august and september

I have been very remiss in showing off my beautiful Knitcrates. But that certainly doesn't mean I love them any less. Just seeing that blue box in my mailbox sends my excitement to a new level!
Augusts Knitcrate came when the air was warm and my heart was trying to hold onto the last bit of summer.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE autumn.  But seeing the summer slip away always gets me a little sad.  
These  soft colors were a welcome sight.  I fell in love with this mint color in the Membership Crate.  (And I already have a project planned for it... more on that later.)
Yarn:  Vidalana Linen Jewel in Oasis  400 yards Fingering weight.  50% Superwash Merino 30% Linen, 20% Silk  
Pattern:  Simple Summer Shrug by Christie Bodden Designs
Yarn:  Knitologie Super Sock.  (Soft and Super durable!) 400 yards Fingering Weight.  75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
Pattern:  Cactus Flower Socks by Laura Fahlin Designs
September Membership Crate
Yarn:  Audine Wools sleek.  A lustrous blend of 50% Baby Alpaca, 35% Merino and 15% Mulberry Silk  I received the color "unwind". 
Pattern:  The pattern is a darling scarf with matching cabled mitts by Katrina King

It's always quite lovely to receive a pattern you love.  However, you can always just use the Knitcrates pattern books for inspiration to your next project.  The sky is the limit!

As always if you are interested in ordering a Knitcrate use the code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first Knitcrate.  The code works on all crates and truly makes a happy mail day!  

twenty five

It's pretty crazy that I have a 25 year old. I remember blogging back here in 2007 when my Charlie turned 12. How does time pass so quickly. And more importantly, why?
 There weren't 25 balloons this year, but since I was so happy to have Charlie home on his Birthday, I had to decorate with a few!  Chicken Scallopini, baked potatoes and salad requested for dinner.  

I've been making "age" cakes since forever.  Super easy and fun.  But only for the kids! Bahahahaha!
Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  I actually feel like I am 25 so this is hard to believe!
This year there was a new (welcome) addition to the party.  I'm calling this the Covid-Cupcake.  

It's a welcome addition to any party.  Even when it's your baby who is the one spitting on a cake! :)

the weekend

The end of summer. I can feel it in every part of my soul. 
My kitchen still isn't quite finished, but finished enough to unpack our things and make room for new memories.  Watch out for more kitchen photos.  I'll show you the before and after as soon as she is finished.  

I used the somewhat old watermelon to make watermelon juice, blending in some boiled ginger slices.  Why haven't I been doing this for like ever?!  Thank you Nadine!

I sat outside working on my Frida Sweater.  It's coming along nicely, but damn that twisted rib. (The entire body and sleeves of the sweater!)  Of course, I timed the rows.  9:40.23 a row.  Let's call it 10 min a row.  
There are 6 rows in an inch.  So, let's call it an hour to knit an inch.  I have about 7 inches more to knit.  So, let's say at least 8 more hours on the body.  Cause you know I am not knitting an hour straight.  I mean, there is something to drink, something to eat, something to check on my phone, something else to do for sure!   (You see how my brain works.  🤪)
I watched the lower leaves fall from the basil plants as I cut every single one.  It was almost too late for these plants.  I have to remember to do this at least one week earlier.  Two weeks earlier would probably be even better.   Yep, end of August, Leslie!
And, I swam my last swim of the summer on Sunday.  It rained on my back as I finished my 100th lap and I felt like a child again.  Thank you pool for all of the meditative times you gave me.  My heart is full.  
Oh, and next summer I need to remember to treat my hair as I did this summer.  Before I put on my cap, I spray it with fresh water and then add coconut or almond oil.  No more swimmers hair!

my scrubbie making obsession

Okay... I truly love making these things!

Here is why:

• They take about 15 minutes, give or take a few. 
• I can get about 15 scrubbies out of one ball of this yarn and about 5 out of this yarn.
• They are colorful.
• They make amazing gifts.
• They make me happy.  
• They are useful.
• They make washing dishes FUN!  ( I mean it!!!)
• They clean my dishes better than a dish cloth.  (And I am now a pro at washing dishes.)
• They can also serve as a shower exfoliant.  
• They make me feel VERY productive!

It's time,  friends, to get your scrubbie on! 
Just think about wrapping a few in a cellophane bag and tying it with a yarn bow.  (So cute for the holidays.)
And my sister and I thought about giving a white scrubbie with a rectangular cloth scrubbie  as a gift with a handmade soap.  They make the perfect bathroom partner.  The round to exfoliate your face and the rectangle to exfoliate your body.  ❤️


number 10

I just can not believe that it is September.  I do realize I say that at the beginning of every single month, but damn... It's already September!  

I wanted to mention that if you have about 20 free minutes with your knitting, I have a new episode up on YouTube.  Maybe you would like to sip an ice tea, feel your yarn in your hands, and have a watch.  I'd love to tell you all about my latest obsession.  

Happy September, Friends!  xx