Alright, so here is the story. Sarah, over at life with, is holding a little contest. She posted about her collections and wanted to know what some of our collections are.  Initially, I thought I had nothing to enter in her contest, as I am not much of a collector.  I am trying to get rid of things in my home rather than bring more in.
After thinking a little more about it, I reconsidered.  There are I few things I will usually purchase if I stumble across them.  Vintage pyrex, vintage sheets, and thrifted knitting needles.
I don't even use straight needles.  However, I love the thought that someone else used them to do what I love to do.  I wonder what sort of thing was created with them, who it was created for, and whose hands worked their magic with them.  
Sarah's contest ends tomorrow at midnight.  Go ahead, think of your collections, and tell us all about them.  I am sure they will be more interesting than knitting needles!

all about cookies

Last weeks cookie: Slice and Bake Chocolate Chip
They were a big hit.  (I added 1 tsp of vanilla)
And proved to be a great dunker.  Important around here.
This weeks cookie:  I'll let them take their pick.
I am so bummed I forgot to order some samoas.  Maybe next week I will try the homemade version here.  And then perhaps the homemade do-si-dos, homemade tagalongs and homemade thin mints.  Yes, definitely the thin mints, because it is another slice and bake. I seem to be all about the slice and bake.  


Baby knits are just the best to knit. Quick, rewarding, and the cuteness factor can be so high. When Kim (who is a new aunt) made these and these, I knew they would be perfect for a friend who just adopted a baby girl.
Pattern:  Merry Janes
Yarn:  1 ball Knit Picks, Shine Sport, grass
            1 ball Knit Picks Risata, Buttermilk
Needles:  size 2, circular and double point
Speaking of babies, Keana and I met at our local yarn store, and I finally got to meet her beautiful baby, Jack. Isn't he the sweetest thing ever!  
And, do you do this?  When you are in a yarn store, do you wonder if everyone in there has a blog?  I do.  And on this particular day, Keana was talking to the Add Knitter about her Koolhas Hat and we didn't even know it was her!!  And, she was with Purlfriend!  What a small world.
On a completely different topic, I finally got my car back on Friday.  Unfortunately, I won't be hitting the roads today, the flu has hit our house.  I have Charlie home.  I just hope it doesn't go through the whole house. 
Back tomorrow with cookies.

the beginning

It is the beginning of my new project, which takes a lot of yarn
Twenty balls, to be exact.  I am using color 24, green, same as the pattern calls for.   
Debbie Bliss's Ruby. I started last night, haven't made much progress, but am just so happy to be working on size 8 needles.   The only other person I have seen out there making this is Rebecca over at poshyarns.  Ravelry only has Rebecca listed, also.  Anyone seen it?

This weeks cookie:  Mexican Wedding Cookies.
The recipe comes from a bakery in Florida that shared the recipe and is no longer in business. 
1 cup butter :: 1/2 cup powdered sugar, plus more for sprinkling :: 2 tsp water :: 2 tsp vanilla :: 1/4 tsp salt :: 2 cups flour :: 1 cup chopped pecans (do not chop too fine,  lean on the larger side) Makes 12 cookies.  Only,12!
Bake at 325 for 20 minutes.  Immediately sprinkle with powdered sugar.
**Hide from kids, so there are more for you. Pull out dough from the freezer and bake those for them.**
My mother, sisters and I would have these in the morning with coffee and knitting.  It really makes for a beautiful morning.
Enjoy  your weekend!


My favorite new fingerless mitt pattern, Evangeline.
I have seen these around, but was really drawn to them when Tiennie showed them in a whole array of beautiful colors.
I thought it only appropriate to make them in red for my friend Michelle, who celebrates her birthday on Valentines Day.  The pattern has two lengths.  Wrist or Elbow.  This pair is a little in between with five repeats of the pattern before the thumb.  A total of six repeats.
And a Valentine gift for my mother.  I made hers a little shorter.  She thought they would be nice to wear inside the house for those cooler days in Florida.  Three repeats before the thumb for a total of four repeats.
I used Cascade 22o Superwash, on size 7 dpn's.
Happy Valentines Day!

couldn't be happier

I must admit, I feel a bit funny about posting these photos. Especially after all of your lovely comments on my tangled yoke, already. I so appreciate every single one. Thank you! Please, do not feel the need to comment on it. In fact, unless you are interested in making this, you should just move on down your bloglines. Really, I won't mind.
This is one of those knits that I liked SO much better off the needles than on. I don't know if it was the tedious rib, or the sleeves that made me feel like I was making socks, or the tangled cable that I had a horrible time with. But, I don't think there is a sweater I have ever been happier to have off of the needles. And, I really love it off the needles.
Bottom Line: I do love this sweater.  The yarn, the fit, the simplicity of it.  I think it will be in heavy rotation in my wardrobe.


Where does the time go? I just can't believe another week has flown by.  I am still without a car, (fly wheel, transmission) and you would think with all of this idle time I would be cranking out projects.  But, no.  For some reason, I am a little less productive.  I just don't get it.  
I did manage to finish, block and sew the buttons on my tangled yoke.  Hopefully this weekend I will get some action shots.
Of course, there has been baking.  A lot of it actually.  These are actually chewy chunky blondies.  However they are missing the butterscotch chips, the nuts, and the coconut. I didn't have those ingredients on hand and without the get it. They were delicious, however, I think they would be unbelievable with all of the ingredients.  
Happy Weekend!

slice and bake

This cookie has been one of my favorite for a very long time.  My girlfriends mother in high school made them, and I sort of forgot about them.  They are really delicious, and I am so loving the slice and bakes.  I love the idea of having the dough in the freezer, ready to eat, I mean bake at anytime.  (Did I ever mention how much I love cookie dough?)  
This was last weeks and this weeks cookie, because it makes so much dough.  Four logs.
However, it could be easily cut in half.
Dunkin Platters:
1 box  brown sugar (16 oz) :: 1 lb melted butter (4 sticks) :: 2 cups sugar :: 4 eggs :: 2 tsp vanilla :: 2 cups oats :: 2 cups corn flakes ::  4 cups flour :: 2 tsp baking soda :: 2 tsp baking powder

Mix in order.  Add nuts if desired. Roll into logs wrapped in wax paper.  Chill for at least 2 hours before cutting.   Bake at 350 for 10-14 minutes. Can store in the freezer.

Happy Weekend!