just wanted to let you know

I'm packing my passport and heading over the Atlantic.  A special someone is turning 80.  I'll probably post photos over on Instagram if you want to follow along.

Off to paint my nails.
See you soon!

salted oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies

I've made these cookies for the past two weeks.  Easy no brainers.  Well, I actually made them twice because I was the "no brainer" and forgot to sprinkle with sea salt.  So I needed to make them again to see if we actually liked them the way the recipe intended.  (Both times I omitted the dried cranberries.)
They were actually delicious either way.  Although, I think the kids actually prefer them without the sea salt sprinkle.  They are a nice crisp cookie.  I tried to make them a little chewy by under baking them.  That worked.  A little.
This was the day that had me fretting over running out of yarn.  So much so, that I ate cookies for lunch instead of my normal green smoothie.  A perfect day if I do say so myself.

On the way to Colorado. Happy weekend!


No school today.  Libby makes the most of it.  
So, I panicked and ordered a 7th skein of yarn for my yoga shawl.  I just couldn't bear the thought of running out with my deadline and all!  And, I finally picked out some buttons.  I wanted a flat finish instead of shiny and found the perfect ones at JoAnn Fabrics.  

Taking that Senior up there out west for the weekend.  Going to look at a few schools in Colorado.  Wasn't she was just that little girl?  

yarn and soul

Has your weather been perfect like it has been here? Crisp cool mornings and clear blue skies are making for the best days around here. Makes me all giddy for fall.
My mind is racing with thoughts of new projects.  I'm looking for a sweater pattern as I approach the end of the yoga shawl and have a lot of little projects in mind.  (Toast will always be on my needles.)
I came across this lovely Yarn and Soul yarn.  Have you seen it?  Wow.  It is really yummy.  100% Superfine Alpaca.  The colors are incredibly beautiful.  And did you know that 1 cute Alpaca = 4-5 sweaters as opposed to 4 cashmere goats = 1 sweater!  Loved that little bit of information I never knew until now.  I'm thinking of making a hat.  Heck, with that generous 400 yards in one hank I can make two!  Off to Ravelry to find a pattern.  And then I'm going to make this cake.

Happy Monday, Friends!

the peace chain

 Can you stand all of that beautiful lavender?   I sort of wanted to dive in!  Lavender is known for it's calming qualities and healing powers. We all need a little peace and calm in our busy lives. That's why my creative friend, Denise, started making the Peace Chain.
 The peace chain is a simple reminder carried on your keychain.  A reminder that we are all linked together.  A reminder to breathe.  A reminder that you are loved.  Cause we all are!

I love the idea of buying a package and giving one to your child.  Whether they are in elementary school (connect it to their backpack), high school, college, or living in a different space.  Just knowing that we are linked together, while apart, is such a loving, gentle reminder.

Libby and I love ours.  
I squeezed mine so tightly the other night when I came out of the grocery store to a dead car battery and a dead cell phone.  Boy was I thankful I had the peace chain with me.  I put my nose right to that baby, took a deep breath, told myself I was okay,  and walked up and down steep hills (across the parking lot) to the Verizon store.   

Happy Day, Friends!

toffee pecan cookies

 Oh my gosh.  Do you ever watch Daphne Dishes on Food Network?  Well, a couple of Sundays ago, I found myself home alone.  So I did what my inner knitter told me to do.  I grabbed my knitting needles, a cup of hot coffee and climbed back into my super comfy bed.  It was heavenly.  And Daphne had me giggling the whole time.  She really is so funny!
 I couldn't wait to make the Toffee Pecan Cookies she was baking.  She made them bite sized for her car adventure.  Perfect.
But since I was packing them in lunches, I went with the regular size cookie.  And they were a HUGE hit!

Spiral Cowl

This week has really gotten away from me.  I can't believe it's Thursday and the weekend is almost here.  I feel a little behind but just gonna go with it.  At least there has been knitting.  And this quick, fun little knit makes things feel like progress.  And a great gift knit.  Fast and Affordable.  Perfect.  I think I'll be the first recipient!

Pattern:  Spidey's Spiral Cowl
Yarn:  Lion Brand Thick and Quick
Needle:  US15

Happy Thursday, Friends.

sea salt brownies

 So, I have made brownies after the first day of school every year since Charlie was in kindergarten.  (He is now a sophomore in college.) Except for that one year I forgot and Charlie reminded me.
Some years it was a box mix.  And some years it was this recipe.  Really one of our all time favorites.  There is just something about walking into the house with that fresh baked brownie smell.  I think that's what I always wanted my kids to remember about the first day of school.  
And packing them for lunches the next day is pretty great, too.  I'm not sure who loves those paper bags more.  Me or, well, me.     
I just can't stop looking at this wisteria branch.  It amazes me how it twists itself together.  Just like life.

Happy long weekend friends.  So looking forward to it!

chalk lots sale

I used to be excited about the first day of school.  I truly remember putting all three on the bus and skipping up the driveway.  These days, it doesn't fill me with that much joy.  In fact, I'd love to go back to those days when I skipped up the driveway.

There will be sea salt brownies baked today as our first day of school, after school snack.  I'm grateful for that.  And for love notes in brown bags.  And for the placemats that continue to be loved in our home.

In honor of back to school, Chalk Lots are now 15% off until September 9th.  Enter code: BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout.  And remember, they make great gifts, too!

Happy Back to school days.