this was today


This was exactly the day I had been craving.

I'll be back to tell you about the city I fell in L O V E with.  xx

happy mother's day!

I thought it would make total sense to have a little Mother's Day Sale on sweet Barbie Lou.  Since, in fact, it is my mother's pattern, and it is for a baby, and babies make women Mom's! 😍

Enter code : mybarbielou at checkout to receive 50% off of the pattern.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!

to go

I'm leaving tomorrow for a special, quick trip with my Andrew and my sister.  I had two projects packed that required a little bit of counting.  My sister reminded me that the 100x simple cowl is a complete no brainer.  Great for sight seeing or drinking wine.  All aboard!  (Ha! We aren't taking a boat!)

may knitcrate

Oh boy.  This yummy box arrived at my doorstep this week.  How about those colors!  Deep tones of greens, vivid violets and peacocks blues from Tanis Fiber Arts' Organic Merino.  It came with two patterns; the honeycomb cap and the sawtooth shawlette.  I am always equally excited about the little extras included.  This months DPN holder marks my first one ever!  Pretty excited to finally have one.  These boxes are truly a wonderful value.  (This crate is valued at $64.00)

Remember to use code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first Crate!

the goods

This was pretty much all I left Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival with.  Well, this and a full stomach due to mouth watering Ribbon Chips.
Two skeins of Mountain Mohair, a worsted wool from Green Mountain Spinnery.  A pattern to make the boot toppers from my previous post.  And, a darling project bag from Madder Root, along with a new tattoo.  Ya.  It's a press on tattoo.  But, if ever I get a tattoo, you better believe it is going to look EXACTLY like that one.

maryland sheep and wool 2017

Hey friends!  So much fun to read your thoughts and preferences concerning the Magic Loop Method.  I really appreciate it.  I definitely am going to continue to do my best on the two at a time.  If things don't go well, I'll try Magic Loop one at a time.  And, if I decide to throw in the towel on my Magic journey, I'll be sure to share that with you! ;)
Last Sunday morning, I loaded the car and hit the road for Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I met my husband there as he was in D.C. for business.  What a treat to share my love of sheep and wool with my man.  AND,  to see his interest in something he knows little about.
This is the hippie sheep I was photographing while Steve was photographing me on Instagram.  What a beauty!  I just love the dreads.  You better believe I was wearing my Hanne Falkenberg.
We wove our way through most of the exhibits.  Filled with incredible sheep and all things related to our love of this craft.   It's a bit overwhelming to tell you the truth.  Wool everywhere.  We purchased two skeins of yarn.  Yep, only two.  It's hard to believe, but I didn't really have a plan and my head was spinning.
Leaving the fairgrounds, I couldn't help but smile at this shuttle.  To be surrounded by so many like minded people.  It really just makes my heart happy.

two at a time

I have never tried magic loop, two at a time, socks.  Never.  Ever.
I was all thumbs getting started.  Made a mess, actually.
However, now that I've gotten a few rows in, it seems to be a little easier.
I wonder how many people consider this one of their favorite techniques for knitting socks.