a little left over Christmas post

So, I saw Kim's post and the next thing I knew, I was buying this pattern searching my stash for this (shepherd worsted) yarn, and casting on.
I ended up giving it (reluctantly) to my mother in law. ( I really wanted to keep it.) If you are a first timer to cables, this is the project for you.
We use our cookie press to make cookies every Christmas. Just as my mother did for us and her mother did for her. Always using the camel, the tree and the wreath disc. This year we tried another disc after seeing a friends.
You press it into one long strip, sprinkle with the nonpareils, (which just by chance are small enough to get caught in the ridges and don't roll off your cookie sheet!) and then cut it into the size of the cookie you want. (All before baking.) These were a great addition. I also think these would be great for a birthday party.
Christmas Press Cookies:
1 cup butter::3/4 cup sugar::2 egg yoks::1 tsp almond extract::2 1/2 cups flour::1/8 tsp salt::1/4 tsp baking powder. Cream butter, sugar, egg, extract, flour, salt and b. powder. Mix. Add food coloring (optional). Press. Bake 375˚ for 8 minutes.
Almost 2010. SO hard to believe.

merry merry happy happy

Well, Santa came, despite some naughtiness that went on throughout the year. I currently have happy, content people and a very wonderful mess on the living room floor.
I wanted to pop in to let you know how much I appreciate each and everyone of you dropping into this space of mine. You inspire me each and everyday. The love of knitting is really a fantastic thing.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.


She loved mine so much, she started saving.
Hers and his sweaters, that no longer fit, have a hole or are simply worn a little too much.
I cut 13 x 13 inch squares out of ten sweaters. Using the front and back, this gave me 20 squares. I wanted it a little bigger and didn't want to waste any of those (cashmere!) sweaters, so I used the sleeves and pieced them together in order to get five more squares. At first I had reservations about using the front of the cardigan, and now that is my favorite square. Love the buttons. For the back I used some camel colored pendleton wool that I purchased for $1.00 at our church harvest fair.
This may be my favorite gift I'll be giving this year.
Two days left? Seriously?!
Have a great one!

new hats

It took them 2 seconds to pick out colors for their new thorpes.
And it feels really, really nice.

Oh, and Libby's boots from the previous post were purchased last year from the GAP.

oona's hoodie

Libby's new hoodie is finally finished. I don't know exactly why it took so long because on size 8 needles it should have been a breeze. However, that seed stitch hood put me on the slow track. (Probably a reason I haven't worked on that seed stitch throw.)
Let me tell you, this thing is WARM. Nice and heavy.
The pattern calls for 2 strands of Nordique held together throughout. You know how most times when you are holding two strands together at some point there is always tangling going on? Not with Nordique. This yarn unwinds beautifully. I wish I would have taken a picture and shown you. Because the balls were seriously beautiful when they unwound. I kept holding it up showing people.... look how pretty!
Pattern: Oona's Hoodie
Yarn: St-Denis Nordique (100% wool) 14 balls #5858 Red
Needles: size 8 US
Size: 32" chest circumference
Modification: Libby wanted it a little longer, so I added 2 inches. I also made buttonholes and used buttons instead of the snaps.
I made the smallest size for Libby who is twelve and wears a size 12. This pattern is written for size up to a 56" chest circumference. So, not just for young girls. I love that.
Have a wonderful weekend.

cameras and cookies

So, those Nikon camera fairies are the best! Guess what I go back? My camera! After only three weeks. I guess it pays to cry, cause the nice girl wrote "rush" on it and they took her seriously. (hmm.. wonder if she wrote anything else? crybaby? and then I thought maybe she sent along the mitts as a bribe or a thank you, which, in that case would have been totally acceptable.) Or maybe they weren't that busy, but either way, I couldn't have been more thrilled.
This was the last photo that shutter took. Yeah, I know. I have no idea why I was photographing bowls in my kitchen either. That's just it. I take so many random photos throughout the day. The girl asked if I was a heavy shooter. Could I have pushed that shutter 100,000 times? That is the average amount of shots these shutters have in their lifetime. (I may have laughed...if I wasn't crying.) Absolutely. And then some. I'm the girl that takes pictures of bowls. Anyhow, I have a new shutter mechanism, a new aperture control unit, a new grip, motor and they updated the firmware and cleaned the imaging sensor. She said I should be good to go for another 100, 000 shots. Hallelujah.
Speaking of shutters, did you see these camera bags over at shutter sisters?! I am completely in love with them. I guess they won't be ready until February. You can enter to win one here.
Last weeks cookies were Candy Cane Cookies. The recipe came from a dishtowel Keana gave me.
Have a great one!


12:10 p.m.
12:31 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
Although, I could have been wearing it at 3:00 p.m. Knit entirely watching kids basketball. I wore it the rest of the evening.
Honestly, you can make this in 1 1/2 hours. Instant gratification.
I used this yarn, color #9408.

A friend lent me her d80 over the weekend. A slice of heaven, I tell you. A slice of heaven.

our tree adventure

The kids and I decided to get the tree over the past weekend. With husband out of town and it being his birthday and all, we decided that having the tree could be a big birthday surprise upon his return. So, we ventured out. I'd love to say that while the snow was gently falling, thermos's filled with hot cocoa, Christmas music playing, we drove to our local tree farm to cut down a perfectly shaped fresh tree. That didn't happen. Instead, we drove (in the gently falling snow) to our local Home Depot and picked out a perfectly shaped 6-7 ft fraser fir for $37.50. It was one of the first ones we spotted, because of its perfect top. Perfect for our angel topper. The nice guys attached it to the top of my (tall) vehicle and home we went. In the driveway, Charlie (age 14) and I just looked at each other. Where did the nice guys go? It was now up to us to get it off the (tall) vehicle. Okay. I had a plan. We can sort of roll it off the side. It ended up rolling onto my head and hit tip first on the driveway. Oh no, the top! I reassured the kids it was fine.
Thinking of our next move, we left it to dry overnight in the garage.
Sunday morning I told the kids to get dressed and meet me in the garage. I would get everything we needed together in order to make a fresh cut off the base. Chain saw. Check. Axe. Check. Saw. Check. Except that the chain saw turned out to be a hedge trimmer (shhhh), the axe decided to hit 6 inches above my mark, and the saw had the dullest blade in town. We did it though. We all took turns sawing and finally were able to bring it in the house, put it in the stand and remove the netting. And darn, if that top really was broken. Charlie asked if we could tape it back on. I thought about tying a big red bow.
And then I remembered. In a smug sort of way. I am the girl with the hot glue gun.
Yeah baby, bring on the angel!


December Days. For the month of December, I'm back posting again over at Habit. I really loved my month there back in May. This month I'll be joining the other 33 contributers that posted throughout the year. It really is a lovely peek into others lives. The photos are worth a thousand words although the actual wording is short and meaningful. Hope you'll come visit.

And, hey, have a wonderful weekend!

december 2

Hello December.
I'm really not certain how it rolled around so fast again. It seems like I just packed this advent away. I was happy to pull it out and place it on the white wall. In the newly painted white kitchen. It doesn't seem busy to me like it did last year. I'm assuming it is the white wall.
Although I really miss my baby, all is good on the photo front. I used shakeitphoto while away visiting my parents for my 365 project. If you have an iphone, check it out. It takes some pretty cool photos. This one makes me happy. I also found my old point and shoot that the kids have been using. Easy peasy to use. And I got to borrow my sisters Nikon D60 to take our Christmas card photo. No hand knit sweaters for the photo. I initially wanted to have the oona hoodie finished for Libby to wear, but that didn't happen. And that's okay. It's all okay.
Happy December.


...one giant pine cone, july '09
I really have so much to be thankful for. Among my blessings are all of you that provide so much inspiration. I also really appreciate all of your kind words on my camera.
We are spending Thanksgiving with my parents. My sisters are here so I had them each choose 2 numbers for the book giveaway. (Did I ever tell you how great my sisters are?!) I truly wish I could have a book sent to everyone. But, I can't. Soho publishing has offered two up and I will send my copies off. So, the 4 winners are: #24, Leslie, #114, Jen, #150 iknitipurl, #176 Catherine.
Please send me an e-mail with your address.
Thanks for playing and have a wonderful day.

books... to receive

I'm sure by now, you have seen and heard about these two terrific books. They are both filled with fabulous projects and information for knitters of all levels. I would be showing you more photos of the contents of each book, however, my camera (MY CAMERA) just went kerplunk and I will be without (WITHOUT) for 4-5 weeks (WEEKS) while Ritz Camera ships it away to the nikon camera fairies where they will try to repair it. You have no idea how much this bums me out. The poor girl behind the counter didn't know what to do when I started to cry. (YES, CRY!) Oh! And to top it off, I left a pair of fingerless gloves (that were my husbands!) on the counter and when I went back to get them they were gone. (LONG GONE!)
Book #1: Nicky Epstein Knitting a Kiss in Every Stitch. Truly one of my favorite books of hers. I love the layout of this book. A chapter each for kids, girls, guys and special friends. An entire book filled with projects to give. (Who says you can't give to yourself?)
The "guys" chapter consists of five projects including these fisherman's gloves. (love)
How cute are these for the jet setter in your life? (free pattern)
The reversible baby hoodie is absolutely adorable. (totally)
Book #2: Color by Kristin. Not only is this book filled with unbelievable color projects, but there is also information on how to design your own beautiful (colorful) knits.
Kristin talks about how color inspires her and shares so much of the information she has acquired along her knitting journey.
Honestly, both books would make a great gift for one of your knitting friends... or yourself.
And guess what? If you want a copy of either of these books, leave me a comment by midnight Wednesday, November 25th. I will draw two names on Thanksgiving day. Please let me know if you have a preference.

handmade holidays

I would love to say that I knit all my Christmas gifts. It doesn't happen. However, I do try to support the handmade world when I can. Here are a few of my favorites.
My friend, Keana, (knitting!) wearing a hollyhawk bracelet.
Jules. I really love her id tags. This is a grandmother bracelet. Perfect for your, um, grandmother, of course!
Lisa Leonard designs is always a favorite. I love that she carries these things for men. Use the code "findbeauty" at checkout and receive 10% off your entire order!

Erin's camera straps. She will be updating her site soon, so be sure to check back.
A dear friend gave me this necklace. I feel calm every time I put it on. They are all made on scrabble pieces. Some seriously cute designs over there.
Emily's photos make beautiful notecards. These were her summer beach collection. She is now selling the golden light collection. LOVE.
Sarah sells screen printed art cards and limited edition journals. Blank pages just waiting to be filled with sketches, notes or inspiration.
Check out Vanessa's photo journals! The kitchen journal would be especially nice for a host (ess) giftee and the joy journal and the journey journal are great ways to record the new year.

Martha just updated her shop with the handcraft collection.
I really love Julie's shop filled with a beautiful collection of modern paper products.
Something smashing is ALWAYS nice!
How about celebrating the everyday with a celebration banner!
2010 (can you believe it?) I love Tracy's desk top calendar, and Leslie's wall calendar. One for your desk and one for your wall. Imagine getting a glimpse of that beauty everyday.

Now that was some serious linky love.


With the holidays fast approaching, my mind races on what to all those people that deserve something in my life. I can't seem to leave the house without taking along one of these projects. I just wanted to share them again in case you needed some ideas on what to make. Seriously great stash busters. Just one skein is all they take. And a no brainer, so they are great to do while you wait just about anywhere.
For some reason I have made a lot more pairs of toast, then toasty's. For me, I love that toast doesn't have the thumb.
And, those mitts. My favorite yarn to use for all three of these patterns is Classic Elite's Portland Tweed. Not only do I love the tweedy appearance, but the wear of this yarn is FANTASTIC!
All of a sudden, my kids are so into these. The boys want them for when they throw the football. They haven't decided on the color. Libby wants a purple pair. Charlie has also asked for a new thorpe. I foresee a couple more of those being made before Christmas as well.
This was our "cookie of the week" two weeks ago, last week, and my kids asked for them again this week. It has a little "cake like" consistency. You would think they would all be tired of cake!
Pumpkin Cookies:
1 cup canned pumpkin::1 cup butter, softened::1 cup sugar::1/2 tsp salt::1 tsp vanilla::1 egg::2 cups flour::1 tsp baking soda::1 tsp baking powder::1 tsp cinnamon::1 cup cinnamon chips (optional)::1 cup finely chopped pecans (optional)
Preheat oven to 350˚. Blend together the pumpkin, butter and sugar. Mix in the salt, vanilla, and egg. Add the flour, bakings soda, baking powder, and cinnamon, and mix together well. Stir in the chips and pecans. Drop by tablespoons onto cookie sheet. Bake 10-12 minutes.
*The recipe originally called for butterscotch chips, however, we like to use the cinnamon chips.
Have a great one.


It is really hard to believe. Ten years ago we heard those wonderful words, "It 's a boy"!
And, what a boy he is!!!
We have officially entered double digit territory here. It all happens in the blink of an eye.
For a ten year old that danced in the hall with his teacher (love her! and that!) at 2:57 (the time of his birth), received the saturn V rocket he wanted, ate wedding soup and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, life couldn't be sweeter.
Happy Birthday to my most favorite ten year old in the whole wide world.


It didn't take long to fix my mistake.
And now I have a pair of socks to fit either Libby (size 7) or myself.
Truly one fun knit. Knowing so many others out there are knitting this right along with you makes it even better. Thanks Kirsten for putting this together.
I used Cascade Heritage, color 5631 on size 2 needles.

Last night, Andrew walked by my computer while my blog was on the screen. He stopped dead in his tracks. "WO" he said. Not 'wow' or 'woo' , but WO! "What?" I said. "Did you write in your coffee with nasal spray?" he replied.
He was referring to my blog header. Honestly, kids can be so darn funny.

Make it a great one!

it's no mystery

I wear a size 8.
In both feet.
My mystery socks are taking me a little longer than expected. I guess I just enjoyed the pattern so much, I didn't want to stop. Time to rip.
Have a great day!


There were twelve balloons, her favorite soup in bread bowls, along with the requested lady bug cake (what? it doesn't look like a ladybug to you?) filled with mint chocolate chip ice-cream.
Zero to six...the speed of sound.
Six to twelve... the speed of light.
Happy Birthday, to my most favorite twelve year old in the whole wide world.

this time

I could live in this season all year long. It's such a shame it goes so fast.
Enjoy yours.