two tone twist

Hey friends!  I've been working on getting this simple yet luxurious pattern written up for sometime, and finally found the time.  Yippee! 
It uses just two skeins of Woolfolk Far.  If you've never felt this yarn, it's a true dream.  It is so soft.  Soft like cashmere.  
It's one of those knits that you don't have to pay attention to while knitting it.  Even better.  It does require knowledge with the provisional cast on and the Kitchener stitch.  But heck, if you don't know how to do either of those, YouTube does!  And learning a new skill is what it is all about.  
The piece is reversible so you can show just one color.  The simple twist lets both colors show.  
I intended for it to be made with tonal colors.  However, since knitting is all about being creative, you can use any colors your little heart (BIG HEART) desires.  
I honestly wish I had this in every color combo.  It adds that perfect amount of warmth on chilly (cold!) days.  

march knitcrate

Awe. March has a lovely knitcrate. I am so loving this subtle sparkle in this super wash Merino.
Can you see it?  You may have to zoom in as it is ever so soft.  That's what makes me really love it.
The theme is Whisper.  The time when we approach a change of season, from chilly Winter to the early promise of Spring.  Or, in other parts of the world, where we change forth heat of Summer to the hope of a gentler Autumn.  Transition time.
Sock crate.
Yarn ::  Vidalana Shimmer Sock.  70% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, 10% Stellina.
Pattern ::  Treeometry   You can see the resemblance of trees on the socks!
Membership Crate.
Yarn ::  Knitologie Sheen  75% Merino Wool, 15% Silk, 10% Cashmere
Pattern ::  As always there are two patterns.  One for the knitters and one for those who love to crochet.  The knit pattern:  birdseed.  A simple beanie.  The yarn knits up like little seeds across the body of the hat.  The crochet pattern:  solennelle.  A pretty little shawl that works up fast and is the perfect lightweight accessory to add a little flair to an otherwise basic outfit.
Bonus :: A zippered pouch for your project.  With just the perfect words of wisdom displayed on the front.

As always, your first crate is 20% off by using the code FKW20 at checkout.

glorious green

Happy St. Patricks Day sweet friends!
Have  you seen SkeinCocaine's new line of fibre goodness?  I had to get myself a skein of the Camo colorway.  I'm going to knit a pair of socks.  Can't wait to see how this yarn knits up.
After my last post, sweet Susan asked for my green smoothie bowl recipe, so I thought I would share in case anyone else was interested.  I am not a measurer when I cook.  I just usually throw things together.  I love how you can do that when you cook.  (Baking, not so much!)  However, I know the importance of measuring and how much easier it is to share recipes!  So, I made one today and made sure to measure as I went.  😊

Glorious Green Smoothie Bowl ::

1 frozen banana
1/2 pear (or apple)
1 date
1 cup packed spinach (or 3 kale leaves discarding center stem)
1 TBLS water

Blend in Vitamix until smooth, making sure not to blend for too long, as you want it to remain cold.

I like to add granola to the bottom of the bowl before the smoothie.  Top with granola or fruit or seeds or nuts, or anything your little heart desires.  I mean your big heart!  Top with whatever your giant, beautiful heart desires.  I like to add granola, (thank you for this delicious granola sweet Suzanne!) bee pollen, and sometimes fresh sliced banana.



My favorite new bowls:
Frozen banana, pear, dates, kale.  Blend in Vitamix.  Top with granola and bee pollen.  😍

Thanks so much friends for entering the fun contest.  As always, I wish everyone could win a new pair of readers.  Wouldn't it be so nice to be like Ellen and just be able to give a pair to everyone who entered?!  I would just LOVE that!  I also love that we are all in this boat together.

The random number generator chose 3 numbers/names.
Number 55 :: Jill
Number 54 :: Coffeelover
Number 44 :: Stella

Congrats!  Please email me (lesliemfriend at gmail dot com)  and we will make sure you are seeing your stitches in no time!

readers giveaway

If you wear readers, do you remember how you felt when you first wore them?
Well,  I was actually so excited to wear them.   I even wrote a blog post about it all of those years ago!  It's been almost 12 years. I really can't believe it!
Through the years, I have gone through many pairs and many styles of readers.  MANY pairs I tell you.  I always have a handful in rotation floating around the house.  All usually ending up next to my bed.  I try to save one favorite pair for special times.  And, I usually have one stronger pair designated to nights out for dinner.  Cause if you wear readers, I know you are with me on this!  Those dark restaurants always make me think that my eyes are worse than I thought! :)
The company I always lean towards is  I have found that for the price they can't be beat.  So many styles to choose from that you can have a handful of styles to choose from to match your mood (or your outfit!).   It's true what they say... happy eyes, happy wallet!
Well, guess what?  Those nice peeps at are giving away a pair to 3 of MY readers.  You get to choose the style and the strength.  So, if interested, (for you or a friend!), please leave a comment here before Tuesday the 12th, 5pm EST.  I'll have the random number generator choose 3 names.