wool and my gang

I have had two packages from WOOL AND THE GANG arrive at my doorstep.  It's always such a treat!  Their packaging is so stinkin' fun.  And their products are really beautiful.  
This order also contained a set of their beautiful rosewood needles.  L O V E.  They feel so amazing in my hands and are a true piece of art!
My mom and sisters came for a visit.  Hats for everyone!
This is the beastly boys beanie.  Super fast. Super warm.  Pretty darn cute!
The motif design shown on the black hat, will also be duplicate stitched onto the other two.  Duplicate stitch is used on this hat instead of changing colors and knitting the change of color into the hat.  It's great to mix things up sometimes.  Also fun to be able to use your own creativity.

Pattern:  Beastly Boys Beanie
Yarn:  Crazy sexy wool
Needles:  US 17
Notes:  one size fits all

Happy Halloween!

moving on

Thanks so much for all of your well wishes.  I so appreciate them.  
I truly have learned so much over the last few years.  It's been a major time of growth.  And one thing that I reminded myself over and over and I share with my kids is... Don't let anyone dull your sparkle
So, there has been a lot of packing.  
And a lot of unpacking.   
With a new front door where yarn will be delivered.   New back drops for photos.  (Libby has been scoping out new headless sweater photo locations.)
And a new yard for Trouble to roam.  It all feels so good.

I absolutely love the packaging of WOOL AND THE GANG. A really, really fun piece of mail to receive! I'll be casting on for this quick knit this weekend.  Hope your weekend involves some yarn, too.

i'm going back

Okay... Sorry to skip back a couple of months, but I can't seem to go forward until I explain what has happened in my life.
You guessed it.  I fell in love and tied the knot.  
And we did it the way that felt completley right.  We eloped to the King County court house in Seattle, Washington.  For the first time in my life, (I know!  That's a big statement.) I felt true to myself.

08.04.14 The day I said "I do" to this man forever.  

We had two friends for our witnesses.  A judge that was spiritual and lovely.  And ourselves.  
It truly couldn't have been more perfect and more real.  
We told the children, our parents, our siblings and some of our closest friends before we left.  
Desolation Sound, B.C.  
Of course there was knitting.  (Socks from previous post.)
Glacial Valley, Desolation Sound, B.C. 
Hood Canal, Washington
Dinner.  Hood Canal, Washington.
Olympic National Park
Lake Crescent Lodge, Olympic National Park and Forest

Not until you let go of your past can you get on with your future.
I now believe that with all my heart and soul.