mystery socks

Libby's turn to stand on the table.
And Libby's turn to receive a new pair of socks.
I loved working on these socks.  And knowing so many others were making them at the same time seemed to add to the fun.  
Pattern:  Through the Loops Mystery socks for Socktoberfest (thank you, Kirsten!)
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss, baby cashmerino.  Color 202. It is not sock yarn.  So, Kim let me in on a little secret which a lot of you probably know.  (I didn't.)
To reinforce the heel, hold a piece of thread together with your yarn, as you knit.  (Okay, okay, probably ranks right up there with the freezer paper story.  I just didn't know this either!)
Needles:  size 3 dpn's
size:  56 stitch
Libby skipped off to school this morning wearing these.  Well, I don't think that she was actually skipping.  But have you skipped lately?  You should really give it a try. 
Have a great one!

a couple of boys. and their socks.

I pretty much love Soctoberfest.   
And I'm pretty sure my boys do, too.  Especially since Charlie has been asking for a new pair of socks since this time last year.   
I also love self striping yarn.  Sort of takes all the thought out of deciding what pattern to knit. One 150g. of Opal blues, color 2025 was just enough for 2 pairs.  A mere 2 yards was all that was left.  I cast on 52 stitches using my favorite Ann Budd basics.  A little elastic sewn into the rib helps keep them in place.  
It was pretty rewarding when I made my rounds the other night, and spotted a foot dangling out of the bed wearing his new sock.  Made me wonder if he loved them more because he had to wait so long for them.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But either way, I've decided Socktoberfest will be all about socks for the kids.  So, until next year boys, enjoy your socks.  

just a boy. and a vest

I pretty much love making vests.
Not having to make sleeves is such a great thing.
And I love how taking photos of your children can bring so much joy.  Or so much frustration.
This was one of the more joyful times.  This little guy just cracks me up.
When I started this, I wasn't following a pattern.  I did a gauge with the yarn, measured my guy, and multiplied the number of inches round by the number of stitches per inch.  I cast on with the contrasting color, started in a 3x3 rib for 2 inches, changed to the main color continuing in the rib.  Changed to stockinette stitch after 2 inches.  I then had a little problem with the V, so searched my books, and found Billie.  Pretty much followed that pattern the rest of the way.
Pattern:  Billie, Rowan Pipsqueaks
Yarn:  4 balls Classic Elite Portland Tweed, Color #5077 folkestone, with contrasting color #5013 black forest.  Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn!?  Especially after you block it.  
Needles:  size 7
Size: 8-9 years 
For:  Andrew, age 8

I cast on for Vest #2 this weekend.  Committing myself to finishing that and the mystery socks before I start anything else.  Although, it's taking everything I've got not to cast on for this cabled skirt.  
Back tomorrow with some finished socks.

all smiles

Okay. The story behind the smiley shirt.
This photo was taken in order to try to recreate this:
My sister Lisa, sister Michelle, my Mother and myself.  Nags Head, North Carolina.  
Both photos make me smile every time I look at them.
Hope your weekend is full of smiles.
And if you haven't seen the "charlie bit my finger" video, go watch.  That will really make you smile.

bake some bread

On Tuesday, I read about Molly's new weekly commitment called one good loaf
And shortly after I was in the kitchen making a bread that I have wanted to try since I saw it on Rachel's blog this summer.  I have thought about this bread.  And that photo.  No less than 100 times.  Finally, I had the push I needed to go make it.
It was so good, that I made it again today.
Because truly, is there anything better than the smell of bread baking?
The only thing that may be better is, eating it warm, topped with the jam that you made in the summer, after reading this post.  I love how it was all inspired by blogs.  
I'm not sure if I will be baking bread every week, but Molly has started a flickr group where you can go for recipes.  What a great thing.  And the next loaf that I try will quite possibly be this one.
Vest #1 is finished.  Photos soon.


Our weekend was spent in New York, visiting my sister and her family. And the drive there couldn't have been more beautiful.
Although, this tree photo was actually taken at Rhinebeck. Yep, just a quick hour and a half drive, and we were there. Meeting Jane (so mad we didn't get a photo) Tracy, Kim, Rachel, Tammi, Scout, and Caro!   Checking out the sheep, llama's, bunnies, yarn, food, yarn, more yarn, knitters, bloggers, and a lot of knit wear.  I think almost everyone was wearing something they made. Except for me.  And believe me, I felt a little left out.  I wished that I could run home and get something. Something that says, "I knit!  Look!  I made this!" 
My sister doesn't knit that much.  She is not nearly as crazy for it.  Yet she was wearing her only knit garment.  And I must say getting a lot of attention.  (Again, I wanted to shout, "Hey!  Over here!  I am the knitter!")  I couldn't believe how many people stopped her to ask what pattern was she wearing.  Or what yarn.  I thought everyone knew this pattern.  Since ALL FOUR of us made the same one.  And when we got home  that evening, we looked on Ravelry, and there wasn't a single project.  Not even mine.
I actually packed my sweater.  Thinking that I may wear it to Rhinebeck, but thought my sister and I may look a little strange wearing matching sweaters.  (Even though we knit the same things, we don't wear the same things.  Oh.  The smiley shirts?  I can explain that.  Later.)
So.  In order to get this on Ravelry, I needed a few photos.  Photos were taken.  And then I remembered why I never put it on.  I haven't ever liked the way it photographs.  You will have to trust me on this one.  It wears much better than it photographs.  
The skinny:
Pattern:  Inca Marl Ruffle Coat  Yarn:  Classic Elite Inca Marl, color 1138 tobacco road, 17 hanks,   Size:  both are small
Made:  3 years ago.  Worn:  all the time.
Notes:  If you want an easy project that gets a lot of wear, this is it.  And, it is easy.  Stockinette all the way.  The ruffle is knit separately, consisting of short rows, and sewn on entire edge of garment.  You can also adjust the fullness of the ruffle.
Oh.  And just so you know.  I didn't buy any yarn, or take any sheep photos.  Hard to believe.
Happy Wednesday.  Already.


I'm having a hard time staying focused over here.  Maybe it is the falling leaves.  I'm not really sure.  But I jump from project to project without making much progress on anything.  I'm doing things like making dessert at 5:30 p.m. without an inclination of what is for dinner. (Thank you, Erin.)
I made Acorn cookies yesterday for our cookie of the week.  The whole time I envisioned them as heads.  With little knit caps.  I wanted to get out a sharpie and draw faces on them.  Seriously. When I asked the kids, what they thought,  they thought they looked like acorns.  "Funny faces?  Ha.  Your funny, mom. " ( They were looking at me like I lost my mind.)
I packed this morning for a long weekend, as we are leaving in a couple of hours.  Pretty much threw some clothes into a bag.  A seven hour drive.  With a lot of beautiful leaves along the way.   Now that is something to focus on.
Enjoy your weekend.

calling all boot lovers

So, you know those boots?  Over in my sidebar?  Well, I get a lot of e-mails asking what kind they are.   They are Frye boots, but unfortunately have been discontinued.
I have a friend that also has them.  She is looking for a little extra cash and wanted to put them on E-bay.  I thought I would offer them here first.  
They are Frye boots, size 8.  Unlike me, she has worn hers only a handful of times, and they are in great condition.  She would like to get $100.00.  No need to comment here.  Please e-mail her directly at  ***sold--thank you!

We did have cookie of the week last week.  Lots and lots of cinnamon cookies.  I must have gone through 2 pounds of butter.  I made a trip to Penzeys for more Saigon cinnamon.  Thank you to everyone who recommended Penzeys.  While in there I had an urge to bake a pie, grill seafood, roast a turkey and make a stew.  Beautiful, wonderful, amazing store.

waiting for wednesdays

I have always known that I have been obsessed and addicted to knitting. But jeez. Now waiting for Wednesday, is all I will be able to think about. I read how Kristen was going to post the next "clue" to the mystery sock at midnight. Last night. I wanted to stay up and wait. Seriously. But then thought I best not. Because then I would just want to stay up and knit. Which wouldn't be good.  However, I should have stayed up. Because I spent half the night awake wondering what the new clue was.  Seriously.
I printed the new "clue" early this morning.  But now I am just too tired to even work on it.  
To hold me over on the days where I am waiting, I started some socks for the boys.  I bought a big ball of Opal while at a recent trip to my lys with Keana. Hopefully I will be able to get two pairs out of it.  
I know that I should be working on a vest.  And I will.  But October does feel like the month for socks.
Have a great day!

move over McCormick

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments about the"libby" sweater. They all meant so much. I will try my hardest to get the pattern written up quickly.
I have never heard of Saigon Cinnamon.  Wow.  Was I missing out.  Stefani over at blue yonder, mailed me some (thank you, Stefani!) along with a recipe for Cinnamon Cookies.  I should have just doubled the recipe. The five of us flew through the first batch.  I immediately made another batch.  
These won't last through the weekend.  What am I talking about.  They won't last through the rest of the day.
Have yourself a wonderful weekend.

the libby

Here it is. And since I don't know what to call it, I am going with the Libby sweater.
I truly couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  Pretty much exactly what I had in mind.
A shot of the back.
Sure, just climb over the fence to let me get a shot of the front.  (yikes!)
I do think that I would like this best without the contrasting colors.  But since I am tying all three sweaters together, I had to use a bit of their colors.  
Pattern:  My own.  I am going to write it up soon, if anyone is interested.
Yarn:  Classic Elite, Portland tweed.  (Pretty much the softest, most wonderful tweed that I have ever worked with.)  7 balls
Needles:  Size 7
Size:  age 10

I cast on for vest number 1.  Was excited to work on it until I read Kristen's post over at Through the Loops.  Mystery sock Knitalong?!  I'm in!

Have a wonderful day!


A while ago, I posted about the pay it forward exchange.  And the gifts that I received were unbelievable!  The kind where it really makes your day when you receive something so wonderful, right on your doorstep. 
Jeni, from magnusmog, mailed me her very own hand dyed, hand spun beautiful yarn.  All the way from the other side of the world.  I absolutely love it, and can't wait to create something with it.  She also included a felted broach, (that Libby is fighting me for) and a little journal.  Thank you Jeni!  I love it all!
Then came the box from Melana, from sheepish one.  Can you believe that she knit me this beautiful scarf?  I am in love with it, and wore it yesterday.  I can't remember how long it has been since someone knit me something!  Seriously.  Well, my mom used to knit for me a lot. However,  once I learned how to knit, that was the end of that.  It felt so good to receive something so beautiful. The time and effort are SO much appreciated  Melana Thank you!
                                                                      circa 1972
Oh yes.  Here is the wonderful lady who used to knit for me.  Who taught me everything I know.  And today is her Birthday!  Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you.  

Happy October.