oh new york

I LOVE New York City. I mean, really love it. Everything about it. The food. Awe, come on. So many choices and so creative! The wine. Yep. Delicious. The shopping. I love it even though I'm not a shopper. (But the window displays are still my favorite.) The people. Yep. I love them. They walk around with such purpose, I'm in awe of their lives and what they are doing with their day.  But the thing I get most excited about is seeing the Purl Soho sign when I round the corner onto Broome Street.
I headed in with nothing in particular in mind to purchase.  I've only been to Purl Soho one other time, and I made that mistake then, too.  I wish I would have had a plan but I thought something would just jump out at me.  The problem was, LOTS of things jumped out at me.
I squished lots of yarn in my hands. Talked to the happy sales clerks.  People watched the other shoppers.  I wanted to ask everyone what THEY were buying and making.  In the end I purchased two skeins of Woolfolk Far.  (Delicious.)
I would like to swim in the yarn and fabric.  
Wouldn't that be lovely?

august knitcrate

August's knitcrate came in like a breath of fresh air. I just loved the cool colors I received in both of these crates! (You remember, that's part of the fun... you never know what surprise lies within!)
The theme for August's membership crate is Indigo Glow.  It's all about the stunning oceanic tones, deep teals, seashell pinks and stonewashed grays.  Each membership crate will get two skeins of one of Ura.Yarn Speckled Singles.
A new "brochure" instead of the single cards.  I really like this new look.  You still have the option to print out the pattern, however, now the patterns are included.  Bonus!  I also like all the information about the designers and dyers.
Yarn:  Ura.Yarn Speckled singles.  417 yards of single spun fingerling weight.  100% super wash merino.
Pattern:  Knit:  Gullywasher.  A triangle shawl with great texture designed by Carissa Browning.
              Crochet:  Caribbean Escape.  An expansive crochet shawl with epic fine designed by Jennifer Dickerson.
Ahhhhh.  The August Sock Crate.  A single hank of lovely sock yarn in one of two color ways.  My crate came with Seashell. However I would have been just as happy with Pearl; a beautiful pearly grey.
Yarn:  DagmarEir Lifeboat.  463 yards of 75% super wash merino, 25% nylon sockyarn.
Pattern:  Cascade Socks by Sandi Rosner.  (LOVE!)
Extra:  Cat-eared stitch markers perfect for this project!

If you still haven't tried a knitcrate, you totally should!  AND you can get 20% off your first crate using code FKW20.

road trip highlights

We packed a lot into these last couple of weeks.  August always seems a little nutty, but this year even more so.  I took Andrew to Alabama to get him settled into his new home away from home.  He will be playing golf at a Jr. College in Alexander City called Central Alabama.  It is the perfect fit for him.
We decided to get Libby to Boulder by ways of automobile!  A good road trip was just what we needed.  We rented a car in Pittsburgh (our home town) and started our journey.  First stop; Frankfort Michigan.
{Manitowic Breakwater Lighthouse}

We spent two lovely nights in that beautiful state.  Then started our journey west on the third day.  Across Lake Michigan on the S. S. Badger.   From Ludington Michigan to Manitowoc Wisconsin on a car ferry.  The 60 mile journey took us 4 hours.  And it was wonderful.  A beautiful day on the Lake.  We continued our trek (via highway) across Wisconsin into Minnesota and stopping for the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Hitting the road early on the fourth morning anxious for the sights.  We had our eyes on the Badlands National Park.  And boy, it did not disappoint.  Absolutely breathtaking views around every corner.  
I knit the entire way (I mean, the entire way!) on a blanket I wanted to leave with Libby when I left her in Boulder.  A blanket for her new bed.  A blanket to remember the road trip.  (More on the blanket later.)
We were also most anxious to get to our hotel for the night.  And my goodness friends.  I can not say enough about this perfect place to sleep.  With Mount Rushmore in the distance, a tent equipped with a king sized bed, a sweet cot for Libby, tucked in the trees.  It was absolutely PERFECT.

{The fifth morning.  Still knitting on the blanket. } 

On our final day we spent the morning at this spectacular sight.  Mount Rushmore, which I have only seen in photographs, proved to be as splendid and moving as thought to be.

We rolled into Boulder around 7:25pm and I finished the blanket about an hour before.  My hands were as happy as my heart.

littler feet

August 20, 2008
Hello!  I am so sorry for not getting here sooner to announce the winner of Classic Kicks for Little Feet.  We returned last Friday from a fantastic road trip while taking Libby to college in Boulder.  I'll be sure to share some of the highlights, but wanted to make sure I announced the winner before.  That above photo was taken 10 years ago today.  My Charlie, who had littler feet than he does today! :)

The Random Number Generator chose number 33, Karen51.  Karen, please email me lesliemfriend @ gmail dot com and I will make sure the book lands in your mailbox!

classic kicks for little feet giveaway

Hey friends!  Helga Spitz has a new book out tomorrow!  Classic Kicks for Little Feet . (You really must click on that link to see the yumminess!)  OMG... It is TOO cute!
I guarantee that I would have made everyone of these for my kids when they were babies.
Libby said I should just start making some to have a supply for baby gifts when needed.  Great idea, Libby!
There are 16 patterns that mimic actual adult styles.  Created for babies from 0 to 9 months, every pattern is quick and easy.  They all use the same basic sole construction.
Since these projects are small, they don't require much yarn  Perfect for stash-busting.
They all have a sampling of fun embellishments like shoelaces, beads and zippers.
It really is the sweetest collection of baby goodness!

The sweet peeps at Sterling would like to give away a copy to one of my readers!
If interested in receiving a copy of Classic Kicks for Little Feet, please leave a comment here before Thursday evening (August 9) at 5pm EST and I will have the random generator choose a name.
EDIT... I'm extending the giveaway until August 16.  I have been getting Andrew and Libby ready for college and all my time has gone to helping them and getting them to where they need to be.  Andrew is a freshman and is now settled into his place in Central Alabama where he will be playing golf.  And, we are leaving today for a road trip to get Libby back to Boulder for the start of her JUNIOR year!