Well, your friend actually has some finished knitting to show you!
Plisse is my second Hanne Falkenberg style to make.  I find the patterns to be interesting and the construction to be amazing.  This was knit in one piece with only the sleeves seams to be finished.  Although my ballerina's will always be my favorite you can bet this will get its fair share of wear.
Because the kits are not inexpensive (they are actually quite an investment) I wear them a lot. Mostly as a coat.  And on size 3 needles this was not a fast knit.  But certainly one I enjoyed working on.  There were a couple of bumps in the road but after I figured a few things out it was smooth sailing.  (Or should I say driving.) 
With so much going on in the back, Jeeves was probably correct in telling me to leave that little problem I had alone.  
I'm thinking you all will be the only ones to know. (shhh)
Libby took this last photo and actually, the first one also.  And I'm thinking I want to remember my Summer '09 toes.  Yep, purple.  All summer long.


We really needed a day like this.

Hope your weekend is filled with everything you need.

a bright sunny square

I don't know about you, but I couldn't be happier that it is Friday. A beautiful, warm, sunny Friday at that. And the start of a long weekend. Where lunches don't have to be packed again until Tuesday. I love that. I've just been busy over here with that long, never ending, always growing "before school is out" list. 
I am lucky to be involved in twelve squareTwelve women make twelve quilts in twelve months in a virtual quilting bee.
Each month a different quilter mails out fabric to the other members of the quilting bee. Everyone makes a quilt square using that fabric and fabric from their stash, according to some specification, but also bringing their own unique voice to the square. The squares are mailed back to the originator and they have the makings for a full quilt!

You know, anyone can start one of these.  Just round up twelve people.  Or six, and make two squares each.  It really is such a wonderful concept.
I was completely unsure what I wanted to do for my square until I read Larissa's post. Her tutorial was wonderful.  
My month was January.  So, I am lucky enough to have received all my squares for a quilt that will be for Libby.  I can't wait to show you what the others made.  Pretty amazing.
I noticed this morning that Sarah is holding a contest.  If you have any desire to knit lace this is your chance.  She is giving away yarn and a lace pattern of your choice.
Happy Friday to you.

our new jar

I sort of hesitate to show you our new cookie jar because we found it at target on the clearance shelf. I checked on line and didn't see it.... but maybe your store may still have a few.
We are really diggin' this over here, as we love anything with chalk.
I can always trick them with an empty sign. (I'm sure they will be on to that quickly.)
And if you are a trucker then you may be in luck.
(I have no idea what that was about but I found it to be pretty darn cute.)

We are headed out of town tomorrow for the weekend.  A seven hour car ride as a passenger. That's seven hours there and seven hours back.  Sounds like a lot of knitting time.  Hopefully I can finish Plisse.
Have a wonderful weekend.

jeeves always knows

I e-mailed my mom this photo earlier this week:
You see, I ask my mom advice on almost everything.  My sisters and I have nicknamed my mother Jeeves.  And when we need to know an answer to anything we don't know, we say, "better call Jeeves".    It is amazing how she always knows the answer.  I truly am so very blessed to have her.
So, I e-mailed her that photo because I told her I thought I needed to rip plisse back, again, and start the bottom over.  I wasn't happy with how I was/am one stitch off in the back center pleat.  Confused?  Yes, I thought she was, too.   Hence the photo.   But mom said, "Leave it.  It looks fine."  So, that is what I am going to do.  You know, Jeeves knows best.
Happy Mothers Day to all the Jeeves out there.  Whether you have actually had children or not you are still someone's Jeeves.  

they go together

Charlie was having a craving for peanut butter cookies.  So, if you're craving a peanut butter cookie involving a little chocolate action, you should try these.  
The kids will be walking in the door any minute.  Another half day.  We have big plans involving the purchase of a new cookie jar.  
Have a great day!


My sister drew a name for her wedding dress, Jennifer (blogless?) if you could e-mail my sister, Michelle, at mdflys at cfl dot rr dot com with your address, she will be happy to send it to you. I really hope the dress works. And that the beginning to this chapter to your life will be wonderful.
Have you visited habit yet?  A blog about capturing actual bits of everyday life... and to celebrate life through photos and words.  I'm so excited to be guest blogging over there for the month of May. 
Have a terrific day.

happy may

Plisse has been giving me quite a few fits lately.  I've moved onto the pleated section of the body, but every time my mind would wander or one of my kids would try to talk to me, I would get off pattern.  I actually had about 5 inches of the body completed, and decided to rip it back and start over.  I searched for every stinkin' marker I had and put one in between each pleat. SO much easier.  Although a little annoying, I wish I would have done that the first time around.
On the weeks I don't try a new cookie recipe, I make the old standby.  Chocolate Chips.  This week I made them twice.  They are made so often that the recipe is etched in my brain.  I can fly in the door 30 minutes before the bus gets my kids home and have these ready.  It is just the nestle toll house recipe except that I use bread flour and add 1/2 cup and add an extra tsp of vanilla.2 3/4 cups of bread flour :: 1 tsp baking soda :: 1 tsp salt :: 1 cup butter, softened :: 3/4 cup sugar :: 3/4 cup packed brown sugar :: 2 tsp vanilla extract  :: 2 large eggs :: chips and nuts....optional :: bake 350˚ for 11-13 min.
Happy Friday.