christmas 2007

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This was our Christmas 2007 photo shoot day.  Me.  Them.  Their father telling them to listen to their mother and smile for the camera.  I seriously can't believe this was ten years ago.  
 I often wonder what my Instagram would have looked liked when my kids were younger.  
Do you all think those thoughts?
How many more or less photos you would have taken?  I take a lot now.  I took a lot then.  It was digital back in 2007, after all.
Would I be the super photo snapping mom that I was with my camera?  Would I post all of the everyday pics that the younger moms of this generation post?  I tell my kids what a great photo album they would have had, cause in my mind, of course I would have!   I tell Andrew that he would have had an album!  (Haha!  Those poor youngest children.)
Happy 20017... From our 2007.
And in case you wondered?  They, of course, are wearing hand knit sweaters! 😉

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  1. I remember this! And, yes, I think about the difference all the time. It's crazy how accessible photography has become. It's also wonderful!

  2. Beautiful photos 😍 my mother complains how these days all the photos are on our computers or phones and not in albums 😜

  3. I remember this card! <3