libby's knee socks

Well with a nice cool morning my daughter could finally wear her knee socks to school! They were made out of 1 skien of Lana Grossa Meilenwelt Fantasy. I purchased this from Sarah at Knot Another Hat.
We should all be so lucky to have such a great looking shop!
Well off to my local yarn shop to get dp in size 7 ( I can't believe i don't have them) to start the sleeves of the purple sweater.

That was easy!

Wow, that was easy..........o.k. Here is my current project. Every year (well almost) I try to take the childrens Christmast Card picture in sweaters that I have knit them. They usually somehow coordinate which seems to be getting harder and harder with their ages. Any how, last year I started off doing an adorable cable sweater from Classic Elite. It is called the Skye Tweed Childs Cable Pullover in Renaissance by Classi Elite . Well I started off with a bang, had the 10 year old completed and was beginning #2. Well I decided at around dinner time to block the completed one. Not a good idea to multi task while dinner is being prepared, homework is being done, little hands need help, the phone is get the picture. Needless to say I forgot the sweater was in the washing machine until half way through dinner. 100% wool! I had a felted little sweater that could fit my daughters babydolls, but definately not my 10 year old! AHHHH!! Needless to say, the Christmas Card was not taken with the children in hand knit sweaters!
This year will hopefully be different story. I purchased more of the same yarn, and this summer finished the boys. I used a pattern out of The Ultimate Knitters Guide, named Sailor, that I love, it fits them really big but it is kindof like a sweatshirt, and the like that. I am now on to my daughters using Elizabeth Zimmermans Knitting in the round formula and will hopefully have a fairisle yolk at the top using the boys colors to tye it all together. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I'll try this again!

O.K., I did start a blog a couple of months ago, but I couldn't remember any of the names I chose!!! I will blame it on a puppy we got the day after! I feel like I have a new baby ( I do) so any spare time I had away from 3 children, a huppy and a puppy was only spent reading my favorite since this has been such a one sided relationship, I have decided to stop doing all of the taking and perhaps give a little! As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will really get moving!