just because

A new zippered case for Libby's colored pencils because, well, because she asked for one.
A new zippered pouch for me because, well, because I can never remember how to sew a zipper and when I googled it I found this great tutorial. (I broke three needles trying to sew in that zipper.)
A stack of new fabric for a quilt for each of the boys because, well, because I saw the one Larissa made for her son and my Charlie has been asking for new "covers" for years. AND because Larissa puts together some of the best tutorials around.
(All fabric purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.)

A little break from this space because, well, because it's that time of year again. Spring break.

See you soon!


Wow. I had no idea that my last post would elicit such a response. I am overwhelmed with your kind, sweet, thoughtful words! I knew how much you all "get" life. I also know, that you all know, that my life is not "perfect". Nobody's life is. However, everyone has a slice of perfect in every. single. day. It's all about finding the simple pleasure in the simple moments.
All right, enough of that. So, about those buttons. :)
Well, I had so many great suggestions. From mis-matchy, to fabric covered, to buttons covered with yarn. (Thanks, Mary!) I started to look for 3 different buttons, but didn't have the right size. I thought about covering buttons with yarn, but my yarn was too chunky. And then I thought, heck, I'll never button the darn thing, just use those boring brown buttons. So, Tuesday night I sewed on three brown buttons.
Then I decided that I actually DO like it buttoned. Hmm. The pattern calls for you to fold the collar over and fasten it underneath the other side. I omitted that.
Before I blocked it, I thought, wow. I just made myself a tutu. Seriously! It was sticking straight out, just like a tutu. But after blocking it settled down a bit and drapes nicely. Oh! And about that blocking. The yarn was absolutely one of the worst wet yarn smells EVER. It seriously stunk up our whole family room. However, once dried, the smell completely dissipated.
Oh, hi!
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia Quick, 9 hanks, color 9123
Size: 36"
Needles: US size 10 and 11
Mods: Just omitting the fold over collar part.
Final word. I LOVE so much about this sweater. How fun and fast it was to knit. From start to finish it was two weeks. And, I promise that I do not sit aaalllll day and knit. I love that this will be worn (a lot) as my coat. I love the sleeves. I love the drape, and how the back scoops down and covers your bum. I think if you really like it but don't like how full the peplum is, that would be easy to remedy. Less increases would make that less full.

Again, thank you. YOU all are THE BEST!

get a life

I have been blogging for about 3.5 years. In that time, I have received one comment that could possibly be considered ill spirited. You remember? And that one really made me giggle. Cause it simply stated the truth. My blog is full of headless photos and cookie shots.
However, I received an anonymous comment on yesterdays post. Simply stating... "get a life". Wow. Seriously? Get a life?! I feel like my blog, along with all the other knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking, baking, crafty blogs, OOOZE of life. And in between all the mundane (yet life rewarding) tasks of the day, picking out the perfect button, or the perfect yarn, or a fantastic project, or the loveliest fabric, or a delicious recipe for my peeps, or meeting friends, or watching a beautiful sunset or capturing a moment, or choosing things that make my heart sing, well, those times fill in all the other moments of A LIFE! S0, to "ms. get a life", I can only hope that you will figure it out one day. You don't have to like what I do, but understanding how others interests and passions are what drive them is a life lesson I hope you learn. With so many enjoyable opportunities in this wonderful world, I hope you find something that makes you "get" life.
xx, Leslie

the button game

Choosing buttons can be a tricky game. Leather buttons can be too heavy. Thrifted buttons can only come in singles or pairs. (Not good when you need three.) Grandmothers buttons can be the perfect vintage button but not the right size. And when you are bound and determined to use what you have... this takes time.
I'm now tempted to check closets.


Glazed Lemon Cookies. Two ways. Half the batch iced, the other half plain for the crazy non-lemon lovers in the house. Kerstin made them, and I knew I had to give them a go. They really are perfect if you have any non-lemon lovers in your home, as the lemon is only in the icing. I think they would be perfect for an Easter dessert. (But if you ask me, as far as lemon cookies go, nothing beats a lemony snicket.)
I like when things sit in my knitting bag for two weeks. (Yes, start to finish, two weeks.)
As opposed to two years. (Well, going on two years. And I have no plans of finishing this in the near future.)
I'll be back next week with photos of Heron.
Until then. Enjoy your weekend!

fun with libby

(mirror, mirror)
(just a minute)
I know, she is getting so big. However, I have to remember to rejoice in the fact that at twelve, she is still a little girl. She is only going to get bigger, which is a beautiful thing, too.
Enjoy your day!

and the winners are...

If I had a farm...
I'm thinking that is pretty much the perfect name.

I decided that I really don't like to do giveaways. Not that I won't, I absolutely will do more. It's just that, I truly would like everyone to win a book. I honestly feel badly for those who don't win. So sorry!
I had the random number generator choose six names. Six instead of the four I suggested. I'll go ahead and send my two books off. Helps a little, no?
In the order chosen:
63- Toby E, 48- Pricilla K, 132-Syndi, 123- It's the little tings, 5-J, 99- anonymous-Kim O.
Please shoot me an e-mail (lesliecla@comcast.net) with your address. Thanks!

books and magazines

Nicky Epstein's "Knitted Flowers" and "Crochet Flowers" books are now available in paperback. I haven't spent much time embellishing projects or items, but these books sure make me want to. Both books have infinite possibilities for embellishing garments and home accessories. I would love to make a pillow for Libby's room (sew) and embellish it with some sweet cord blooms or lazy daisy flowers. (I am pretty certain she would love that, too.)
And, if I ever take the time to learn how to crochet, I'd make a bunch of the daisy may flowers and sew them onto a crocheted blanket. I can just see it... so cute!

Guess what? The nice peeps over at soho publishing have offered two of my readers a book.

Oh! One more thing. Have you seen or heard of knitcircus magazine? They are currently a free online magazine with an option to purchase the patterns all together as a collection rather than as individual patterns. Knitcircus is three rings of knitting, sewing and fibercraft with recipes thrown in for fun. Jaala, the Editor-in-Chief has offered two of my readers the pdf download of the spring pattern collection.

So, if you are interested in any or all of these, leave me a comment (with your first choice) by Monday, the 15th at 12pm EST. I will choose 4 names.

Have a wonderful weekend!

last weeks post. this week.

I wanted to get over here all day Friday. Didn't happen. And since then, have made more progress on Heron with very little knitting. Cause on size 11 needles, this thing practically knits itself.
LOVE the construction of this. Sort of reminds me of the empire waist cardigan, with the top of the sweater worked in one piece.
And the bottom peplum worked separately. In the end, there is very little seaming. Joy!
This was last weeks cookie that I had on my mind ever since I saw Tara's photo. Chewy Coconut Cookies. Obviously you have to like coconut. A hit with two out of three of my kids. They were fabulous and we felt as if they brought a little tropical flare to our days. A good thing during this time of the year.
Happy Monday!

getting around

I haven't had the opportunity to meet that many bloggers in "real" life. So, you can only imagine how super excited I was to meet Barb and Heather and hang with them at Knit One. Keana and I have been wanting for that to happen for a pretty long time. It was so much fun, I wish we could have sat there for days knitting and talking. Next time, Keana and I are traveling to see them. Very, very soon.
And guess what? Heather brought me something she KNIT! You can only imagine how thrilled I was. I mean, how often does a knitter get a knit gift? Not often. My mom has made me things in the past. But not for a very long time. Melana made me a gorgeous scarf. (That I wear a lot.) Other than that, this was it. I was speechless. Well, not really. I think I said thank you a bunch, maybe even fought back a tear or two. Even stalked her on the phone on her way home to thank her again.
Since then, that baby has gotten around. It's been to the post office, Trader Joe's, the drug store, the dry cleaners (twice), and stopped by a friend's house.
It's been in the kitchen, the bedroom, the family room, Libby's room (hello! do you have my amazing hand knit gift? I don't think so, missy!).
It's been to the middle school, coffee shop (twice), the stationery store and the car wash.
Yep, I believe this knit is going to get around.
Thank you, Heather. I adore it!!!!