turkey skirt?

So, I worked hard to get this skirt finished for today.  However, changed my mind about wearing it.  A little clingy for a day of eating, if you know what I mean.  So, it will reside on my dress form for the day.  
I'll be back soon to let you know all about this project.
Have a wonderful day!


Can you believe that we wished on last years wishbone yesterday?
I kid you not.  It sat on our kitchen windowsill, behind a plant, for twelve months.  I would pick it up, clean under it, and put it right back down.  Always thinking that perhaps two of the kids should take a chance at breaking it.  But which two?  So yesterday, they drew papers out of the palm of my hand.  Only two received the lucky piece.  Charlie and Andrew.  And then only one got the big half.  Andrew.  I hope his wish comes true.  (I am sure it is something like, get a new lego guy.)

Onto the giveaway.  I had the random generator (thanks for the emergency help, erin) pick one number from the comments. #334.  And then thinking about, 'tis the season, had it pick another.  #4.
So, the two lucky winners are:
it's the little "tings"  , comment for a necklace that sweet?  You bet!  I just love the birds, so lovely.
 Jan, My sisters and I love birds - our mother did, too!  Would love this one!

Congratulations to the winners, please e-mail me with your address.
Thanks for playing, and here's to having wishes come true.

cookies (i wonder how many times i have used that boring title)

Lest you think that I have reneged on my cookie of the week, I can assure you that I have not. There are always cookies being baked over here.  
Last weeks cookie was Oatmeal scotchies.  That I had to make after seeing this photo.  The recipe is right on the bag of butterscotch chips.  I can't believe that I have never made them. They were a big hit, and the butterscotch chips seemed to make them extra sweet.
Also last week, I made the batter for this cookie,  after seeing this post on Parikha's blog.  I baked them today. Perfect for this coming week.  This cookie definitely is not as sweet as the oatmeal scotchie.  I sprinkled the second and third batches with sugar before baking.  Added a little bit of  "sweetness" if you know what I mean.
And to keep their snappiness, I took the advice and stored them in a ziplock bag.  Sort of a bummer since I like cookies in the cookie jar.  But nobody probably wants a soggy gingersnap.

We were super busy around here this weekend cleaning our home.  We cleaned corners that I didn't know we had.  You'd think we were getting ready for the parade of homes.  Nope, just the parade of parents (mine).  And I am super excited, as they are coming in for Thanksgiving tomorrow. 
I'll be closing the comments on the giveaway at noon tomorrow.  And will be back to post the winner shortly after.
 See you then.

lisa is giving one away!

Hello Saturday. Cold, wintry feels like January, Saturday.
Just wanted to pop in and show you my new necklace. I adore it!
Have you seen lisa leonard designs?  They are fabulous.  I truly would love one of each.
If you are looking for a gift for a special someone, (or maybe yourself, ahem) take a look here.  I am sure you will find something.  And if you are trying to stick to the handmade theme for your holiday giving, this couldn't be more perfect.

And guess what? Lisa has decided to give this same necklace to one of my readers!  Leave a comment here by Monday at 12pm EST,  and a name will be drawn.

Have a great one!

complete opposite.

I would love to say that taking photos of my thirteen year old is easy.  I got one "posed" shot, and the rest while he pretended I wasn't there.  
One thing that might be harder than taking the photos was finding a pattern for this age.  
I think this works, and Charlie didn't have any complaints while wearing it.  Always a good thing. 
Same pattern as Andrew's, just the complete opposite colors.  
Pattern:  billie, rowan pipsqueaks
Yarn:  5 balls classic elite portland tweed, color 5013 black forest, with contrasting color 5077 folkestone.  Must I mention again how much I love this tweed?
Needles:  size 7 
Size:  10-11 year

Now to get the photo of all three together.  I like to take the shots outside, so hopefully it will warm up a bit....soon.  30˚ just won't cut it.

Having my doubts about the skirt,  but still knitting on it every spare moment.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is eight days away.  That sort of scares me.  


So often, I will be cruising blogs and flickr, and something will spark my interest.  It happens all the time.  Just yesterday, I saw this photo.  I spent the next hour searching for pine-cones and tea lights.  And then, something to place them in.  And then, another 30 minutes moving them around the house.  Silly, but oh so fulfilling. 
 I would like to thank you all for taking photos, and posting them.  And then writing about them.  And if I am not the one inspired, there are sure to be others who are.  Because we all know, this all takes time.  And, although we enjoy it for ourselves, we would like to know someone else enjoys it too.  
Is this making any sense?
It is the month about thanks.  So thank you for all of your creativity. 
 Another thing that sparked my interest was Kim's giveaway. Go over and enter and give yourself a chance to win.
Have a wonderful weekend.  


Another day that was all about a number. 
Andrew turned nine today.  And my list was full.  Because I waited until today to do everything for this boys big day.  I try not to procrastinate,  but with three in a row, I sort of loose my steam.
There were nine balloons.  The cookies were baked and dropped off at school.  The gifts were purchased and wrapped.
The cake was made.  The handburgers were grilled.  And we were reminded of how fast they grow, but how young nine still is.  (He still calls them handburgers.)  
As Andrew says, eight is great, but nine is fine.
I believe it is honey, I believe it is.

what's going on

So, I finished vest #2.
Plan on getting photos as soon as it warms up a bit.  I foresee an unhappy model with temps in the 40's.  
I started this skirt for myself.  Call me crazy, but I would like to wear it on Thanksgiving day.
Brown tights.  Brown boots.  
Lunch with friends.  And this for dinner. 
Have a wonderful day.

to lily

dear lily,
I was so excited to get your package.  I love the bag so much.  I can't believe that you made it, being the same age as me. Although, after seeing your projects, it is no surprise.  It is so cute, and is holding my project. 
The book is so interesting, and hard for me to put down.  I love that it is set in a place that you visit.
These chocolates are so delicious, and they even have your name on them!  I wonder if they only make them in England.  I shared some with my brothers.
Thank you so much for everything!
love, libby
P.S.  Happy Birthday to you!
P.S. S. Lily is the daughter of Amanda.

what a week

It's friday already? What a week, huh!
On tuesday night, we ate dinner around the coffee table in the family room. Chicken noodle soup with sleeves of Ritz crackers. We watched as states filled with blue and red and history was made.  I am sure MLK was smiling. 
I made Erin's hat.  1 ball Zitron Loft from the stash.  A great pattern, perfectly written, and cute to boot!  I think I will have one on the needles from now until Christmas.  Rose Hill hats for everyone.
And the cookie.  This is the second week I made Sandy's delicious cookie.  Cute as a button, huh?!
Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

eleven. no way.

I know. Pretty hard for me to believe, too. Halloween came and went. We had Rocky, Madeline, and a Purple Octopus in the house.
And today, we counted to eleven.  Over and over.  Eleven balloons.
Eleven flowers placed in a vase from pappy, that arrived in the hospital in 1997.  Eleven years ago.  
And a very delicious, time consuming, cake.  That held all the wishes of an eleven year old.
Yep.  Today was a very special day.  
Happy November.