I adore making baby items.  My go to sweater is the Barbie Lou,  however,  my friend Kim, mentioned this pattern and I figured I would give it a go.  I have a lot of stash yarn (thanks for my Knitcrates!) that I am trying to use and thought I would branch out and try a new pattern.  

We headed out to Bozeman, Montana to see my son Charlie this week and I decided to pack this cute project.  I thought this yarn would be perfect for a baby girl.  A super wash merino with a bit of tinsel will be perfect for the mama.  It feels amazing and the colors are sweet.  Yet,  I'm not sure the yarn is the best choice for this pattern.  A solid would definitely show the details of the pattern a lot better.  Nevertheless, I'm sticking with it since it's all I packed!

As always, if you are interested in ordering a Knitcrate use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first Knitcrate.  

simple stripes sweater

I know some people that don't like stripes. However, I am in the other camp and I LOVE stripes!  And knitting stripes couldn't be more fun because you never get bored.  The next stripe is right around the corner!   

I originally fell in love with Andrea Mowrey's sweater called STRIPES! I bought the pattern and knew at some point I would make that sweater.  It was in my queue and on my mind.  Then, Gina (from SkeinCocaine) posted her striped sweater and I instantly knew I loved her color choice.  I headed to her site to purchase the mini's that she perfectly named the Perfect Pallet.  Thank goodness I talked about making a striped sweater on my Podcast, and thank goodness Gina was watching and left me a message explaining that I should make the Simple Stripes Sweater by Suviknits not the STRIPES! sweater.  The Simple Stripes sweater calls for fingering weight yarn which is the weight of the Perfect Pallet minis.  The Stripes sweater calls for a sport weight yarn.   She sure saved me a lot of time and headaches not having to adjust the gauge.   

After seeing the Simple Stripes pattern, I realized this style is a little better for my body.  It's a little less boxy and a little longer.  I also love this neckline.  
I knit 13 rounds in each color for the body, but didn't have enough yarn to knit 13 rounds per sleeve, so I knit 10 rounds instead.  I'm not that fussy so that is not a bother for me, but I do know that may really bother someone else!   It also made my sleeves shorter.  I adore 3/4 sleeves so this was perfect.  

 Pattern:  Simple Stripes by SuviKnits
Yarn:  Perfect Pallet Minis by SkeinCocaine
Needles:  US 4
Size: M 

yarn as art

For today's WIP, I'd like to mention a project that was on my mind for a few months.  I guess it was a mental WIP that accelerated into a FO in about 30 minutes.  

The materials sat on the floor for the entire time.  I'm serious.  I don't know what kept me from diving into this project.  Fear of messing up?  I don't think that's possible.  
I had this blank wall in my corner of the office that needed something desperately.  My friend, Christina, had the most fabulous idea.  You see, Christina isn't a knitter, but she is an artist.  And she just happens to love yarn.  I mean, really love yarn.  The colors, the texture, the feel of it in her hands.  She thinks a skein of yarn is is a work of art in itself.  And, it truly is.  
One day, Christina brought over these wood plate racks from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Ours was going out of business.  (I found similar ones here.) 
Christina also purchased this Velcro tape and explained her vision.  "Attach these to the back of the plate racks, attach the plate rack to the wall, display that gorgeous yarn.  Hang them horizontal.  Hang them vertical.  Attach your skeins.  Attach your cakes.  Attach balls.  Just play and have fun." 
I measured the wall and tried to lay it out on the floor so that I could come up with a little bit of a plan.  In the end, I just dove in feet first.  It was easier that way.  (You can see the time lapse video of this over on Instagram.)

I couldn't be more pleased with the result.  I mean it's a wall of pure happiness. For the first few days, I would just head back to the office whenever I thought of it.  Just to get some happy.
And the best thing?  I can change it out with the season.  Autumnal colors in the fall.  Shades of red and green for the holidays.  A wall of white in the winter.  The possibilities are endless.  And If I ever get tired of all of it?  I won't even need to repair holes because there aren't any nails in the wall.  
My friend, Christina, is a genius!  🧡

wip wednesday

So, I was going to get on a blogging schedule and post my WIP's every Wednesdays. Here I am Thursday morning.  Ha!  However, that is my plan.  I hope to get on a better schedule in this space that I still love so much even after all these years.  

I'm sitting here with a big glass of my morning water, about to attempt some more latte art, staring at my beautiful wall of yarn. (More on that later.)
Of course, I'd rather be knitting on this delicious striped sweater that gets more fun with each color.

 That's the thing about stripes.  Each color feels like a new beginning.  Like something was checked off my list and I am able to accomplish something new all in the same moment.  

I plan on finishing the last stripe of the body today and will gladly start the sleeves.  

and the winners are...

The winners of the two Hanne Falkenberg kits were finally chosen!  (Giveaway was on Episode 15 of AFTKW podcast.)
Episode 16  of AFTKW podcast is up where I told you all about how I entered the winners and my husband was there to actually do the drawing.  Plus there is a little behind the scenes if you would like to take a look!  

 Congrats to Susan and Carole!  

lightweight hipster

Wow. I can't believe it's May. Happy May, Friends! April flew by for me... How about you?

I finished one project in April.  And I do adore it.  
We traveled and I actually finished it on the airplane.  
Then, I had a new wardrobe staple to keep me warm on cool nights.
If you have made the original Hipster, this one is complementary.  
Yarn:  Swanky sock by Magpie Yarns in Cinder
Modifications:  I decided I wanted to incorporate a neon pink yarn that I had in my stash.  To do this I knit one row and then bound off.  I used the same yarn for the tassels.  If I ever get tired of the pink, I can take it out easily.