make do

Several times in my knitting life, I have been without my precious cable needle and had to improvise. I have used a paper clip, a bobbie pin and yesterday, a golf tee. It was a first... but it worked. Anything fun you've used?
I'm making a cute little sweater out of this book using that fantastic yarn.

I wanted to mention that Scout's swag is having her customer appreciation sale. 15% off everything through the 30th! Namaste bags, Goknit pouches, (have never owned one of those, I think it is time to change that), magnets, tape measures , clover! sock blockers, oh my. Time to stock up on gifts.

and to think i thought it was just a candle

January 27, 2011
I was loving the pure maple syrup candle this winter. (Thank you, Michelle.)
June 25, 2011
And this morning, was loving having the pure maple syrup on our pancakes! (Thank you, Susy.)
I couldn't believe it was real.
Happy Saturday!

save them

I was a little intimidated to do the cutting, so Betsy did it.
My friend, Betsy, had saved all of her daughters t-shirts from all of her theater performances over the years, with hopes to one day do something with them.
That something ended up being a quilt.
The shirts were cut into 15" x 15" squares. (That really is a big job! Thank you, Betsy!) I then surged them together. Then, layered the batting, backing and top together. Sewed them together and then turned right sides out.
I didn't do a binding, just added a 4" border and stitched right along the edge. Used DMC Floss, making a little knot in each corner in order to keep the batting from bunching.
We used a whimsical fabric for the backing which we thought was fun.
And off sweet Caroline will go to college taking her memories with her.


Well, in true form, the beginning of summer has kicked my butt. This one even more so.
I have a bunch of projects lined up. Started painting the den yesterday. Going with all white walls. I am going to frame a bunch of my 365 photos in black and white (thanks Keana) and line the walls.
The built in's are getting a make over, too. I'll have to find a new home for those knitting books. I'm going to have some really large prints made up on the wrap around canvas and rest them in each section. No more "stuff" sitting on the shelves. Or maybe just a few little things.
I did finish my sewing project. (Yay, Betsy!)
I'll be back tomorrow to share.
Enjoy your beautiful day!

the four

june 6, 2010

Okay, I finally had the random number generator choose the numbers:
#233 :: Paigley
#46 :: Meg
#121 :: Diana
Please e-mail me and I will pass along your contact information to the people over at KnitCircus.

The last day of school was today. Lots of rain. Kids all with friends. I think I'll sew.
Have a great one!


Hello You.
Hello June. I am so happy to see you!
The summer issue of knitcircus has been out for nearly a month. Have you flipped through the pages? (Just love doing that.) Read the articles? (Yarn stylist was great. And, I really enjoyed the interviews with Kieren Foley, Michael Wade and Sharon of Three Irish Girls.) Checked out the patterns? (I love Mughal, Isis, the socks, the spiral star baby blanket and that hooded gansey vest!)
Perhaps made some cookies? (They are SO good. I wasn't sure if the kids would like them or if I would be winding up eating all the dough. But, hey, they didn't even notice the coconut.)

The creative peeps over at Knitcircus would like to give away a one year subscription and three downloads of the summer pattern collection to my readers. So, four prizes to four of my readers. How awesome is that!
If interested, leave a comment here by Saturday, June 4th, at 5p.m. I'll have the random generator choose the 4 names.
Enjoy your day!