spring break is finally here

Well, in about 1 hour we are headed to the airport.  London here we come!
We have plenty of things on our list.  I'm a little overwhelmed that I won't get to do half of what I want us to do and see. (And then there is my own separate list which includes Liberty London and Wool and the Gang!)
I made Libby and Andrew a little journal this morning.   Well, actually, I printed British Flags and glued them to the front of moleskine journals. I have been trying to use a journal a little more.  So, I thought maybe they could get into a habit of it also.   I added some lines to get them started.  I'm bringing a glue stick and some Japanese tape so that they can add memorabilia to them.  Let's see how that goes for Andrew.  I can just see myself with the glue stick at night.  Ha!
I put my sweater on hold and packed toasty.  Much easier to transport.  I know I mentioned my new thumb technique.  I promise to share when I soon.  Airplane knitting is my f a v o r i t e!
 My sweet neighbor made chocolate chip cookies for us when we moved in and shared the recipe.  Have you ever tried Tate's cookies? Well, if you are a fan of thin and crunchy, you have to try these.  We think they taste just like them!  Packing a few of those in our carry on.  As well as these bars.  

See you soon, friends!

the perfect love

It truly is a match made in heaven.  And this cookie may be one of our new favorites.  I had Andrew search for our cookie this week.  And this is what he came up with.  
 I read the reviews and followed some of the comments to freeze the peanut butter balls before assembling.  I definitely recommend that step.
 Then make the chocolate cookie dough and form into balls.
 Flatten and fill with one of the peanut butter balls.
Wrap the chocolate around the peanut butter (hello, love).  
 Surround the entire peanut butter ball and roll back into a ball.
Roll ball in sugar and bake.  
You then have the perfect, most delicious ball of goodness.  
See how some of the cookies are smooth and some are cracked.  The cracked cookies are the ones where I followed the recipe.  But then before I baked the second cookie sheet, I decided that perhaps my dough was too dry and I added 1/8 cup of softened butter.  (By the way, I only ever use butter.  Never margarine.)  They definitely contained the peanut butter better, but they were also a little crisper.  Both were amazing.  Honestly, amazing.   I was able to make 28 cookies today.  We have 8 left.

I'm thinking you should remove your butter from the fridge now.  So it will be soft for your weekend of knitting.  And baking.


I think that was one of the fastest weeks I ever had.  With absolutely no time to bake.  
However, knitting happened.  I'm starting to see some progress on my Princess Fiona.  The front and back are joined and the lace pattern is started.  Although, it did gave me a little trouble, as I was knitting it along the right side, not the left.  Ugh.  Ripped it out and ready to start again.  
Into my second skein of chickadee.  Love to see the pile dwindle.  

Happy Friday the 13th!  

fig newtons

I have been waiting to make these cookies.  But something was always happening to the ingredients.  First, I accidentally grabbed dates at the store instead of figs.  Then, someone (Andrew) drank the apple juice.  Hey, who ate the orange!

Homemade Fig Newtons. Libby and Andrew both scrunched their noses.  But the adults in the house made "mmmmm" noises.  Time consuming, yes.  Something to try if you like fig newtons?  Heck yes.

I'm making a little progress on my sweater.  If only I would have noticed that I was knitting the neck increases out of the armhole.  Just ripped it back.  I'm not going to sleep until I join the fronts.