tie dye

I decided we needed a few more masks around here.  I have a lot of fabric but thought I needed something new.  Instead of buying more (and more importantly going to the store) I decided to tie dye  an old white sheet.
Have you tried the ice tie dye technique?  My friend Nadine (Hi Nadine!!!) told me about it.  I couldn't remember exactly what she said but knew it involved ice and dye.  (HA!)
I ended up crumpling the dry fabric and placing ice cubes on top.  Then I sprinkled the Rit powder dye on top.  (Thanks Betsy!)  This all took place outside in the grass and in the sunshine.  The ice completely melted and the fabric dried.  There were a few places where the dye was still a bit powdery, so I wiped that off with my hand (while wearing a glove).
A quick rinse with the hose and then into the machine it went.
I think the results are super cool. (Thanks Nadine!) I'd actually like to make something else now out of this fabric.
Everything I have learned from mask making here.  And, the Fabric Patch has a new YouTube Video of everything new they have learned here.

Stay safe, friends!

where i sit

Hiya Friends! Happy July!
Wanted to let you know I made another podcast.
It's up on YouTube if you are so inclined to watch.
I talk about that sweet knit with the fish motif if you are wondering! :)

Happy weekend!  I hope your needles will be busy creating something beautiful.  xx