every day in the month of may

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, good month!
My sisters and I (and I am trying to drag a few local friends along) are going to do a green smoothie challenge in the month of May. I've seen these around the blogosphere but have never hopped on the wagon. In an effort to always try to feel our best we thought this would be fun. (Yes, fun!) So, every day in May we will be blending up some green goodness.
I made my first one yesterday while on the phone with my sister. I told her, "this is going to be easy... mine looks like a chocolate shake"! I used 2 cups of frozen fruit (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) 1 frozen banana, water and 2 cups of packed baby spinach. It was good. Honestly. I bought kale today and plan on mostly using that. Feel free to join along!
There will still be cookies baked over here. Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies were this weeks cookie of the week. A home run. Everyone loved them, and I especially loved the dough. Biting into a peanut + chocolate chip = delicious.
Have a wonderful weekend.

outside knitting

As usual, my parents visit went way too fast. It is so nice to have my favorite knitter with me doing what we love to do. It was a gorgeous week filled with sunny days, perfect for sitting outside keeping an eye on our new baby.
I pulled out a project that hasn't seen the light of day in months. (Okay, maybe a year.) It was fun for a few rows. That seed stitch is killing me. I am going to try my hardest to do a little on this every week.
Mom read my directions out loud while I cast on for the gathered cuff cardi out of Classic Elite's gallery booklet. Don't you just love the cover of that booklet?!
(Mom's project on her lap: Vogue Knitting, winter '10, floral cardigan.)
I chose the same color, 5231, as the pattern called for. Not a usual color for me, but should be nice for the summer.
Have a great one!

absolutely no trouble at all

Meet Trouble, our newest family member.
-Age, 7.
-Mom to 39 pups.
-Driven to us from Florida by my parents. (How awesome are they.)
-Named "Trouble" by previous owner. Totally Ironic because she is absolutely, positively NO trouble at all. In fact, she almost seems to0 good to be true. As my friend Michelle put it, the perfect name for us. For Charlie, who may never get into trouble. Sweet for Libby, a sympathetic ear to tell her troubles to. Ideal for Andrew, "can someone else please start getting into trouble around here"?!

We are totally in love.
Have a great day!


Before I left for spring break, I finished the body of the foldover cowl pullover. Anxious to see what it looked like, I tried it on and was instantly disappointed.
It may be hard to see from this photo, but it is a bit big. Big in a boxy sort of way. I wore it around the house like this and the look grew on me. I was thinking that perhaps I liked it. Perhaps I liked it big and boxy. Perhaps I needed a big and boxy sweater. I decided to pack it in my suitcase and ask my mother for her advice.
Fast forward to the last evening of our trip. My mother made herself a cocktail, grabbed a beer for me and told me we were heading to the beach. "Bring your sweater", she said. "Your going to rip it out."
And so that is what I did. My mother was right. (Again.) That sweater is meant to be on the fitted side. I'll be much happier in the end. And with my mother by my side, a beer in my hand, sitting on the beach, it took the sting out of it a little. (A whole lot.)
Have a terrific weekend!

a few of my favorites

I mentioned I would be back today. 9:49 p.m. counts as today, right? You betcha.
I found myself in need of a few baby gifts around here lately, so I packed a few in my suitcase for my beach (and airplane) knitting. I seem to gravitate towards my favorite baby knits, so thought I would share.
Favorite baby bootie:
Mary Janes. I have made these before and love the pattern. I find them totally irresistable, adorable and something to treasure. Again, I used 1 ball knit picks shine sport, grass and 1 ball knit picks risata, buttermilk.
Favorite Baby Hat:
Swirled Ski Cap from Knitting for Peace. I LOVE this hat. Fun to make and always reminds me of a little scoop of swirled ice cream. I would love to one day make this hat while making the knit stitches white, the purl stitches milk chocolate and the pom pom red. A swirled scoop of ice cream with a cherry on the top.
Favorite baby sweater:
Sirdar lace-edge baby sweater. I have made this before, and am always pleased with the results. I love Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for this project.

I find myself in a little bit of a limbo trying to figure out what to cast on for next. A lot of things swirling through my mind. Just can't seem to pull out the needles and cast on.
I'll be back tomorrow to show you what happened to my foldover cowl pullover.

spring break '10

Oh, hey there!
I always underestimate the power of re-entry. However, I feel that we are finally back in the groove around here.
Spring Break this year was pretty close to the breaks in the past.
Except that the kids are a year older.
My parents got us a dog! (More on that later.)
The eggs were harder to find.
We got up early, went to the beach, and watched the space shuttle discovery take off.
A lot of friendship bracelets were made.
And the first stingray was caught (and released).
Back tomorrow to share a few little knits.
Have a great day!