably love a sweater so I should definitely think about making him one in 2018.
Well, a couple of weeks ago, I received a text from Libby with a screen shot of the Hotline sweater asking if I could make it for her.  Are you kidding me?!  I'M ON IT!  The fact that she went to Wool And The Gang's site, looking for a sweater for me to make her made my heart sing.  Truly music to this mothers ears.

winter sunsets

I hope I always appreciate a sunrise and a sunset.
I am grateful to have the winter sunsets to admire from our home.
As the sun rose this morning, I drank coffee in bed while scrolling through instagram and treasuring the beauty of a cotton candy sky.
Appreciating the gift of another 24 hours of being alive.

yarn love

So... guys!  A bouquet of yarn?  Talk about making my day!  The sweet peeps over at Knitcrate sent me this beautiful bouquet.  How wonderful for a knitter to receive!  I am SO remembering this as a gift idea.  They used straight knitting needles as the skeins "stems" to keep the skeins from flopping.  And yarn to hold the bouquet together.  Absolutely perfect.  And SO, SO, thoughtful!
Did you know that Sandy from by the lakeside is now dying her own yarn?  Yep.  She is.  And it is delicious.  This is her Casual Friday fingering weight yarn.  80% Superwash merino/ 20% nylon.  I love her names that she chose for them.  "Exceptionally Ordinary" on the left.  ""I hope there's pudding" on the right. (Are those awesome names or what?!)  Sandy will update her shop on December 7 at 12pm EST.  Her project bags are the bomb!
Spirited Fibers is Adirondack yarns own line. 80% washable merino/20% nylon.   It's dreamy... and those colors!

I'm seriously loosing sleep over all of this yarn.  I can't wait to cast on with all of it!

I'm thinking of a blogging challenge for the month of December.  I've missed my camera.  And this space.  I want to capture those moments of beauty that are everyday life.  So, I will try to post something every day.  Even if it is just a photo.  Feel free to join me and let me know if you do!