just a few things...

• We were part of "Gail" that hit the Northeast yesterday and today.  We received about 12-14" and it is so beautiful!  
 •I made caramels for the first time ever.  They are pretty easy to make but mine turned out a bit hard.  I'm going to try to remelt the caramel to try to soften them.  I don't want anyone pulling out a filling! Wish me luck.
• I filmed and uploaded Episode 13 of my Podcast.  If you want a free pattern for TOAST mitts head on over for the coupon code.  You still have time to make a few for gifts or a special pair for yourself!

• I still have plenty of shopping ahead of me.  How about you?

• I plan on finishing the body of Mousseux this week.  That's the goal anyhow. :)

Happy Day to YOU! 


 Hi sweet friends!

Thank you so much for sharing your email for the Chalk Lots newsletter.  Last night, Charlie and I cut up all of the names into thin paper strips and drew one name.  It felt good to do it the old fashioned way instead of the random number generator I have used in the past.   It felt sort of like how Chalk Lots feel.  Real, genuine, comfortable.  Like a warm cocoa on a cool winter day.  Anyhow, I seriously wish I could give you all a set.  I SO would if I could!  But, Emily, you are the winner of the Chalk Lots Giveaway.  And since I have your email, I will be emailing you to let you know!

Again, thanks so much, friends.  It means a lot.  

xx, leslie


My heart is never happier than when I have my three children around me.
 {Thanksgiving 2020}
My three children grew up with Chalk Lots and are actually still using them. We doodle, draw and decorate.  My son, Charlie, is helping with the small business.  He's updated the website, he posts on instagram and he is still a giant fan of using them around the house.  He believes they belong in every household! 😍

Because we love them so much we want to share the happiness with one of my friends to knit with!  By signing up for our email, you will automatically be entered in the giveaway to win a set of Chalk Lots placemats.  Your choice of Licorice or Graham Cracker.  You see, he really is quite a talented writer and I would love if more people were reading the emails!  
So, by signing up, you will be entered in the giveaway and be inspired on how to use the Chalk Lots to make life even more fun.  They truly promote creativity and encourage those to use their imagination.  If you aren't fully satisfied you can unsubscribe at any time!
So, enter here.  We will announce the winner next Monday night, the 7th of December.  You will have them in plenty of time for the holidays.
xx, leslie