barbie lou

Pattern coming soon.
 I made a friend of mine, who recently had a baby girl, a baby sweater.  My mom wrote the pattern years ago.  It has been an all time favorite of ours. All three of my babies wore them.  The boys each wore blue.  Libby had several.  Pink, yellow, peach.  (Awe! Those days!)
 I'll be writing up the pattern to share with you all.  It's easy and sweet and makes a great gift.
And the yarn used is machine wash + dry and yummy.
Happy Friday!

dinner in the forest

 I've had a thing for pallet tables lately.  This pallet table was not my idea.  I saw it floating around on instagram.  And since I have my business set up in a warehouse full of pallets, I thought it would be fun to grab a few and throw a dinner party for Libby and her friends.
 I have been using this website for pallet inspiration.  I guess you can always find a pallet here or there.
And of course, the chalkboard place mats are available here or here.
 Their dinner was simple.  Just a few summer time light dishes.
 {Oh how I love my girls feet.}
 Libby's friend Maggie is quite the baker.  She brought a lemon poppyseed gluten free pound cake.  It was delicious.
And served with fresh strawberries from the farm.  The perfect ending.  
It really was quite magical.
And now, I want to have some girlfriends over and do it all again.

Have a happy weekend, friends.

the yoga shawl

I've been working on the yoga shawl which seems to be slow going.  I couldn't wait to finish the chevron border so that I could have a project that didn't require any brain power.  {The chevron pattern took full concentration.} It's now on cruise control until it reaches 30".

I'm going to paint that pallet table today.  It's the second one we've worked on.  I promise to share the details when I'm finished.

Have a beautiful day, friends.

the bella pattern

I just wanted to let you know that I finally wrote up the Bella pattern in a pdf to make it easier for you to print.   It's over in the sidebar for now. (I'm trying to get all of the patterns on one page.)  Megan in New Zealand (Hi Megan!) told me she found the pattern written up here. I giggled at the description.

I seem to have quite a few emails regarding this stitch and the problems with it. For some reason our brain likes to challenge us and play tricks on us with this one.  Try to keep in mind that you will always have the same number of stitches on your needle.  And, as always, feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.

This cowl was inspired by my favorite shop.  The stitch can be a bit tricky, so make sure you follow the pattern exactly how it is written.  Sometimes our brain can play tricks on us.  Please email me if you have any problems.  I've put together a YouTube video to help here.

Materials:  2 skeins Wool of the Andes, Bulky (137 yards each.  This is wallaby.)
Needles:  Size 13US, Crochet hook.
Gauge:  4” = 1.5 pattern repeat
Finished Measurement without fringe:  40” x 14”

Pattern: Cast on 80 stitches loosely.
Row 1 :: *k2tog, yo 2x, k2tog repeat from * to end
Row 2 ::  *p1, (k1,p1) into yo, p1 repeat from * to end
Row 3 ::  k2 *sl 1, k1, psso, yo 2x, sl 1, k1, psso  repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2
Row 4 ::  p2 *p1 (k1, p1) into yo, p1  repeat from * to last 2 sts, p2

*Repeat these 4 rows until piece measures approximately 14 inches ending with row 4 of pattern repeat.  Bind off loosely.
Using extra yarn cut approximately 80 pieces of yarn measuring 11" each. Using a crochet hook, attach fringe along cast on and bind off edges. (As much or as little fringe as you'd like.)  Sew together along the side edge.   Enjoy!

bella©2014 leslie friend - a friend to knit with - all rights reserved


Have a super, Happy Fourth, Friends!


princess fiona

 It felt so good to finish a sweater.  It's been a while.
I must say, I am really happy with how it turned out.   It has an a-line shape, so there is a little bit of swing, which I love.  The yarn I used worked pretty well, however,  I could see using something else that would give it a little more drape.  It did soften after it was blocked which seemed to help.  (You know how I believe in blocking.)
For years I made mostly cardigans.  Now I seem to be drawn mostly to pullovers.  I have been perusing Ravelry for my next one.
 I loved the lace pattern and felt that it was just enough to keep things fun.  A little bit of concentration and a little bit of mindless all in the same row.  I think, the perfect combination.
I look forward to wearing this in the fall.

Pattern:  Princess Fiona
Yarn:  quince & co Chickadee,  8 skeins, in kittywake
Needles: US size 5
Size: 34

Happy Friday, Friends!

it's july!

Thank you all SO much for all of your kind comments about finding our sweet Trouble.  I honestly can't tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of them.  We are unbelievably grateful that she is home.  I took her for a weight check yesterday and she has gained 3 lbs!  So proud of her!
The last two weeks have been crazy, busy fun.  My mom stayed for a week and then I traveled to Florida with her for the second week.  It was a treat to be able to spend one on one time with her, in her home.  
While there, I started the yoga shawl.  
  A lot of hanging with my mom, knitting, was exactly what my soul needed.  
My mom's beautiful, knitting hands. They have been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember.  What a gift.

A lot to share... I'll be back.

Happy day, friends.