I absolutely adore the Karen Adams calendars.  I've used one for the past several years after receiving my first one from my friend, Kathleen.  The first one came as a set with the easel.  You then can purchase refills every year.  
The artwork on each month is just that... pure, beautiful art.  I think they are worth every penny.
However, this year,  I decided to save some of my pennies and make my own using none other than knitting for my inspiration.  
I used a template that I created years ago, but it's fairly simple to do on your own.  And printed them on white card stock.  
I then chose photos of some of my finished knits from 2020. We all have plenty of those!  It was fun to change it up for a year.  :)


The knit I love to wear the most is hands down (Ha! Hands down, get it?!) TOAST mitts. Well, don't get me wrong... sweaters are my number one knit. However, the most worn knit I wear is TOAST.
I throw them on in the morning when the house is cold and dark and I stumble to the coffee maker.  They are a great addition to my jammies.  
I throw them on when I'm wearing a t-shirt or a sweater and need just an extra something to warm my body.
I throw them on with a coat to pull over my fingers when I'm walking or driving.  They add a little extra when the steering wheel is too cold.  
There truly isn't a time I don't wear them.  
I must take them on and off a half a dozen times in one day.  
And they are that easy to wear.  Pull down, push up, take off! 
The yarn I used in my latest batch of TOAST was from my November Knitcrate.  I was thrilled when my box arrived knowing immediately that the yarn inside must be TOAST mitts. (That's the beauty of having stash!)  I knew they would be a tiny bit short of the 11" that the pattern calls for, but that would be fine.  These measure almost 10".  To make sure I would have the same amount per mitt, I used my kitchen scale.  Everyone always talks about using their scale, so I finally felt like one of the cool kids on the block.  I loved the yarn and color so much, I snagged an extra skein of each for another pair to gift.  
Yarn:  Vidalana Ambiant Worsted.  !00% Peruvian Highland Wool.  100 yards/50 grams
Color:  Titan
Color: Michelangelo
Color:  Vanezia
Color:  Fresco

As always, if you are interested in a KnitCrate Subscription you can receive 20% off your first crate by using code FKW20 at checkout.  
Yarn at my doorstep never looked so good!  

flower power cardigan

I miss my girl. I miss my boys, too.  I took Libby to the airport last Sunday after winter break.  That was hard.  That stunk.   She was the last child to leave and get back to their lives.  It meant that it was time for me to get back into a routine, too.   It was just one of the best Christmas breaks with my kids.  And not only because Libby started knitting.  (YES!!!!  More on that later!) 
I took these pictures of my girl in her new sweater back over Thanksgiving break.  I just kept forgetting to post them here.  

This is the Flower Power Cardigan that was part of the Fall Knit Collage Knit Along.  
If you ever have the opportunity to do a Knit Collage KAL it is an awesome experience.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced knitter.  Whether you have never knit a sweater or you are a sweater knitte.  I just can't recommend this Knit Along more.
This is unlike a KAL where you buy the pattern and use the yarn of your choice.  Knitcollage sweaters have a certain look to them and a style all their own.  For this KAL, kits are sold with each pattern and include yarn colors you get to choose.  For this KAL, there were 4 patterns to choose from and when you sign up you have access to all of them.  The patterns aren't released for a while after the KAL ends so this pattern is not available yet.  I'm not exactly sure when she releases her KAL patterns after the KAL.  If you like this you will just need to keep checking her website.  
Amy Small has a team to help you every step of the way.  And the community she builds is amazing.  She adds zoom calls and yoga classes and weekly emails to cheer you on and keep you up to date.  
It's no wonder I wanted to make Libby this sweater... It's like a big girl version of the backpack I made her so many years ago.  (Almost 14 years!)

Yarn:  Knitcollage 


adjective ::  (of wine) sparkling.
  1. "vin mousseux"
noun  ::  sparkling wine.

  1. Well, well, well.  A word I had never heard but came to love rather quickly! 🥂

This is a pattern from Espace Tricot that when I saw, I knew I immediately wanted to make!  I loved everything about it so decided to knit it in the exact same yarn/color.  The yarn is dreamy but I never met a mohair I haven't loved!  
 I did make a few modifications which I will explain further on my podcast.  But basically, I wasn't happy with how it was looking on a US size 8 even though I was getting gauge.  So, I ripped it out.  Ouch!  Ripping mohair can be a bit challenging!  (I did receive a message over on Instagram telling me to pop it in the freezer next time before ripping.  Apparently, it helps with the process! -Thanks Caitlin!)   So, I dropped down to a 7 and therefore had to adjust the pattern.  I cast on for a size 2 but needed to jump up to a size 4 stitch count in order to get the 44.75" measurement at the bust.  (44.75" is a size 2.)  I adjusted the increase rows, increasing more each increase row until I was at the correct number of stitches for the size 4 before separating for the sleeves.  
And because I was knitting on a size 7 needle, I was going through yarn quicker. Because of this I wasn't going to have enough yarn to knit a full length sleeve.  I contemplated buying more yarn but decided to try to make do with what I had.  

I ended up making the sleeve length 3/4 and I actually adore the way it turned out.  

At one point I thought it was going to be a very boxy sweater but after a light blocking not only was I able to adjust the body,  it truly bloomed into what I was hoping it would be.  

Basically, I love how this ended up and it truly feels as light as a feather.  Did I mention the pattern is FREE!  

Pattern:  Mousseux
Yarn:  4 skeins Espace Tricot Halo in Opera  (2 strands held together throughout)
Size:  2 (See above.)
Needles:  US 7
Mods:  Mentioned above.  

happy new year!

Well, Hello Friends!  Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that it's already page 8 of your 2021 365 page book!  

Through these uncertain and changing times it is so nice to focus on what is constant in my life.  Family, food and knitting are at the top of the list.  Thank you God for knitting!  I decided to gather all of my sweaters that I knit in 2020 and they are pictured above.

From bottom to top:
1.  One Lovely Sweater  in white
4.  One Lovely Sweater in grey
5.  Miromisnil 
9.  Frida
11.  Flower Power Cardigan (Blog post coming soon.)
12.  Mousseux  (Blog post coming soon.)
13.  Be Thankful Cardigan  (Not pictured above.)

It's safe to say that Knitting was an incredible force in my life in 2020.  

I'll be back to share some of my knitting goals for 2021.  (Thank you for prompting me to make them, Nadine!)

I wish you all the health, peace, love, happiness and projects on your needles for 2021.