slouchy cardigan

This is the one knit that I feel would be a great first sweater for someone. Very little rib. (One row, I did two.) A few simple decreases. Stockinette. And voila. You have yourself a sweater that can be worn over and over. Over jeans. Over a dress. Over slacks. Over a skirt. And most importantly, over your jammies.
I'm as happy with this one as I am with my first one. I made one change. The pattern says that the hood is optional. Good. I opted out. I decided I was pretty much ready to be finished with it, and would love to have some extra charmed to make a pair of toast mitts.
Pattern: Slouchy Cardigan, Greetings from Knit Cafe (I see it is currently out of stock at Amazon. Hurry, call your library!)
Yarn: Classic Elite Charmed (Discontinued. Sorry.)
Size: small/med
Needles: US 8
Mods: No hood. Two rows of rib.
***Remember to check out the pattern corrections if you have a copy of the original hardcover book. Also, the sleeve cap is too short. I have not seen any corrections written anywhere for this, so, I'll let you know what I did:
Shape Cap: (RS) BO 3 sts at beginning of next 2 rows, 2 sts at beginning of next 4 rows, then at each side decrease 1 st every other RIGHT SIDE row. (so, every 4th row) 10 times. 21(28) sts remain. Bind of remaining stitches.
This is hands down my favorite sweater, EVER. Wear, wear, wear, I tell you. I honestly do not own another hand knit that has gotten more wear than my first one. I have no doubt this will be the same.

Have a beautiful weekend!

there's always a positive

Me: A fork? Really?
Andrew: Sure, why not? At least I didn't grab a knife.
Me: True. So very true.

Again, I wish everyone could get a book. Especially with so many babies coming into this world! (Congratulations to all those expecting... or relatives expecting... or friends... SO great!)
However, the random generator can only choose one number and it picked #215, Robin. Congrats, Robin. Please e-mail me (address over there in my side bar) your address and I will make sure it ends up in your hands.

Okay... this is one of the weirdest things that has ever happened to me. I had to look up the definition of runcible, (okay.. shhhh, I know... don't tell anyone), the name of Robin's blog is Runcible Farm. def. run ci ble spoon n. a fork curved like a spoon! Do you see my photo... how weird is THAT! Honestly. Weird. I guess it was meant to be.

easy peachy, i mean peasy.

Okay. This may be something a bunch of you already know, however, it is something I just learned that makes life a little easier, so I thought I would share with you. Especially considering when I told jeeves about this (aka, mom) it was new to her. Shocking!
I read about it over on smitten kitchen. The perfect way to peel that fuzzy fur off a peach. Score an "x" on the bottom of the peach with a sharp paring knife. Slowly lower peach into a pot of boiling water. I had five peaches. I lowered each one in and by the time I got to my fifth peach, I then removed the first one I placed in. So, I think that I probably left each one in the water for about five seconds. Then, using the same paring knife, starting at the bottom where you scored it, peel the skin off. It was a dream. A dream, I tell you!
Having this in the morning:
And this in the evening:
Is just peachy.
Actually, having either of those at any time of day is the peachiest!
(I think I am a little giddy this morning. Having only one child in the house for the week can do that to a mom.)

I'll be back tomorrow with the name of a winner.
Have a great one!

it's a good one

I honestly can not say enough great things about this book. I think it spent an entire week on my nightstand as I read it and enjoyed the photos before bed. Debbie Bliss could not have done a better job.
Not only are the patterns some of the cutest little knits I have ever seen, but the useful information in this book is beyond fantastic.
Filled with eighteen patterns including garments and accessories for babies and toddlers. (I would have SO been all over those top two sweaters for my Libby and the bottom two for my boys!)
She gives you the pattern and the knowledge and information on how to make it your own. You can sketch out your own design and implement it into the patterns provided. Or not. It is completely up to you. (Of course it is!)
And you guessed it. Tara over at SoHo publishing is offering this book to one of my readers. Leave me a comment between now and Monday the 26th at 12 pm EST and I will draw a name.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!


Make today special. Tomorrow, too.
(Napping when you are tired sounds like a pretty good plan, also.)

two at a time

It's usually not my thing. Knitting both sleeves at the same time.
But, my mother does it and she has repeatedly mentioned how great it is. They are always exactly the same, and there is something so rewarding about when you are finished, you are completely finished. Okay then, I'll give it a try, again. So, away I knit. Bound both off. Wow, that does feel great. Then, I held one up to my arm.... about 10 inches too long. I kid you not. Both sleeves are about 10 inches too long. (Distractions galore around here.) Now, that is a reason to NOT knit both sleeves at the same time.
My yarn arrived for this sweater. Oh, how lovely. I am resisting the urge to cast on until I finish my slouchy cardigan. Cause just like the sleeves, I am good with just one at a time.
Have a wonderful weekend.

flower treats

Call me crazy. But, I just couldn't help myself.
We were out of dog treats. Charlie searched for a recipe.
And found Snickerpoodles, perfect for his love of snickerdoodles.
I did overcook them. Thankfully, Trouble doesn't mind a bit.

finding answers

Googling is pretty awesome.
My recent google searches:
*pickled beets, *golf courses conneaut lake, *volant pa, *making a stitch in a purl stitch, *plymouth baby alpaca grande tweed, *twinkle pattern corrections, *how to make buttermilk, *vanilla cake recipe, *nectar of the gods leave in conditioner
I did make pickled beets, my Dad's favorite. I ordered some new (delicious) yarn and this pattern. I learned that I can make buttermilk if needed. I bagged baking the cake and bought one instead.
Have a wonderful weekend!

your header

How it usually goes:
I get an email or a text from my sister, Shelly.
Shelly: time to change your header. Me: ideas? Shelly: paw prints (troubles), sprinkles, daisies. Me: sprinkles, as in rain? Shelly: sprinkles, as in ice cream! Me: k, :), xoxox
A few of my past headers:

It's usually something I don't think about. So, the reminder from my sister is always welcomed. I owe some people an email on how to make a header. And I do have a couple of friends with new blogs that may need some help. (Hi, Jennie. Time to dust off yours, Amy.) I usually crop my picture on my computer. And then I head on over to picnik where I add the text. (You can crop and do everything over in picnik, though.) Molly had some great info on how to make headers, too. In fact, she helped me remove my boarder that was around the header.
Hey, happy July!