There is nothing like having a well stocked library of some of the handiest, most useful and beautiful knitting/crocheting books around. For the next four Thursday's, I am going to review and give away a book.
First up:: Knitologie by Lucy Main Tweet "Creating personal heirloom knits as simply as casting on and casting off."
This book is about being creative with what we all know as knitters.  How to cast on; how to cast off; how to knit and how to purl.  The patterns are just the beginning.  It is up to you to make each project yours and yours alone.  Be proud of your name, initials and monogram.  They are part of what makes you an individual and your projects personal and timeless.
I love how the author wants you to knit with your own personal style and challenges you to do so.
The letter grids can be worked into a variety of patterns.  None of them are that complicated and all are very practical.  Items for the home... blankets and pillows.  Items to wear... scarves, hats, neck warmers and mitts.

If you would be interested in a copy of this book, please leave a comment before Monday, September 2, 5pm EST and I will have the random number generator draw a name.

Have a beautiful weekend.
I'm gonna spend some time knitting.  Hope you are, too!

vacation and toast

So a little vacation. (Actually, a big vacation.  Huge, really.)  A lot of driving.  
One of my favorite yarn rollers.  (aka : Libby)
Resulted in one pair of toast.
I had bigger plans.  4 projects in all packed away in my rather large suitcase.  But all I knit was a pair of toast.  I'll take it though.  And those were popped in the mail today to keep some special wrists warm.

What also happened today?
Back to school happened today.  SO hard to believe.

a new pattern

Hi.   I left for a vacation and took these photos before I left.
I've been wanting to let you know that I finished a knit.  Yippee! That in itself is a pretty exciting moment in my life right now.
It all happened when a friend showed me a wrap that she purchased and wondered if it would be something that I would be able to duplicate.  
I was totally up for the challenge, but must admit it really was not that difficult.  
As the piece is knit in one long rectangle.  Add some cables for detail.   
And a few chinese frog closures for interest and practicality.  Sew them on opposite sides and voila! You have yourself an asymmetrical wrap.

I'm casting on for another while here and writing down every step so that I can share with those that like it.

Hope your July days have been awesome!