december knitcrate

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Imagine being tucked away in a little valley, snugly nestled between hills and mountains, little houses lined up together in the brightest, happiest painted colors.  -knitcrate

I actually can imagine just that.  And it makes me excited for this time of year.  For two hour delays and for snow days.

This months knitcrate contained 2 skeins of La Bribes 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  I just love the color way.  Perfect for a hat with ear warmers.  And the tempest Hat is just that. A crochet pattern was also included.  A lovely Frost Flower Cowl.

This crate retails for $63.00 and is available for $24.99.  If interested in ordering use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off of your first crate.  (That code works for any crate!)

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