here we go

Hey Friends!
We've packed the bags and most of the kids, and are headed to Alaska!  Airplane knitting here I come!
I'm going to try to post pics, daily, on Instagram if I can find WiFi. (Except for the painful 24 hours I told the kids they couldn't have their phones!)  I'm also going to take a Chalk Lots List along for the adventure, too, if you would like to follow along here.
See you soon!

they scream summer

I returned last night from taking Andrew to a golf tournament in Hershey, Pa.  You know, home of Milton S. Hershey.  That incredible founder of the one and only Hershey Chocolate.  And, I don't care what Andrew says, the chocolate is most definitely fresher than that of which you buy in the store.  And we proved it by eating 2 bags of Hershey kisses in two days.  I kid you not.  
 So, last night when I returned, I had a need to make something light and refreshing.  So, I pureed the strawberries that were in the refrigerator, added about a tablespoon of honey and poured it into half of the mold.  Then popped the mold into the freezer.
After about an hour, I took a can of coconut milk, added another tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of vanilla.  And poured that into the mold.  
Absolutely the best.  And definitely feels so good in a chocolate laden stomach.
Popsicle recipes are popping up all over the internet.  I can't wait to try something a little more creative.
The portion bags really make the BEST wrappers for your popsicles.  And, can be reused over and over.  Just wash and dry.  Bonus.  Make sure you push your sticks down far enough into the mold so that you can zip the bags closed for longer storage.  

i guess we all love yarn

Hey Friends!  I just came back from a super relaxing time visiting my mom.  Just me.  No kids.  No husband.  No plans except for knitting and relaxing with my mom by my side.  
On the airplane, I thought...
This is so great!  
I bet I can finish this sweater.  
I only have the sleeves left to do.  
I bet I can finish pink memories, too.  
This is going to be awesome.  
I'll be wearing this sweater in July.  
Ya.  I can wear it with my white jeans.  
I might need a new white tank to go under it.  Yep.  I think so.  
Oh, what shoes can I wear?
 The little gold sandals from Target?
Oh! It's gonna be the cutest outfit!  
And then all of a sudden, I notice a little frayed yarn.  
What's this?  
What in the world?  
And wait.  
Here too?  
What is going on?  
And then all of a sudden it hit me.  
Are you ready for it to hit you?

Well, you see.  We've had a bit of a mouse problem in our house.  My sweet husband thought it was a good idea to store the opened bag of bird seed in the kitchen.  Yes.  The mice liked that idea, too.
And, they loved the dining room, too.  Cause we have a little sitting nook in there.  And that is where I like to sit and knit.  And when pink memories was in my hands,  Elen, was on the floor.  Not in my knitting bag.  Just on the floor.  The mice thought that was a great idea, too.
I knew it was them, cause they left a little of them behind.  Ew!

So, I had a fabulous time in Florida with my mom.
I ripped out Elen and cast on again with new yarn.  It's okay.  I'll wear that cute outfit.  It just won't be next week like I thought.

I never knew... but mice love yarn, too!

Happy weekend friends!

summer '16

Well, the beginning of summer is kickin' my butt in true beginning of summer form.  The last day of school was last Friday.  
Of course, I made them jump.  Every year since the last day of school '08.  It just cracks me up that Andrew's form pretty much hasn't changed.  
I packed the last lunch for Libby.  (Waaaaaaaa!)
Which, as usual, included a hershey kiss.  I have been putting a hershey kiss in their lunch since their first day of Kindergarten.  It started when I sent Charlie to Kindergarten and I told him it was my lunchtime kiss to him. The tradition has continued all these years.  Even high school students need a lunchtime kiss!
 I bought bakery treats instead of baking.  Penguin cupcakes for our Pittsburgh Penguins.
Yesterday I took Libby to the yarn store to pick out a knitting project for her.  It's gonna be a fun summer!

class of 2 0 1 6

Did I mention that Libby was graduating from high school this year?  Like in 5 days?  Like from High School?  Like will be headed to college in the fall?  Like in August?  Like in 2 months?  (Insert that thrown back face emoji where it's sort of screaming in silence.  That's me!)
 But I couldn't be more proud of my girl and her fabulous friends.   Who shared this journey and will now start a new exciting chapter.
We had a little graduation celebration with Libby's besties and their parents on Monday night. It couldn't have been more perfect. Rain and all.  
Right down to the bouquets from the garden that Libby picked.
 The simple foods on request.
And the most festive, delious cupcakes.  (These were what was left.)

My heart is oh so full.  

changing it up

I decided to switch projects and see if I could finish Elen before working anymore on Pink Memories.  This one requires a little more concentration which was holding me back.  Time to forge on!
We tried a new Snickerdoodle recipe and it was a huge hit.  I should really put a limit on the amount of cookies my kids eat. But really?  How can I tell them to stop at two when I can't stop at three.  Just happy we had some left to pack for lunch today.  After reading Erin's comment about the toffee doodles from Starbucks, I decided to add cinnamon chips to half the batch.  (Didn't have heath bits.)  Oh my!

Happy weekend, friends!

my CSA

It's that time of year.  My most favorite time.  But then again, the season we are in is my favorite time.  But seriously, moving outside for dinner and extra daylight is such a treat.  I still have that same great feeling when I'm dining alone.  And, that is what happened last night.  With Steve having dinner with his pals.  Charlie is in Haiti for the month.  Libby is with her boyfriend. (!) And, Andrew is playing golf.  Especially when dinner is made entirely from my CSA box and I have my knitting by my side.  
The first pickup was Tuesday and it has me giddy like a little girl.  All this planned and grown from a farm?  Right in my area?!  And, a loaf of fresh bread from the bakery they team up with? And, I get a different box every Tuesday?!  I have been doing this for 8 years and it never gets old.   What a gift.
I hurt my back in yoga on Monday.  But I'm trying to make the most of it.  I make the kids help me out a bit.  It's pretty much great!

A new snickerdoodle recipe is in the oven.  I'll be sure to let you know how they turn out.