take tee's

A good friend of mine, Amy,  has a little inspirational t-shirt business.  They are 100% cotton and printed with earth friendly dyes.  4 different colors: milk chocolate, midnight black, snow white and fairy pink.  4 different styles:  shorts sleeve- crew neck, short sleeve-v neck, 3/4 sleeve-crew neck, 3/4 sleeve-v neck.  4 different sayings:  "take charge", "take notice", "take action" and "take control".  I'm a "take control" fan.  Take control of your thoughts, your feelings, your attitude, your life, your knitting stash!  A motivational reminder to live your life with a healthy attitude and positive outlook.

Amy would like to give my readers a 50% (!!!) discount. Enter the code afriendtoknitwith when checking out.  You can order here.

IK summer '12

My interweave knits was delivered along with the warmer temps.  Perfect timing.
I think I found something that I certainly want to look into knitting.  I L O V E this sweater!  "Nautical striping goes modern with super-skinny lines and neutral beige in the bethany wrap I-cord edging and a polo collar add weight and anchoring detail to the long flyaway fronts."  This moved to the top of my list.  (I really must show you what I am working on.  So that I will actually work on it.)
I thought these darn beach umbrella's were just about the cutest things.  Ever. (Except no pattern.) The article is great.  All about "cool wool".  Wool is back for summer.
And this cute little swaddling leaf blanket?  Almost made me want to have another baby.  Almost.  Well, not really.  Just made me want to hold one.  I actually love the ages of my kids.  16, 14, 12.  I have a driver!

k1 yo p1 p3 tog

the yarn lounge.  richmond, virginia
The random number generator chose number 224,  Judith and number 9, Maryse as the winners of stitchionary.  Congrats to you both!  Please e-mail me with your address and I'll make sure the book lands in your hands.  

Happy MAY!