a new pair of socks

These socks were four years in the making.  And the finished timing just couldn't have been more perfect.  Fall has blown in and has me feeling completely giddy.  
I wanted them super slouchy.  The pair that is worn in the mornings and evenings.  Thrown on in the autumn months before I get out the much needed Uggs for winter days.  
The yarn was gifted to me from my dear friend, Sifis.  I met Sifis first on line through his flickr groups.  And then I met him in person when my mom and sisters and I were visiting his beautiful country, Greece.  Sifis owns a lovely yarn shop in Athens that has been in the family for three generations.  Established in 1935.  That just makes my heart warm and makes these socks just that much more special.  A little bit of that amazing trip and his world, knit into each stitch.

Pattern:  Lion Brand free sock pattern
Yarn:  Lang yarns
Needles:  Size 2 double pointed needles


We celebrated Charlie's birthday a couple days early this year.  I am so grateful he could come home from school for his birthday dinner.
He left nineteen candles stacked on a plate.  (Nineteen!)
This is what the cake looks like two days later.  
It was a free for all for Libby and Andrew.  
That's what happens when you leave your cake and head back to college.  


Over a month has passed since my last post and I am just getting to this space. I have good reason.   I promise.  And I'll share here soon.  (Hint:  Big, exciting, loving changes!)
But first, I think I'll show you Antler.
Remember when I ripped it out?  It was just a bit toooooo big.  My gauge was completely off.  I could have saved some time if I would have done a gauge.  (Just like every pattern says.)  But in the end, I couldn't be happier.
I love the detail in this sweater.  The side seam in the body and on the arms, the garter stitch details, and the fun of the color blocking.  So many color combinations to choose.  
The yarn is made of linen, baby alpaca and wool.  It's a really perfect combination and perfect for all year wear.  
Antler is knit top down in the round.  One continuous piece with no finishing required. Except for tying in loose ends, of course.   It's such a treat to have a sweater finished when you are finished knitting.  
Pattern:  Antler
Yarn:  Classic Elite Soft Linen  Main color, dove grey #2203 Contrast color, citron #2202
Size:  S
Needle:  US 6 (I used them throughout and did not use US 4 as the pattern instructed. )