I can't believe it took me 2 months to make this hat.
Two months of knitting a little (tiny) bit every day.
Some days I knit a row. A row that included a mistake.
The following day, I would rip back that row.
Some days I knit half a row, finishing that row the following day.
The next row, I would make a mistake... ripping it back the next day.
I kid you not, it continued like this. On and ON.
I'm not sure if it was for lack of concentration. (I have a lot going on in my life... remind me to tell you about it someday.) Or, that I was just having trouble following the pattern repeat. I mentioned that I placed markers in between each pattern repeat. That definitely helped and I think is a must if you cast on for this.
Loved the yarn. Although, I ended up wishing I would have knit it in a natural like this.

I'm ready for a simple something.

Have a wonderful weekend!


The breakfast table sprinkled with hearts.
A surprise heart on a walk with Trouble.
Unbelievably delicious Peanut Butter blossoms made entirely by Libby.

I finally finished a hat, chose a new sweater pattern and am looking for the perfect yarn.

Hope your day was happy.