just one more

Once I start, I just can't stop. Most of this fabric was purchased from Leslie at good-ness. It came all the way from Japan.
The tuturial for these tissue holders is from tutti fruiti. Really, you won't be able to stop with just one.
Have a wonderful weekend!

on the needles

*sorry, for this post to pop up again, I got a little paranoid about showing those photos of the kids*
Every year I knit each of the children a sweater that coordinates with the others. They then wear it for the Christmas card photo. I promise I only subjected my husband to wear one for one year! Come on, it was the 90's, I think that may have been in. The funny thing is that I didn't wear one. I just wouldn't do that. This may be a little goofy for some of you, but I really do try to do something that isn't too goofy. Come on, they are kids.
(see, I am really trying hard to sell you on this idea)

I thought last year would have been the last year to do it. Now that I have a twelve year old, I thought that maybe he is at that age where it may be a little goofy to wearing a coordinating sweater with his siblings. Patterns are also next to impossible to find for this age.
However, I just couldn't put my little thing to rest. The yarn has been chosen.

Charlie's will be brown and Andrews will be the green. When I ordered it from Webs, I didn't see the little pink flecks in the green. Andrew doesn't seem to mind. (gotta love a seven year old) The pink is for Libby, and it will be made into a fair isle vest, with the boys colors mixed in.
And the pattern for the boys? Well, that is the moment I changed my mind. When I saw the cobblestone sweater designed by Mr. Jared himself.
And you know how much we all love this pattern. Of course, the pattern is written for adults, so I just had to do a few adjustments to make it fit my boys.
Now, I just have to make sure that I have these done by November.
You know, sleep is so overrated.


This made me so happy, I just had to share it with you......................... this morning there were about 20 flies trapped! .....................
Yesterday, I was speaking on the phone with my friend Betsy, when I mentioned how aggravating those darn fruit flies were. She then proceeded to tell me how to build a trap.
Take a small water bottle fill with about two tablespoons apple cider vinegar. Make a small funnel with a piece of paper insert it into the top. The fruit flies go down the funnel, and can't get out. Trapped! You then can either take the water bottle outside and let those little flies go, or you can put the lid on the bottle and throw it away. Amazing!
It took everything I had not to decorate my bottle and funnel. How about making a cozy for the bottle?
Really, try this, it really works.


Finally finished my chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I used one and a half skeins of each color. Koigu #802 and #123.
It measures 88 inches long.

When I first started this, I did not like the color combo. Now, I love it.
A look behind the scenes. We spent the day in Morgantown, West Virginia.
These are really so much fun to make. And, wear. Check out the others on flickr.

summer loves

Just a couple of the things we love about summer. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn.
Time to bring out the handknits. And we really love that too!

I did not make this shirt, it was passed down from a friend. However, I am sure a lot of you out there could make it. Remember it for next summer! :)


Today my sweet Charlie turned twelve. Twelve. I walked around all day saying, "twelve". Twelve. Wasn't that magical day,when he was born, just yesterday? How could that be? The "birthday fairy" (a.k.a. my mother in law or myself) usually comes and ties the number of years in balloons on something in their bedroom. It is the first thing they see when they wake up. Always a great way to start your special day. Well last night, guess who didn't go to the store to get the balloons? Yep, that damn birthday fairy decided a twelve year old may not notice there were no balloons to wake up to. That damn birthday fairy. She was wrong.
Believe me, she will never forget again. The balloons were there after school, and you should have seen the grin.

We had a special celebration, with the two requests for dinner. Chicken scallopini and a homemade chocolate cake. And balloons of course, just eleven though. That damn birthday fairy (a.k.a. me) popped one getting out of the car. I don't think he even noticed.

Thank you so much for the fabulous comments on my silver belle.....honestly, it is like your comments are all stitched into my sweater. I will remember them all when I wear it! Thank you!

silver belle

It just so happened that I was traveling to the perfect location to wear my silver belle. Hence the ferocious knitting that took place here last week. My parents spend a couple of weeks every fall in Carmel, California. This year, they invited me to come out for a few days. (Or did I invite myself? I really can't remember.) It not only gave me an opportunity to be in one of my favorite parts of the country, it gave me precious time
alone with my parents. And you know once you start your own family, those times just seem to stop. You can steal a couple of hours here and there, but it just isn't the same. My husband explained to the children before I left, how important it is to spend time with your parents. We hope they will always want to spend time with us. He also does an amazing job at holding down the fort. Needless to say, the trip was everything I had hoped for. Of course there was knitting and of course silver belle photos were taken. These were actually taken at Pebble Beach.
Pattern: VOGUEknitting silver belle, or Romy from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Collection
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, color #205, 17 balls
Needles: Size 8
Size: small
Buttons: 3 of my grandmothers, using the back side
Start to Finish: July 31, 07 to September 12, 07
Notes:: I made a couple of modifications to this sweater. I made the smallest size but made the peplum the largest size in length, 12 inches. I wanted the fit a little longer. I also used three buttons instead of two, thinking that this would perhaps keep one button band on top of the other. Maybe it helps a little. Just a little.
I loved working on this sweater. The charts are easy to follow, and I loved how you increase in the sleeve to make the front and the back at the top. The yarn is great. Soft, warm, all that good stuff. I do think that the small size is not very small. I am sort of on the tall side, with longish arms, and I knit the correct length for the sleeves. I feel that if you are shorter, you will have to make adjustments on the sleeve.

Bottom line:: I love this sweater. It will definitely be worn, a lot!

sneak peak

The buttons have been chosen. (The back side, not the wrong side, because I think they are oh, so right.)
The beloved cable needle that worked so hard for me has been safely put away.
And, my Silver Belle, is finished, folded and packed for my trip tomorrow. Hopefully, a photo shoot will happen, and I will have photos to show when I return.
Happy Early weekend. See you Monday!

when life hands you zucchini....

.......make zucchini bread. 3 eggs :: 1 cup cooking oil :: 2 cups sugar :: 2 cups grated zucchini :: 3 tsp vanilla :: 3 cups flour ::
1 tsp salt :: 1 tsp baking soda :: 3 tsp cinnamon :: 1 cup nuts, chopped (optional)
Mix first 5 ingredients, mix dry ingredients, add to wet ingredients, stir in nuts, if desired. Pour into 2 greased and floured loaf pans. Bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes.
I plan on getting back into our "cookie of the week", within the next couple of weeks. I find it so much easier when I have their after school snacks waiting for them, especially since they are usually starving! This recipe is also a good way to sneak in an extra vegetable. :)
I have set another ridiculous deadline. I only have the collar left to knit on my silver belle, and hope to have it finished by Wednesday. Oh, the things I do to myself. As my husband calls it.....self imposed busy...ness!

favorite things

Libby and I played a little game. The boys wanted to throw the baseball instead.
The rules: as quickly as you can, write down your top ten favorite things, or fifteen or seventeen, no peeking. Let's both start with family. Ready, set, go. Libby's list.
family::books::mr. d::coloring::my desk::handmade things::puppies::molly::florida::beaches::
vintage stuff::school supplies::my room::polka dots::stripes::old navy::target
My list.
my family::knitting::baking::ice::down comforters::sewing::yarn::fabric::photography::the ocean::clean laundry::wildflowers::ceiling fans::babies::music::autumn::coffee::blue jeans

I wish I could have added......libby's list::the touch of my children

Hope your weekend is filled with some of your favorite things.

hmmm...can't think of a title (does that ever happen to you?)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your lovely comments on my top. Every single one of them brought a big fat smile to my face! Really, I think everyone of you could design your own sweater. It is just a matter of time and brain power. And personally, knitting from a pattern requires a lot less figuring.
Speaking of figuring, my silver belle is coming along. I have both sleeves finished, and have decided to put the peplum back on the needles in order to make the body longer. I have already used the required 14 balls and had to have my sister send me an emergency shipment. She was going to make it, but has now decided against it. (Believe me, she will be asking to borrow mine.) This sweater seems to be eating my yarn. If you are going to make this and are going to use cashmerino, I recommend buying extra, just in case. I have joined the KAL, and it really is great to see the progress everyone else is making.

Last night the five of us gathered around the computer remembering Pavarotti. I couldn't help but think how reminiscent that was of families long ago. Huddled around a radio listening to a show. I thought, how far have we come, but have we? I wonder when my grand kids are born, how will families get instant news? Off a large computer on the wall, with a remote? Just a little weekend thoughts to ponder. Go listen, it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Happy Friday!

my own, just for fun

I am not a designer, nor do I claim to be. However when you have an idea in your head of something you would like to knit, and can't find a pattern, you have to take matters into your own hands. I drew this while sitting at a stoplight one day, and used my favorite black top for the measurements. It is no secret that I love yarn and fabric and thought it might be kind of interesting to bring both together. When I realized what a waste of time it would be to knit something that I really don't like the color of, I went for the fabric choice instead.

I also thought it was pretty lucky the first time I went to look for fabric and found almost the perfect match. The fabric fades from dark to light which I also liked.
I made a garter band, and then picked up stitches along one of the long sides. Changed to stockinette with a strip of garter in the center, measuring as I went along.
Same thing for the back. The fabric was gathered and then sewn onto the knitting with elastic thread. A simple edge stitch along the neck and armholes.
The funny thing is as much as I didn't like the color, I think it is kind of fun, kind of cool, and it IS super comfortable. I might just wear it!
And for those of you who can't see past that color, maybe it looks better in black? Or not.