and the little girl LOVES monkeys!

Isn't he adorable!! This morning I decided to wait for my film to be developed....I'll just browse through Barnes and Noble with a coffee. Well, which section do you think I end up in? Of course, knitting books! Just sipping away, I stumble across the CUTEST book of hand knit animals. Low and behold there is a monkey in it. Well my daughter has a Birthday coming up. When? you might say? Friday November 3rd! Hmmmmm...... Yes it is worth a try! These are the kind of compulsive behaviors that drive my mother crazy.............Off to knit!!!!!!

simple skirt

Don't you just hate mistakes! It is one thing when you make the mistake yourself and quite another when someone else makes it. The pattern fails to tell you to do 4 rows of garter at the very beginning. Yeah, I know, I could have picked up and knit the four rows after, but I did not want the seam. So, out it came. And to tell you the truth, I think I am happy the mistake was made. After thinking about it, I decided to do it in the round so that I wouldn't have the seem up the side. So now I am just knitting, mindless, mindless knitting. I guess I will forgive the mistake.........hey, I might even thank her.

Socktoberfest socks complete

Well... I finally decided to finish the toe of my sock yesterday afternoon. I did start the skirt, but got frustrated because there is a mistake at the beginning of the pattern. They fail to tell you to do 4 rows of garter stitch! Anyhow, it was a good thing, because I LOVE THESE SOCKS! I could hardly wait to put them on and wear them, which I did to our weekly Sunday night dinner with the inlaws.

This is my husbands idea of an "action shot" Good job honey!

Two more just because I think they are so great poping out of the top of these great boots. I saw these boots a couple of years ago in the VOGUE Knitting Holiday 2004, and was on a total quest to find them. I did, and can't tell you how much I love them too! I know mom, all of that knitting and I have them hiding under the boot. But remember I always know "what lies beneath"!

am i really making a skirt?

I have never attempted a skirt, but fell in love with this, and thought i would give it a whirl. Again a classic elite yarn, miracle. Hmmmm...what happens if you are in between sizes? You certainly do not want this to be a loose fit, and if it is too tight it will pull and show anything underneath! I sure hope I do not have to line this! THIS is what I will be doing today during the STEELER game.

Fair Isle Complete!

My sister came in from New Jersey this weekend for a visit. We had an awesome time doing what we love to do. Drinking coffee while knitting in the a.m., watching childrens sport activities (swim meet, baseball and soccer) while knitting in the afternoon, drinking wine while knitting in the evening. Needless to say we both got a lot of knitting in! I finished my daughters fair isle sweater. It is from EZ knitting in the round book. I used Classic Elite Renaissance on size 7 needles. I left out one of the patterns to accommodate for her yoke. I LOVE the fact that it is seemless and I did not have to sew the pieces together! This will complete the sweaters for our Christmas Card photo. Thank goodness because it could take 2 months for me to get a good photo! (Thanks for making the trip, Shell!)

bulls eye!

Well,I wore something yesturday, that I made before my blog, and thought I had to post it. It is from VOGUE knitting Fall 2005. It was made out of Lornas Laces' Shepherd Worsted and piped with mohair-blend "Grace" also from Lorna's Lace. It was great to make. Very different because you start in the center and work out. It can be worn as shown or as a shrug. My husband calls it my bulls eye sweater. I am not sure if that is great (don't want to be hit in a crowed) but I do love it.

we interrupt your regularly scheduled project

My sweet son asked if I could please make a hat for his teachers wife who just had a baby boy. Well, I was happy to oblige. He also wanted me to use the yarn from his sweater along with his brothers! Also happy to oblige. It was from Knitting with Peace, and I loved making it. I love the swirl effect. It is truly fit for a new little punkin!

and they become one

I have finally finished the sleeves, and have joined all. This is a little more confusing than I thought. I am using Elizabeth Zimmermans instructions of how to do this, but my big question is "have I made the sleeves long enough?" I will now knit for 4 inches and then begin the fair isle with crossed fingers.......Happy Monday!

my version of Socks Like Brachs

After seeing several versions of these from Claudiasblog, knitting iris and Posie Gets Cozy, I new I HAD to have this yarn. As a child, these were my favorite candy! Alicia mentioned that she purchased this yarn from Abundant Yarn.

Of course I called them immediately, and they informed me that that yarn had been discontinued! I was sick. I called my mom and she suggested that I call skacel and see who they sold it to. Well, she did better than that. MY awesome mom got on-line, and found out ALL of their customers, I mean ALL of their customers. She called every yarn store in 20 states................she was on the phone for days. Well, voila, my dear sweet mom (whom I LOVE SOOOOOO MUCH!) found this delicious yarn. She also found the delicious (are they still?) candies!! I was so thrilled. As a child, I ate them one layer at a time. Are they missing the carmel layer? I think so. That was my favorite part.

I decided to make mine knee socks. I am envisioning them peeking their tops out of a pair of boots while wearing a brown skirt! How cute!


Don't you just love chocolate? Well, I am actually a vanilla person, but I just love the color chocolate! These are my new fall knitting bags from off hand designs, and I just adore them! The large one on the left is called the weekender and is the home of my larger projects, such a sweaters. On the right isUrsula and will house my socks, hats, mittens etc. They are both lined with turquoise which is so fun, and have many many pockets for all of my stuff!
As you can see, I really love chocolate right now. I even painted our kitchen that color. It was yellow which was very nice and bright, however the chocolate walls are very warm and inviting and screams "come on over for a nice cup of java and a big piece of chocolate cake"!!