my girl knits!

Back in January, over Christmas break, my Libby decided it was time for her to KNIT! It was just music to my ears.  She had found a sweater through instagram and text the link to me.  It took me to Ravelry where I was thinking oh my goodness my daughter has been perusing RAVELRY!  I then told her I would gladly make her this sweater when she replied "do you think I can knit that?".  Oh my.  I just about dropped my phone.  
The pattern calls for Lion Brand's Thick and Quick so we immediately jumped in the car (and I mean IMMEDIATELY... before she changed her mind, ha!) and headed to Joann Fabrics.  I filled her hands with 3 different size needles and 4 skeins of Lion Brand Thick and Quick and we made our purchase and headed home as fast as we could.                      We nestled in for the afternoon and I gave her a quick lesson on what she had learned when she was about 8 years old.  It truly came back to her like riding a bike.  Over the course of the next few days, Libby learned how to increase R and L and how to fix her mistakes.  (I purposely dropped stitches so she could learn how to repair them.)
This is Libby's first hand knit sweater and she adores it!  I couldn't be more proud.  
We even had to stop on the way to the airport for more yarn so that she could knit on the airplane.   
If you are looking for a sweater for a new knitter this is an awesome first sweater.  And it knits up rather quickly so the knitter feels accomplished.  Win WIN!

Pattern:  Moosonee 
Yarn:  Lion Brand Thick and Quick, 4 balls, Rouge
Needles:  US 13, 15 and 19
Size:  S/M

half + half triangles wrap

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was joining 3 Knit-a-longs. Two have already ended (Slipstravaganza and Knitcollage) but I'm not sure I ever mentioned the 3rd. CadyJax podcast is hosting the Half + Half Triangles Wrap with an intent to take an entire year to knit this beauty.  The culmination happening at Rhinebeck for those folks lucky enough to attend and HOPEFULLY it will actually happen!

It's a Purl Soho free pattern and I'm using the Linen Quill from PurlSoho that the pattern calls for.  It takes 2 or 3 skeins of each color depending on the size of the shawl you choose to make. The pattern is written for 2 sizes.  Small and Large.  I am knitting the large one.  It is simple and straightforward with short rows taking place to reduce the stitches in each color.   
I thought my colors were a bit boring, however, they are what I will wear.  Dark Denim + Heirloom White.  So.... 

 I started knitting this back at the end of October when I started learning Continental knitting.  I have knit English Style my entire knitting journey alway wanted to devote some time to learning Continental.  This seemed like the perfect time with the perfect project.  So, as you can see, the one on the top left is where my journey began.  My tension was off and needed some help.  I actually didn't mind that as it could be my reminder of the task and goal I had set for myself.  However, what i did mind was the sloppy edge.  I disliked that very much.  SO,  I cast on again slipping the last 3 stitches of every row with the yarn held in the front.  This gives the piece a much cleaner look.  (You don't have to slip the last 3, you can slip the last 2 or the last 1 even. )  Eventually I will put together a video showing how to do this as I had so many questions on the podcast when I spoke about this.  
I truly can't wait to get to the denim color...  

get away

My husband and I decided to try something new this February.  "How about a couple of weeks in the desert?" he asked.  I was up for anything.  

We woke to a spectacular view.  I had no idea how gorgeous the Arizona sunrises and sunsets were!  Lucky peeps who get to experience this daily!
I brought one project with me.  Only one.  (That was a bit challenging for me.)  My Half + Half Triangles Wrap. However, since there is so much mindless knitting in this project, I knew it would be the perfect one.
I probably packed too much yarn for this project, but my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when it comes to my knitting!  

Our first Fancy Friday Cocktail night consisted of an Aperol Spritz.  Perfect as it matched the sky!

By the way... Did I tell you about Fancy Coctail nights?  During this stay at home time, we have been trying to branch out and make a special cocktail to mix things up!  Maybe I'll start sharing them here.  Fancy Cocktail night instead of Cookie of the week.  Oh boy... Life.  🧡

 Aperol Spritz::
1 part Aperol
1 part Prosecco
Splash of club soda.
Pour over ice.
Garnish with an orange slice.  

a valentine for your valentine

Oh February. How did you get here so fast?!

I think this is just the perfect Valentine Gift.  I wanted to let you know that I have a code available over on my latest podcast (Number 14!) for this pattern. (And TOAST.) So, if you are interested head on over to watch. I think this pattern would make a great gift to remind someone how much you love them.  It might even be you who needs the reminder!