merry merry happy happy

So, I headed to the wine store yesterday to buy some dyed-in-the wool.  They were all out.  All the people crazy for wool must have already bought it all.  I really wanted to raise my glass to all of you.  To thank you for all of your kind words and inspiration throughout the year.  And to wish you all a wonderful holiday.
I'll be back sometime after the first of the year.
See you then.


Well, I finished the advent calendar last weekend.  And, am I ever happy.  It was a big pain to make them all at once.  But once I started, I just couldn't stop.  I learned/relearned a few things about myself as I went along.  
-I don't like small, fiddly projects.  Bring on the sweaters.
-I stink at embroidery.  Especially freehand.
-I love a challenge. And can't quit until I reach my goal.
-I don't like busy.  Not busy as in moving around, I like that.  Busy, as in busy to the eye.  I find this very busy.  And trust me, with three kids, there are a lot of busy things around me.  But for some reason, this is super busy.  I had to move it out of the kitchen where I saw it all of the time.  So, if you are considering making this, think about that.  Scale down the colors.  Fewer would be nice.  All white---ahhh.

The kids have loved it.  In the morning, Libby is the first to get her treat.  (I usually filled it with a small chocolate.) Charlie usually always forgets.  And, Andrew usually eats his and Charlie's.  And then a fight begins.  Oh, happy holidays!


Ana tagged me with a photo challenge.  Choose the fourth photo in your fourth file. This computer only houses photos back to the fall of '07.
So, here it is.  My fourth photo, in my fourth file.  It was November 21, 2007, and I remember it like it was yesterday.  Walking by my front door, this beautiful leaf caught my eye.  Staring right at me, perched up and standing tall, while leaning on its stem.  Just a reminder of one of the many reasons why I love fall.
I am now supposed to tag four people.  Consider yourselves all tagged, and play along if you would like.  It is pretty fun to see and remember what photo pops up.
Happy Monday!

rose hill

four.  I declare a rose hill war.  Well, not really.  I am going to let my friends choose among themselves.  The top three are made with Classic Elites Portland tweed, left over from the Christmas sweaters.  The bottom one is made out of Classic Elite's Skye tweed, left over from last years sweaters.  If you recall, I mentioned that Portland tweed replaced Skye tweed.
I have seven balls left from last years sweaters.  I know I will not get around to using them. (I'm sticking true to Portland tweed.  It is so nice.) If you would like a ball, or two, leave me a comment, and then shoot on over and e-mail me with your address. (My address is in the sidebar.  This isn't a drawing.  Just a giveaway to the first people who want them.)  I will pop it in the mail, and you can make yourself or someone a hat.  Well, you don't have to use it to make a hat.........but they are pretty darn cute.
Have a wonderful weekend!

all three together

                              Charlie's vest, Libby's sweater, Andrew's vest
I took over 500 photos, on two separate occasions.  And this is my favorite photo.  It is so fitting of what happens in my house.  The youngest one does something naughty, and the older two laugh.  Not that putting snow on your sisters head is naughty.  But, when your mother is trying to get a good photo, of smiling faces, it turns the simple act of funny, to naughty.  For a tiny moment.
And I know this is going to be a shock, but I am 99% sure that I am completely blowing off the Christmas cards.  I know.  That is the reason I made the sweaters.  However, Christmas is now eight days away (eight) and I just don't feel like having a card cramming session.  (Especially since the advent cramming session is still going on.) 
And on the list for the new year?  Writing up the pattern for the "libby" sweater.
Have a great one.


I don't like this project.  Nope, not one little bit.  It could be perhaps due to the fact that I didn't start it until the last minute.  Now I am on a race with time.  And as much as I hate it, I am going to do my best to win this race. Because, I am thinking the finished product will be well worth the work.   
The cookie of the week was brown sugar brown butter cookies after seeing these.  I actually made them twice.  Smitten Kitchen updated their post, saying that respondents where mentioning that their cookies were "falling apart".  I would have to fall into that category. Both times we had crumbly cookies.  They taste great, but would definitely not package well.
Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

thank you

Wow.  You all are the best!  The best, I tell ya!  You provided us with stellar information.  I appreciate every single comment, and the time it took to answer the questions.  
We all have a lot in common, as far as knitting.  And from what I gather, the biggest reasons for knitting are because of how it makes us feel.  Relaxed, calm, creative, and productive.  Keeping us connected to those whose paths we follow and a need to slow down in this fast paced world.
If you get time, you should read some of the comments.  They really made me feel connected to all of you.
Thanks again.

a question, or two

I have been taking photos for a new local magazine, minimagazine.
It is a complementary magazine that is small in size, but big with information.  It is the greatest little "throw in your bag" magazine that can be read from front to back in one short sitting. Filled with all sorts of hip/trendy/helpful/fun articles,  and has been so much fun to be part of.
In the upcoming issue, there is going to be an article on knitting.  So, I headed to Knit One, and took a lot of photos of yarn.  That part was easy.  
The next part is a little more difficult for me.  The questions of who, what and why.  I know why I knit.  But, I certainly don't want to speak for everyone. So, I was wondering if you could help me out?  And answer a question or two?

::how does knitting make you feel?
::is it the start of a project - the execution- or the completed item?
::do most women/men like to knit in groups?  or alone?
::do most women/men learn from a mother/grandmother, or learn on their own?
::what are the easiest items to begin with?
::do you knit all year round, or just when it is cold out?
::do you always knit from a pattern or do you tend to make your own up?
::how long does it take you to knit a pair of socks?  a sweater?  a scarf?
::do you think it is expensive?
::what has to do with the resurgence?
::who is the coolest knitter you know?  (ha.  kidding)

If you don't mind picking one or two questions from the list, and answering them in my comment section, I would really appreciate it.  Also, leave your first name, and city/state/country.  I am not sure how exactly the article will play out, however, if your answer is used in the article, and your name quoted, I will be sure to send you a copy.

I'll go first.  And answer one question.
A story first.  Last summer, I was at the pool with the kids, and I met a friend of a friends.  I chatted for a bit, but soon my knitting was calling, and I had to return to my chair.  It was July when I declared it my "knitting for others" month.  And while my kids were occupied,  I knew I could get some quality knitting time in.  My friend later told me of the conversation that went on between two of the girls (women).  
"Leslie seems nice, but what is up with the f#*$*≈g knitting???"  
"I don't know, she just likes it. (pause) It keeps her lid on tight."

I loved that.  So for me?  I knit because it keeps my "lid on tight".

i can't think of one

Wow. I can't believe how many of you thought that I was crazy about my feelings for the skirt! Thank you so much for your input.  I will definitely give it a chance.  I promise.  
I ordered a little something from Heather's Etsy shop.  You should see this piece of  handmade art.  Sequins.  Beads.  Totally sweet.  I know the perfect gift that this will top.  And then the recipient can hang it on one of her drawer pulls.  Or a doorknob.  And enjoy it all year long.
And, for cookie of the week, Keana sent me a link to this recipe.  I didn't have the dulce de leche caramel (who does?).  So, a little raid through the kids halloween candy and I scored some caramels. Melted those and that worked fine.  (I also tossed that halloween candy.  Finally.) And the little chocolate that was supposed to be drizzled on top?  I got a little preoccupied and forgot all about it.  They are still delicious without it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

the scoop on the skirt

Back to the skirt.
These are not the best photos.  They were taken last Tuesday, through the window, by my mother.  It was 28˙ outside, and was just starting to snow.  I wasn't about to make her come join in the fun.  I also had the camera on the wrong setting.  Whoops.
There are a couple of things that I don't like about how this turned out.  See how the skirt separates and sort of comes to a V at the bottom.  That bugs me.  It has been blocked, and steamed, and continues to do that.  My mother and a good friend think that I am being a bit picky, but I like my knits to turn out like the photo in the pattern.  Also, the waistband must have elastic sewn into it, otherwise it would end up down around your hips all day.  Not a good look.  
Yes, a little clingy in the rear.  I know, I should have expected this from a knit skirt. 
The scoop:
Needles:  Size 6 and 7
Size: small
Yarn:  7 hanks Classic Elite Renaissance
Modifications:  I did one extra pattern repeat.  To add a couple of inches to the length.
And sewed a 2" piece of elastic in the waist band.

Bottom line.  I am not that comfortable in this skirt. I will probably wear it a few (couple) times. (Maybe once.)  Then I may have to recycle the yarn.  

december 1

So, it's December 1, and somehow I seem to be stuck in October.  Or maybe wishing it still was October.  I mentioned last year, that I wanted to make the advent calendar like Garnet Hill.
Make a couple a month.  No problem.  Fast forward twelve months.  Not a single one was made. They started popping up again, and I got the urge to make them. I managed to make four over the course of last weekend.  Just to get a jump start.  Now, I guess that I will have to make one a day, just to stay ahead of the game.  I must admit these are not my favorite things to make.  Easy enough, but as soon as you think that you are finished, you have to embroider the number, crochet a chain, and perhaps make a pom-pom.  I just want to keep knitting.
One could wing the pattern, but why, when it is clearly written out here.
Happy December!