Stitchionary  volume one knit & purl
250 stitch patterns from Vogue Knitting.
This book is amazing.  Divided into four chapters by stitch pattern:  Knit & Purl, Lace, Traveling and Unusual Stitches.  
I just love the beginning... how to use this book.  It is honestly one of the easiest most comprehensive, well written knitting books I have ever had my hands on.
Each chapter is arranged from easiest stitch pattern to most challenging.  Truly a wealth of information for the novice knitter or the seasoned.  
Michelle's bachelorette party.  April 20, 2012  Deep Creek, MD

Soho publishing has offered to give two of my readers a copy.  If interested, please leave a comment here before Monday April 30, 4pm EST and I will have the random generator choose 2 names.

Have a beautiful weekend!

the weekend

Two fun things to do this weekend.  
Make these:
Do this:
Make sure both include yarn.

Blogger went and changed on me since the last time I posted.  How are you blogger users finding it to use?

Enjoy your weekend!

well, hello there

Hello, you.
Hello, April.
Hello, goodbye spring break. THAT was fast.
We spent it at home this year and I must admit, I liked it. It was a taste of what summer is... in our home. We checked some things off our list. The adventures weren't as often as I would have liked, but that's okay.
I did manage to finish a couple of small projects.
Susie's reading mitts were fun. I used some angora I found in the stash and made them pretty long. 12 inches to be exact. Instead of knitting a thumb, I opted for just a small opening for the thumb. Accomplished by switching from knitting in the round, to knitting 4 rounds in stockinette. Easy, peasy.
Those mitts can really be knit in a few days.
And I think that makes the perfect little gift for a very sweet friend.

I'll be back. I have recipes, a book to give away and a new project to share.