bandana cowl

The Bandana Cowl has been around for a while but I guess it took a KAL for me to become aware of it! I am so happy I finally did!

I can see a bunch of these in my future.  It was exactly what I needed to feel some instant gratification and check a few gifts off of my list.  
It's a free pattern over on Ravelry and I followed the pattern exactly also using used recommended yarn.  It's soft and cozy with zero itch factor for my skin.  I wouldn't say I am extremely sensitive when it comes to wool around my neck but I certainly am somewhat sensitive.  And this 100% Extra Fine Merino doesn't bother me at all.
While I was knitting, I was ordering more yarn.  That is a true mark of good wool!
I also asked my husband if he would like one.  He mentioned that he would love a cashmere one.  Ha!  Who wouldn't.  But of course, I aim to please, so I ordered the Jade Saphire for his gift.  (You will need 2 skeins, and make sure you order the 8 ply!)

The Plenty yarn leaves you with absolutely tails of yarn left.  That's it.  I LOVE when I don't have any yarn left!  

Purl Soho is hosting a KAL that started in October and runs to the end of this month, November 30.  Hop on over to check out the prizes (Amazing!) and enter to win!

Pattern:  Bandana Cowl
Yarn: Plenty, 139 yards in Reed Grey and Night Blue
Needles:  US 10
Size:  One size

the peach truck

Summer has slipped away and although these memories are a bit distant they still bear mentioning.  
For the past two summers, this was a highlight.  It's a simple pleasure and I am very grateful to have had this experience.  
I think everyone has at least one fruit they associate with summer.  
For me, it's strawberries warmed by the sun, ice cold watermelon cut in cubes and peaches that drip down your hand while you are eating them.  
Has The Peach Truck come to your area? If you ever see it, I am here to tell you they are some of the most amazing peaches I have ever eaten.  You can preorder and then pick up from the giant orange truck dishing out 25lb box's of peaches to be exact.  I plan on making it a reoccurring summer activity.  They are just that good.  And it just screams summer!

Delivering since 2012 but I didn't catch wind of this until last year!  
There were a lot of recipes running through my mind and ideas of things I wanted to do with this batch of peaches.  This recipe was definitely on top of the list.  And it did NOT disappoint!  

In the end, I didn't use many peaches in this recipe but this cheesecake is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  
I highly recommend watching her gorgeous video for all of her tips.  I just love the mindfulness she puts into making.  If you want to give your taste buds a lot of joy get to the kitchen NOW!  And maybe throw a little pumpkin seasoning into the batter.  That is what I will be doing.  

robinia sweater

My latest project off the needles; The Robinia Sweater by Anne Ventzel. 
From the anticipation of receiving the yarn to the completion of this knit, the process was a true joy.  
I received this yarn via special delivery to a hotel in Porto, Portugal arriving from Denmark.  That in itself seems a bit magical to me.
 You see, I had the urge to immediately cast on for this sweater from the first sighting on Anne Ventzel's instragram account.  She dangled her soon to be released pattern in front of our eyes and I fell in love.  I immediately messaged my friends over at önling to inquire if they would perhaps be putting together some kits for this beauty.  I relayed what colors I would be interested in making and önling did not disappoint! 
I wanted to work on this project while traveling, however, we were not sure the yarn would arrive before we left in mid September.  We were headed to Madrid with Libby to help her get settled for her new adventure.   (Teaching English for the next 10 months.)  We then would be traveling to Portugal so arranged for the yarn to be shipped to a hotel in Porto, Portugal.      
You can only imagine my anticipation when arriving to the hotel!  I was met with the most wonderful package filled with not only yarn but a few treats to heighten the experience even more; a beautiful knitting bag to accompany me on my trip.  
I've thought so much about our knitting projects and how they relate to our lives.  It's almost like little flings.  Little bursts of time spent with something you love.  
This one project was like a beautiful love affair.  I took it on my journey both mentally and physically.  

 In the vineyards of the Duorro Valley, on the planes, boats and trains, at the beach and in the cities of Portugal and then back to Spain with Charlie and Shelly to visit Libby.  This knit has all of those memories and emotions woven through the stitches and will be felt every time I wear it.  I am forever grateful.  

Pattern:  Robinia Sweater
Yarn: Held single:  Isager Eco Soft, 3 skeins (actually only used 2, but it is nice to have an extra!)
Held triple:  Isager Tweed 3 skeins in Mustard , önling silk mohair no. 10 4 balls in color 1916 , önling No. 12, 1 cone in color Camel, no. 37. 
Size: S
Needles:  US 6, US 7, US 8
Mods:  Absolutely zero.  I followed the pattern exactly.  I did run into a bit of an issue on the neckline as mine was a bit loose so I rectified that by using elastic thread to tighten.  
I must say holding 3 different yarns can be a bit tricky so I found that when I placed all three next to me on the floor it made it easier to pull from all three at the same time. 

a quarter of a century

Wow. When I first started writing in this space, my girl turned nine. Today she turns twenty five. Holy cow.
There is so much magic in her I can't believe she is even mine.  I thank God for my children and the gift of raising them every single day.  
She is living for the year in Madrid, Spain.   I made her a Daily Pullover to take with her and I am always thrilled when she texts me a photo and she is wearing it.  She has told me it is her all time favorite sweater.  She even text me a photo this morning of her Birthday Outfit.  (Photo below.)
We talked about the Daily Pullover on Episode 30 right before we left for Madrid.  It feels weird to not have her in this country.  Especially for her birthday.
But it helps when you copy her outfit.   HA!

Yarn:  Linen Quill in Kettle Black
Needles:  US 4
Mods:  The pattern calls for short rows in the upper back and in the bottom of the sweater.  I decided to omit those rows altogether for Libby's version.  I think it worked out perfectly fine and will omit those sections on my next Daily Pullover.  

dusting off this space

Well, hello there! It's been a while!
I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I have been here.

I've been traveling a lot.  

Madrid ✔️
Porto ✔️
Duoro Valley ✔️
Algarve ✔️
Lisbon ✔️
Philadelphia ✔️
Barcelona ✔️
Madrid ✔️
Nashville ✔️
Phoenix ✔️
Sedona ✔️
Los Angeles ✔️

Yep.  That pretty much covers the places I covered in the last couple of months.  It was great.  I mean really great.  But, now it's time to get some things accomplished at home and take care of some business! 
My mind is swirling with things I want to knit and things I want to do.  Basically, I just want to make all the things!

Happy November, friends!  xx