100 x simple

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

This was by far one of my favorite pieces to knit.  It's mindless which is absolutely perfect when you need to concentrate on a conversation.  Or a book.  Or the TV.  Or while having a glass of wine.  Or in the movies.  Or just when you want to totally space out.  I realized I absolutely always need a knit like this in my life!
  The yarn is what keeps this interesting.  Other than that it's round and round and round you go.  
Using a provincial cast on, you then knit in the round using size 8 (or 7) needles.  My friend, Linda, found the pattern and yarn at Spun in Ann Arbor.  She whipped it out one morning at knitting and 3 of us were on the phone with the nice peeps at Spun ordering our own.  It takes 4 balls of Fiber Mill Crazy.  No two skeins are alike.  However,  if you have a color pallet you like that can make it easy.
My sister, Shelly, has made 3 of these.  This lighter version is one of hers.  That will sort of tell you how fun this is to make.   It's a lofty knit which makes it easy to travel with.  And then, easy to wear.  
Pattern: 100 x simple cowl
Yarn: 4 skeins of Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy
Needle size:  size 8 (or 7) circular needles

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  1. This is really nice!!!

    1. thank you, lynn! it really is a fantastic knit! xx

  2. Anonymous12/06/2017

    Made one after you posted about this earlier. Everything you say is on spot. You will not regret making this. Jackie

  3. Love a knit like this and the end result is a lovely cowl . Win, win 😍

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  5. Since I live in NW Ohio, a few of my friends and I are planning a day trip to A2/Spun in the New Year. I would love to make this cowl since seeing yours. Hopefully, we wont get too much snow.