last week

(You can see it, too, right?)
There was in impromptu visit from sisters and other family members.
Sweet treats were bought at the bakery. (Except for my chocolate chip cookies.)
The first day of school went off without a hitch. (Except for the fact that Andrew got lost, in his new school, at least 16 times.)
(Reminders that they were here made me smile.)
And I waited for my yarn to come. It never did.
So, I worked on this and find it extremely b o r i n g.
Fingers crossed that the UPS man delivers my yarn.
Have a great one!

back to school

I think this was the fastest summer of all time. I just can't believe that we are headed into another school year. As my kids grow, time picks up speed. I always heard that would happen. It is so true. It is so hard to believe I will have a sophomore (yikes), an eighth grader and a sixth grader. How does that happen when I don't feel a day older? (No really, I don't.)
School starts for us on Wednesday. Our table will look like this for a couple of weeks. Constant reminders for the new school year.
"be a leader."
Trust yourself. Do the right thing.
"be yourself. everyone else is taken."
There is only one you. Shine on!
"pay attention."
Always be present. Focus on the now.
"if you think you can or can't you are right."
I think this is my personal favorite. The power of the mind and positive thinking.

We recently put together some more sets of the chalkboard place mats. You can get yours here
Have a beautiful day!

she's no trouble. really.

Last week one morning, I sat outside finishing a baby hat. Debating if I was going to use a contrasting color for the trim and braids. I opted to just go with a solid. (I just happened to take a photo for my 365.)
Upon returning, after filling my coffee cup, this is what I found:
I guess Trouble was pretty happy I didn't use that contrasting color. She could have it all to herself.
Trouble really fits in here quite well. She likes yarn, too.
A baby hat for a friend.
Out of this same book.
Using this same yarn.
I have one more on the needles. And then I am casting on for this.

Have a beautiful day!

inside scoop

I have a couple of things to share with you. The first one you can pass along. The second one you must keep as a secret.
{My sister text me this photo this morning. Wishing I could of had one.}
My sister, Lisa's, liquid sunshine recipe:
3 huge handfuls of kale :: 4 romaine leaves :: 3-4 stalks celery :: slice of ginger :: 1 whole peeled cucumber :: 1 pear. Add the cucumber last. It adds all the water. Sometimes she likes to add a kiwi for a little extra zing. Yummo!

The second one is that we wear lounge pants in public. (shhhhh.)
We don't always dress alike. Actually, don't ever dress alike is more like it. However, I made her, her very own linen lounge pants and told her she had to wear them for a photo, so I could show you. (You should have seen the kids faces. Sometimes it's just down right fun to embarrass them.)
So, make some lounge pants in a washable linen. Use the salvage edge as the bottom. It's all frayed and cool. And call it a pair of linen pants. Done. Finished. Easy peasy. Super comfy.
Have a beautiful Friday!

the second half

Okay, more cardigan link love and more vacation shots.
Us. {Surprise! I know, I don't show faces often.}
I'm pretty sure I have chosen the next one to cast on. However, there are so many on my list.
This is THAT sweater by Kim Wagner. (Thank you, Kim. I can so see why this is THAT sweater! Love it.)
In the round Cardigan. (Thank you, kathy b. I couldn't find the link to this one.)
Girl Friday Cardi and Breezy Cardigan. (Ness! I can see why you could live in the girl friday cardi. Thank you. I love that stitch pattern. I think the breezy cardigan looks pretty livable, too.)
Eve's Rib, Twist Vine Cardigan, Knit Swirl. Carol Sunday. Where have I been? I have seen Acorns (cute!), but got totally sidetracked over on her site. SO many beautiful knits. (Thank you knittin brit in wi. Oh, a cashmere/merino blend sounds lovely! And the Knit swirl...swoon. )
New England Knits. (Oh, Erin. I seriously need to spend some time with that book! Thank you.)
Aidez, again. (I think this must be a favorite, Peggy. Thank you. And I think you should begin immediately. You can do it!)
Mountain View. (Thank you, Kathy. Really love all the detail in this one.)
Sullivan Cardigan, again. (This must be one of the Wool Peoples favorite. Thank you, Ty. Hope the heat wave passes soon. Beth, have you cast on for it yet?)
Harvest Moon by Heidi Kirrmaier. (Thank you, Kathleen. I think Heidi is one of my new favorite designer. Such beautiful patterns.)
Larch Cardigan (Thank you, Jeanie and Linda. This one does catch my eye. Like I mentioned, I do love an a-line.)
Jingu and Santos from Berroco. (Thank you, Tricia! I know, I feel the same way. Can't beat wearing a cardigan.)
Moshup by Norah Gaughan. (Fast and cute. The perfect combo! Thank you, littlebitsheepish.)
Abigail Cardigan (Thank you Proud Mama. SO cute. Cast on today!)
Opposite Pole by Joji. (Tracy! That is beyond cute. Love that it is seamless. Beautiful work, Joji, again!)
Lily Cardigan. (Thank you, kellsshells. Love, love, love that little picot edging.)

Okay. Thanks so much for all your input. I truly think there is a pattern for all of us in those! Get busy choosing yours. I'll let you know what I choose soon. I have some narrowing down to do.


We're home. Unpacked and somewhat organized.
{My sister made us a glass of liquid sunshine every morning. I seriously need to invest in a juicer.}
I have gone through all the cardigan patterns you shared. They are so good, I have to share them with you.
Dividing them and linking half today and half tomorrow. I think that will be easier for all of us.
Hopefully you will find a new one to make, too!
Norah Gaughan's new pattern booklet. (Thank you, Jess. I love Aeneas, too. Such delicious cables!)
Cassidy by Bonne Marie Burns from Chic Knits. (Thank you, Geri. I really like how fitted this one is.)
Effortless Cardigan by Hahhah Fettig and Quintet by Melissa Wehle. (Thank you, Mandy. They remind me of the slouchy, too! Love those stripes.)
Vitamin D (Thank you MadMad. Hurry up and finish yours so I can see! What color? I love that mustard.)
Perry from Brooklyn Tweed Wool People collection. (Suzanne! Oh how I love it! Thank you! Did you cast on for it yet?)
Levenwick from Wool People and Aidez by Cirilla Rose and Common Ground by Elizabeth Smith. (Barb T, Thank you. They all pique my fancy!)
Pecan Crush and Ardara by Carol Feller's. (Thank you, Cathy. I have a crush on Ardara!)
Heidi Kirrmaiers designs. (Thank you, Maryse. SO many great cardi's there. I have always loved Peasy.)
Aidez has another vote. (Thank you rosieplichta. I think I am in love with that sweater. Please let me know if you write up a pattern for the Siena Cardigan from Sundance!)
Faux Circle Jacket (Thank you, Peppermint Mocha Mama! I love those different stitches.)
Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier. (Jan! Thank you. That looks like something I would live in!)
Sullivan by Brooklyn Tweed Wool People Collection. (Thank you, Sarah. That looks like a very wearable cardigan. And could that photo shoot be any cuter! )
Larch Cardigan by Amy Christoffers. (Thank you, Margaux. I really love that a-line shaping.)

Okay. Have fun going through those. I sure did.
See you tomorrow.

i love august

It's August!
I have a vacation with my sister and all of our kids.
Spectacular days.
Spectacular evenings.
With the most gorgeous sunsets.
And an entire list of cardigan patterns to google, thanks to you!
How much better could it get.
Seriously. A big giant thank you for all your input. I can't wait to get started on one.
Happy August days to you.