summertime saturdays.10

Emily got me thinking. About granola. And how my granola jar has been empty for far too long.
So this morning I was up early, searching for a new recipe to try.  Don't you hate when you know you saw one you wanted to try but  just can't remember where?  Well, after about an hour I found it.  I made a few modifications to the recipe.  Adding 1 tablespoon of vanilla and substituting dried cranberries for the dried cherries.
We topped yogurt with it and fresh fruit.  And enjoyed one of our last slow summertime saturdays outside.  It was delicious.  As is the granola.  Go make some.  Really, you won't be sorry.
Happy long weekend!

those wooden plates

First of all, for anyone that has ever e-mail me about my wooden plates, I apologize for not getting back to you.  The truth of the matter is that my sister has bought us all of ours.
For a few years when my birthday rolled around I would ask her to add to my collection. Pretty sweet sister.
I adore these plates.  And they are used daily.  Mostly the small plates.  For sandwiches.  Or toast.  Or cookies.
But I also use the bigger sizes.  A lot.  For holding the main serving.  Or chips and dip.  Or cheese and crackers.  Or as a tray.
They do need to be hand washed.  And dried.  Which doesn't seem to bother me.
Anyhow. I finally got the information from my sister.
For anyone interested, these plates can be purchased from Gingersnap Station.
Happy Friday!

gwen. in purple.

Same sweater.  In purple. Same pattern.  Same yarn.  Same size.  Same buttons.
Same ball of brown yarn, used for both.  Same labels.  Sewn into the side seam.
Same wrapping.  
Same accomplished feeling  for finishing both.  Since the same amount of time (one year) has passed since these babies were born.  
Wow, it feels good to have gotten these finished and in the mail.  

music and chocolate

We returned from our end of the summer vacation on Saturday. To a million and one things to do.  
On top of the list was getting ready for the new school year that started yesterday.  And although I didn't think that I was ready for my children to go back to school, I must admit I was a little giddy when I returned to my empty house.  And I did what I do every year on the first day of school.  I blared music throughout the house and I made brownies. (Usually a box mix, but yesterday I made these.)  It was a very good day.  

taking a little walk

This summer vacation will be one that is certainly remembered. And swimming in the rain. That is probably the best part. Did I mention it is still raining in these parts of Florida? Yes. Still raining.
I took a little walk this morning. Over to Grace's blog for her Summer Is series. And told of a few things that summer is to me. Besides my Saturday mornings. And walking barefoot. And now, swimming in the rain.

staying inside

Huh.  So much for sunny Florida.  This was yesterday, moments before the downpour caused by Tropical Storm Fay started. Heavy winds and rain forecasted for today.  And perhaps for the rest of our trip. So we will spend most of the time inside.  Watching the storm, watching the olympics, watching movies and playing games.
I remembered that I have been forgetting to tell you about this skirt I made, back in June.  No pattern necessary, just fabric from your stash. Perfect for those times when you are stuck in the house.   (Hmmm.......I wonder if my mother has any fabric I can have.  Surely she has an old sheet hanging around.)
This is the same skirt as this one.  
Measure the waist and add 10 inches plus seam allowance for the first tier.  (for libby, 24" + 10 1/2" = 34 1/2")
second tier:  width of the first tier plus 20 inches and seam allowances.  (for libby:  34 1/2" + 20 1/2" = 55")
third tier:  width of the second tier plus 20 inches and seam allowances.  (for libby:  55" + 20 1/2" = 75 1/2 ")
The depth of each tier I used, is about 5 inches plus seam allowances, with the exception of the first tier.  For the first tier, you need to allow for the casing (for the elastic).  I added 2".  (so the first tier measured 34 1/2" in width and 7 inches in length.
After you have sewn together the pieces to get the correct widths, you are ready to assemble.
Baste and gather the top of the second tier, and sew it with right sides together to the first tier. Baste and gather the top of the third tier, and sew it with right sides together to the raw edge of the third tier.  Matching right sides together, sew the side seam.  Make a casing at the top leaving an opening to insert elastic.  
I loved the frayed edge I saw on the skirts Sarah made, so decided to do that on this skirt too. 

This really is just a guideline.  So many different options with this skirt.  Shorter widths would make it less full.  Longer widths would make it fuller.  Deeper ruffles.  Shorter ruffles.  More tiers. Less tiers. Skirt for her.  Skirt for you.
"Oh, mom....mind if I check your linen closet?"

summertime saturdays.9

This was probably my kids favorite Saturday morning during the entire summer.  Because they got to eat fruit loops.  Only at grandmas.  Still nice and slow.  With actually nothing planned all day.  Fresh fruit for me. Sweet pineapple, ice cold watermelon and juicy ripe peaches.  Oh!  And coffee. That I drank out of one of my parents souvenir coffee cups.  Australia today.  Does anyone else have parents that collect those souvenir coffee cups from the places they visit?  I wasn't a fan of them for a long time, but now I treasure them.  And the stories that go along with them.  I just might have to purchase a Florida coffee cup.
Enjoy your Saturday.  And the rest of your weekend.

greetings. from florida

We are spending our last ten days of summer break in sunny Florida.  We will be riding some waves.  Knitting some rows.  And soaking up every minute. 
Happy Friday!


It's no secret.  I love to bake.  But when time (that little thing we are all looking for more of) is limited, I just don't get to.  So when I read about these cookies on Scout's blog, I immediately placed an order.  We ordered three different kinds.  The chocolate pinon biscotti, the toffee almond biscotti, and the green chile pecan sandia cookies. My sweet tooth was finally satisfied; they are all delicious.  The perfect little size.  Handmade from someone else's hands and sent right to my doorstep. Gotta love that!
Happy Tuesday!

gwen. in green.

It is a simple A-line baby sweater.  All in stockinette.  On size *8* needles. I am in love.
I cast on for this last Monday. I finished it on Saturday.  And blocked it on Sunday.   Truly one of the most rewarding little sweaters I have ever made.  I also think that A-line cut is so cute. So cute that I wish it came in adult sizes.  I'll just have to see what I can do about that.
The skinny:
Yarn:  I chose Rialto Aran.  Instead of the Cashmerino Aran. (I thought the color choices that my yarn store had in stock were better for a baby.)
Size:  12-18 months
Needles:  size 8 circular (I also did the neck on 8's instead of the recommended 7's.)
For:  A friend who had a baby last August.  Better late than never.  
Next up.  Gwen.  In purple.

summertime saturdays.8

Good Morning, Saturday.
We have eaten pancakes at least once a week for years.  Seriously.  Using this same recipe.  Not always do we use the Mickey Mouse waffle maker.  A lot of times we use the skillet.  But we always use the same recipe.  It was the recipe that came with the waffle maker.  But we have always called them pancakes.  Over the years, we have added one ingredient.  Vanilla.  My husband claims it was his secret ingredient.  I'll give him the honors for that one.  
This recipe really is embedded in my brain.  I hope, like knitting, it never escapes me.
2 eggs :: 1 3/4 cup milk :: 1/4 cup vegetable oil ::  1 3/4 cup flour ::  2 tbls sugar  ::  4 tsp baking powder ::  1 tsp salt  ::  1-2 tsp vanilla.
Separate egg.  Beat egg whites stiff.  In another bowl, mix the egg yolks with the milk and oil.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  Stir until combined.  Fold in egg whites.  
Sometimes we add mashed bananas to the batter.  Sometimes blueberries.  Occasionally chocolate chips.  
Happy Saturday!

summertime saturdays.7

Um, yes. Another Saturday. But we camped out last night. At the pool. And there was a lovely breakfast this morning. But I missed my oportunity to photograph it. So instead I will show you some knitting.  
I mentioned of my plans to knit for others the month of July.  After I read about nest on Sarah's blog, and then again on Amanda's, I knew I wanted to participate.  To help others stay warm. So I decided to just try to knit as much as I could, until the end of the month.  And I decided since I have both of these patterns memorized, this would be the easiest thing for me to tote around.  I also owe some people some gifts, so some will go to them.
I searched my stash, and this is what I found.  Lorna's laces, Classic Elite, Renaissance and Cascade 220 superwash.  One skein of the Renaissance made one pair.  One skein of the Cascade made two pairs.  And I only made one pair out of the Lorna's Laces, but I do believe that I have enough to make one more pair.
Almost finished ten.  Almost.  
This pattern is one that is a combination of a couple of different patterns.  So, not my own. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to combine my thoughts so that you can make a pair if you want.  They are super easy.  And quick. 
And these are the Evangeline.  My all time favorite.  I added one pattern repeat to the instructions for the short pair.  
I thought that I was finished making fingerless gloves for a while.  And then I saw these.
Happy Saturday!