shutter love

I can honestly say, there hasn't been much knitting since school started. However, what there has been is a lot of organizing and a little bit of sewing. This is Libby's desk that was purchased for $12 at a favorite spot of mine. I love giving old things a new life. With a fresh coat of white paint and new pulls, it was good to go. We did find however that the top is a bit small, only 17 inches. Therefore, we needed a solution to where all of her necessities would live. Purchased the shutters at the same place for $1 each. My husband then attached a few pieces of lumber, with elbows for the shelves. He then secured it to the desk. I staple gunned a piece of fabric to the back (behind the two shelves) and then made our own version of the wall organizer from Lotta jansdotter's simple sewing book.
This really is just perfect for Libby's work area. It houses all of her paper, pens and pencils and other "stuff". I only wish I had one. Ever since Libby was in kindergarten, she has laid her outfit out for the next day, the moment she gets home from school. Always on the floor, for us to walk around. This shutter was purchased at the same place for $3. We secured it to the wall, hammered a nail for her to hang her top, and one for her to hang her bottom. Ahh, love, love, love! Oh, and that cute little top? Yes, finally got around to making a shirred top for Libby using fabric from the fabric shack and Erin's tutorial. Let me tell you, Erin made it so easy! She practically held my hand during the whole thing! Thanks, Erin.

And what mother doesn't like to see her little girl headed to school wearing her new top, carrying her messenger bag?

bitter sweet

School started today. And, although I hate for the summer to end, I must admit I was a little giddy yesterday, thinking about today. Oh, time to do the gazillion things I have let go over the summer. However, those gazillion things are just going to have to wait another day. Because, after I skipped up the driveway, drank more coffee, blared music throughout the house, I decided it was time to try to accomplish the other things on my list! Happy, happy Monday.

taking me back

Did you happen to see the Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary issues Top 10 Hits? I gave a little chuckle when I saw this one. Yes, it was 1991. When I pulled this out of the BOX (I don't wear it), it took me back in time. I was living in San Francisco, single and carefree. Most of this was knit in my apartment, sitting on the floor, watching movies. My roommate sat next to me, knitting too. I can't remember what she was working on. What I do remember, was the taste of her homemade salsa. It was so hot it would make our noses run. She gave me the recipe, but I can never duplicate it. The stitches in here are like little minutes of time.
And did you think I would stop with the world?
Oh no baby, I took on the universe!
Have a wonderful weekend making every little stitch a memory.
Don't worry, these two treasures went back into the box!

21 days

I always heard it takes 3 weeks to break a habit. Today marks my 22nd day without eating ice. I wasn't an ordinary ice eater. No, this one got a little weird. My husband said my habit was getting very methodical. It was. Always making two cups at a time. That way, the second cup was always perfect when I got to it. Nice and soft. Always eating them with a spoon. I only ate white ice, not clear. The clear is way to hard. I knew which friends had the "good" ice. Always taking my "to go" cup from their house. I was up to 8-10 cups of ice a day. I ate ice while on the tread mill. I can't believe I didn't choke. My favorite place to eat ice was the shower. This totally grossed my husband out and probably you too. I found that the humidity from the shower softened my ice quicker and I didn't get cold.

Anyhow, for months now, I was waking up with a sore jaw. I started wondering, how long could this go on? Could I really keep this up for much longer? What was I doing to my poor teeth?

While in Florida during my computer free time, I popped on to read my sisters post. I then clicked onto her comments, saw a catchy blog name, and clicked onto that. Read this, and it was that moment, then and there, I decided that I too had to take care of myself. Believe me, it hasn't been easy. ( It was all I could do to not eat that glass of ice while photographing it. It was the perfect softness.) I do know, that my teeth, and the people around me are much happier.

Blogging really is amazing. If you think about it, you are always just a click away from being motivated or inspired. Thanks Hillary and everyone else for being just a click away.
**I had heard that since I was craving ice, I could be anemic. I had blood work done last week, and all levels were fine.

too much fun

The kids and I took a little road trip to my sisters house this week. This is one of our favorite summer trips. Quiet and private, we don't even leave the grounds once we get here. Many fantastic memories have happened in this home.
Our days are all pretty much the same. This was us this morning. My sister in her jammies. We then head outside to the pool for the afternoon, and are back in these chairs after dinner. Too much yarn. Too many projects. Too much fun!
Happy Weekend Everyone.


It has been nothing but bliss around here with cables, Debbie Bliss yarn, new school supplies and a new knitting journal. This is known as the silver belle from Vogue Knitting or Romy from Debbie Bliss's new book Cashmerino Collection. I haven't done a cable sweater for myself in a very long time, so am loving working on this. I also loved entering it in my new journal I won from Jill at Knitterella! Thanks a million Jill, I just love it! I am such a paper/pen sort of girl. I love writing in an agenda, making lists, crossing things out and all the while using different pens and paper. I bought enough school supplies to fill every pencil holder and drawer in our house!

So far, the pattern is easy to follow. The construction of the sweater looks a little different, so am looking forward to seeing how it will all come together. I am almost finished with the bodice, and am ready to start a sleeve. Bliss I tell ya, pure bliss.

new wheels

When I came home from florida, my husband had this in the garage waiting for me!I had been wanting a new bike ever since our trip to Nemacolin. Can you say love at first sight? That saddle brown leather seat and those saddle brown grips almost put me over the edge. Yesterday I ordered a basket just like the one Angelique ordered for her new bike. I so dream that I live in a quaint little village, perhaps Nantucket, (right Keat) where I bike to the market for fresh produce, dairy and other necessities. I then wake up and remember that I live in suburbia USA and have to drive my car everywhere I go. sigh. We did load the bikes on the back of the car yesterday and drove to a location where we parked the car and could all bike together as a family. There is a path that runs along the river and leads to the city. All I could think about was that I wished I had my basket! What will I put in my basket? Knitting of course. Where will I ride? Maybe around the neighborhood. At least I will have my knitting if a neighbor gets chatty. Maybe she will offer me some vegetable's from her garden for my basket! :)

by the seashore

swish, sway, swing the seashore. It is by the seashore, that I would love to spend summers......ahhh just perfect! The temperatures hot, but with a cool breeze off the ocean, just what summer should be.
Lots of memories made::watching dolphins swim at sunrise::morning coffee and knitting with mom::finally reading and finishing a book::starting a new book::shelling with my kids::using used milk jugs to collect shells and other tiny treasures in::running across hot sand::watching my kids play in the ocean::playing in the ocean with my kids::knitting on the beach::playing tiles::enjoying my favorite wine::thrifting::bike rides::taking a day trip to jupiter::sneaking charlie away alone for a bike ride to the ice cream shop::needle pointing::short boat rides::fishing on the dock::watching the kids save the minnows that washed up with the surf::bringing the dead minnows home to use as bait::fruit/yogurt and flax seed bread everyday for lunch::sending the boys out the door with pappy to play golf::girl time.

Here is the skinny::
Pattern::swish, sway, swing skirt from the kids knitting notebook, size 28"
Yarn::Classic Elite Four Seasons, 3 skeins green color 7697, 1 skein yellow color 7612
Needles::size US 7
Notes:: Super super easy, knit in the round. I love this yarn. I think it truly can be worn in all four seasons! Amazing! Libby loves this skirt, and wants one in chocolate brown for the fall.
Modifications:: Libby wanted two colors, the pattern only calls for one. I changed to the second color after the increase round.
Looking forward to checking in with everyone and seeing what you have been up to!