knit new york

Well, I finally made it to Purl Soho!  Charming.  Everything about it.  The yarn and fabric were so delicious.  The girls working were helpful and kind.  The place was buzzing with happy customers.  Great, great energy!  It really was a thrill for me.  I even traveled with my Knit New York book!  
The fun little book is filled with 10 iconic NewYork projects.  There is a Broadway street sign to knit a cute pillow.   
A street vendor hot dog.  (A bun!  Mustard!)
Of course, a yellow taxi cab.  (I soooo would have been knitting that for my guys.)
There is a pattern for "the big apple", Statton island ferry, the Statue of Liberty, don't walk-walk sign, a fire hydrant and a flat iron building.  (I keep counting... that is nine.  I don't have the book in front of me to tell you the tenth.  I guess it would be a surprise.)
Ten great knits to remember your trip, dream about a trip to NYC or just knit something different... because you can!
Well, Sterling publishing would like to give away a copy of Knit NewYork by Emma King to two of my readers.
If interested, please leave a comment here before Monday, March (!) 4th, at 5pm and I will have the random generator choose a number.

Happy knitting.

a finished knit... shocking, i know!

I bought some yarn!
At the Mendocino Yarn Shop, while on our Northern California Coastline drive.  Super sweet place to visit a yarn shop.  Own a yarn shop.  Or just hang out with a cup of coffee in a yarn shop.
Plymouth yarn, Gina.  I just loved the colors.  
Turns out toasty took a little more than one ball.  I have about 3/4 of a ball left to make a pair of those mitts.

I love how they are mismatchy and found it so cool how the tops turned out to be matchy!
Isn't life fun!

Have a beautiful weekend.

recipe to love

Take out my grandmothers pinking sheers.
Add her sweet baby rick rack. (.15¢ baby rick rack! Gotta love that!)
Along with left over felt from some who knows what project. (Maybe you will get a scrap that looks like a fish.  And then you will have to stop and assemble hearts and fish on a place mat.  Bubbles help give the fish life.)
Throw in a little of this inspiration.
And you get puffy hearts to hang.  Perfect on the little tinsel tree for a LOVE-ly winter day!

Happy Tuesday!

we took a drive

Well, the drive began after the flight. 
The northern California coastline.  I was smitten.  
Too many fun sights and photos.  I just had to share. 
It was pretty exciting to find a yarn store.
And buy yarn!
It's time to cast on again for Toasty.