wash away

A heartfelt thank you for all of the prayers and thoughts you have given us.  I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.  Being blessed with memories is a true gift.
My thoughts go out to those who are struggling with grief and the loss of someone special in their own lives.  May you all be blessed with love in your heart and hope for beautiful days.

We knit.
A lot.
THAT felt great.


Yesterday started with a phone call from my mother that you can never be prepared for.  My sweet father passed away in the night.  My heart broke in a hundred million pieces and feels as though someone is stepping on it.  This was the man that unconditionally shared his heart and love with us.  Who was there for us no matter what.
Tomorrow I will travel to be with my mother and sisters in Florida.  To comfort, grieve and celebrate his life.
Love with all your heart.  It's something you can be proud of.

winter skies

Don't you just love when the skies take your breath away?


 I work a couple of days a week in a beautiful clothing boutique.  24 really cute cowls arrived and sold out in two days which inspired me to try to make one of my own.  It didn't turn out exactly like the one in the shop, however, I was pretty pleased with the results.  And I absolutely love the stitch.  (Although, I still don't know the name of it.)
I put it in a pdf file so that you can print it.  Check above under "simple knitting patterns".  And also, here are the simple directions.  (Check your stash for a bulky yarn!)  If you have any problems with the pattern, I put together a youtube video to help!  Click here!


2 skeins Wool of the Andes, Bulky (137 yards each.  This is wallaby.)
Size 13 needles
Crochet hook

Cast on 80 stitches loosely.

Row 1 :: *k2tog, yo 2x, k2tog repeat from * to end
Row 2 ::  *p1, (k1,p1) into yo, p1 repeat from * to end
Row 3 ::  k2 *sl 1, k1, psso, yo 2x, sl 1, k1, psso  repeat from * to last 2 sts, k2
Row 4 ::  p2 *p1 (k1, p1) into yo, p1  repeat from * to last 2 sts, p2

Repeat these 4 rows until piece measures approximately 14 inches ending with row 4 of pattern repeat.  Bind off loosely.
Using extra yarn cut approximately 80 pieces of yarn measuring 11" each. Using a crochet hook, attach fringe along cast on and bind off edges. (As much or as little fringe as you'd like.)  Sew together along side edge.

If you get knitting you can have this finished in no time for gift giving!
(Feel free to email me with any questions.)

we're ready

Grateful to have a fireplace that burns real wood.  And a man that builds unbelievable fires.

still no tree but...

We went a few years without making houses.  It feels so good to have a couple back in the house.

let it snow

A new kitchen window sill to hold the winter votives.


Libby sort of adores her new bedroom.
(Trouble does, too.)


He dates and saves our champagne corks.
Makes my heart swell.

on or off?

Suzanne made me giggle when she commented on my last post, "shoes on or off?". 
I prefer to have my shoes "on".  But feel free to take yours "off".  Andrew is the only one that usually walks around without his shoes.  So when you come in, just be careful not to trip over his.  His 10.5 size shoes end up just about everywhere.
I'm not exactly sure what this stitch is called.  (Does anyone know?)
I made up a little cowl pattern using it.  I'm gonna attach some fringe and then I'll show you.  Hopefully it will be cute and you can make one, too!

Erin is joining me in taking photos "all around" for the month of December.  Feel free to play along!

come on in

I'll take some photos in here.  And I'll take some photos out there.
A little "in and out" and "around and about".

all around

I'm trying to figure out the light around my new surroundings.  Winter light is always a little difficult for me.  And new light, even more so.  So, for the next month, I've decided to take my camera and explore my new space.

Happy December!


So much to be thankful for.
E V E R Y single day.

Hope yours was lovely.

xx, leslie

the winners

We went to the farm this year to get our turkey.  I can't believe this was the first time we have ever done this.  Our very first farm to table turkey experience!  

I just couldn't get enough of these guys and their pig pen ways.  
And these little guys... SO cute!
 We had some animals give us a wink and a smile.
They seemed to be saying, "It's such a great day, I'm not a turkey"!

The two winners of Entrelac2 are, #57, Dehnel and #1, Steph.  Congrats.  Please email me (address in side bar) and the awesome peeps, at Sterling books, will ship your book, ASAP.


 Another book that I am sure you have seen floating around.  Entrelec2.  85 new stitch patterns.  ( New.  That always amazes me.)  With 25 original designs.  Rosemary Drysdale teaches in an easy to follow way with photos helping you with each technique.  Brilliant.
 The projects range from easy to experienced.
 I love this sweater.  There is something so unusual and interesting about it.  It would be cute worn with a cami under it in the summer, too.
 The patterns include not only sweaters and pillows, but also hats, scarves, baby booties and bags.
I love this pincushion cover for trying out basic entrelac.

The awesome people over at Sterling would like to give two of my readers a copy of Entrelac2.  If interested, please leave a comment before Tuesday, November 25, at 1pm EST and I'll have the random number generator choose a couple of names.

Have a wonderful weekend.


My baby turned 15 yesterday!  
We had the requested marble cake with green frosting.  
Fifteen balloons were balanced gracefully on his forehead.  
I finally made him his own banner.  It's about time.
 Pad Thai from our favorite Thai restaurant was served.
And, thankfully, the birthday boy knew just where to sit!

Happy days!


The random number generator chose #21, Sarah,  for the winner of the 60 Quick Luxury Knits. Congrats! Please email me and I'll have the book shipped to you ASAP.  
 I've been doing a little baking now that things are feeling a little more settled around here.  Giant Sugar Cookies were a big hit last week.  And yesterday I made snicker doodles for Charlie.  I thought it would be a nice treat for the college kid.  They are his favorite.  He told me it's been about eight years since I've made them.  (!!!!)  Eight?!!!  (He was almost right.  October '07!!!  I knew it was long... I was getting away from the crisco ingredient.)  I've made some substitutions to his favorite over the years, but learned just yesterday that there is nothing better than a true snicker doodle.  He said he felt like he was ten again.  Oh boy.  Sort of broke my heart it took me that long to make them again.
And see the above gloves?  Yep, you are right!... the one on the left has 6 stitches more than the one on the right.  That's what I get for drinking a mimosa while I cast on.
Oh boy.

60 quick luxury knits

I have been meaning on hosting a couple of giveaways but haven't had an opportunity with the changes in our lives... until now.  
 I'm sure you have seen this book floating around.  I'm pretty sure it was released back in August.  60 easy, elegant designs for a wide range of accessories.
 All patterns in the book use Cascade yarns.  So, if you are one of those who also love Cascade, you probably have bits in your stash to make many of these.
 My eye was drawn to many of the fair isle patterns.  There are mitts.
 Yummy cowls.  I especially love this reversible one.
 I thought this stitch pattern and chunkiness was interesting.
Mittens,  I'm a big fan.  I like all my fingers hanging out in one spot keeping each other company.  I love this extra long pair.
There are many other designs including shawls, mittens,  hats, belt, a fringed handbag and more.

It's a great time for a book filled with projects like these.  Just in time for holiday gift giving!

The nice peeps at Sterling would like to give one of my readers a copy of 60 Quick Luxury knits.  If interested, please leave a comment here before Monday at 5pm EST and I'll have the random number generator choose a number.


Now that's one big number.  
Seventeen balloons.  My girls busy social life made little time to take a daylight photo.  The sun was almost set.  Powderpuff football practice took precedent.  
The banner was hung.  I've been hanging it on and off since Libby was ten.
Be still my heart.

wool and my gang

I have had two packages from WOOL AND THE GANG arrive at my doorstep.  It's always such a treat!  Their packaging is so stinkin' fun.  And their products are really beautiful.  
This order also contained a set of their beautiful rosewood needles.  L O V E.  They feel so amazing in my hands and are a true piece of art!
My mom and sisters came for a visit.  Hats for everyone!
This is the beastly boys beanie.  Super fast. Super warm.  Pretty darn cute!
The motif design shown on the black hat, will also be duplicate stitched onto the other two.  Duplicate stitch is used on this hat instead of changing colors and knitting the change of color into the hat.  It's great to mix things up sometimes.  Also fun to be able to use your own creativity.

Pattern:  Beastly Boys Beanie
Yarn:  Crazy sexy wool
Needles:  US 17
Notes:  one size fits all

Happy Halloween!