pick a pocket

I haven't knit many garments with pockets. (Some a pretty long time ago, well before the old blog.) Thinking that the last sweater I made with pockets was the Farmers Market Cardi, but that had a completely different way of making those pockets. There are the patch pockets, pockets with flaps, side-seam pockets, pouch pockets, cut-in pockets and inset pockets. (I may be missing a one or two.)
Inset pockets happen to be my favorite and the method of choice written in the pattern for my new project.
You make the lining before, then after you bind off the front piece, you pick up and knit across the lining stitches. Thus, creating a layer of pieces. Hence, your pocket!
I'm pretty crazy about that wickerwork stitch pattern. A pattern, coupled with a bit of stockinette... perfect! Also loving another project on big needles -size 11.
Off to find something to prepare for dinner. I'm already bored with my cooking choices.
Have a great one.

slow it down

It rolled around again... today. Funny how it came so quickly.
One in the big high school. (9th grade -ouch.)
One in the middle school. (7th grade -ouch.)
And one in his last year in the elementary school. (5th grade -ouch.) (Happy to take his place in the back of the bus.)
For some reason I didn't blare my music as in years past. And I couldn't seem to remember what it was I was wanting to do all summer long that I couldn't do. Funny how that happens.
I did manage to bake some brownies. And sneak in a few rows.
That seemed to make it all better.

the winner

I wish I could choose every single number to win the collection of books. But since I can't the random number generator chose one and it is #95, Amy J. Amy, please send me an e-mail (address in side bar) and I will make sure it gets to you!
Our last weekend of summer vacation. Can't believe it.
Make it great.

bring on fall

To all my new knitting friends that haven't tried cables. I promise they are not hard. If you can knit and purl then you can put stitches on a cable needle and move them to the front and back of your knitting. Swear!
I can only say really wonderful things about this project.
-The yarn was a dream to work with. One of the softest, ever.
-The cables kept it totally interesting. Most of my projects lately have been all knit in stockinette. So this was a welcome change. I like to make charts and cross things off. This fit the bill.
-On size 10.5 needles it was quick.
-Plymouth patterns: What can I say. Love them. You can buy one pattern. The pattern is so well written. Very easy to follow. Every bit of information (abbreviations, etc.) is written right in the pattern. So you never have to use another reference to look something up.
-I love it.
Pattern: Plymouth Yarn Co. #1791 (Patterns are available at local yarn shops that carry plymouth yarn. Check here.)
Yarn: Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed, 9 balls, #1208
Needles: US 8 & US 10.5
Size: 36 3/4
Modifications: None.

I'll be back tomorrow.
Happy Thursday!

a little collection

Have you seen this book? Or "encyclopedia of books" I should say?
The Stitch Collection by Debbie O'Neill is the perfect collection consisting of five mini books. Each book is small enough (and light enough!) to be carried around in your knitting bag.
I love how it is packaged and laid out, in an organized easy to find manor. It is a set of five mini books of the stitches themselves, designed to help you choose the best stitch pattern for a particular project. Each individual stitch pattern (225 total) is ranked according to its level of difficulty and amount of drape. It basically consolidates a bunch of valuable information into a simple little book. I love that!
I have one to give away. Leave a comment between now and Thursday the 19th at 12 p.m. EST and I will draw a name.

Make it a great one.

make them

Well, that week pretty much flew by. I seriously don't know what happened to our summer. I do know driving has been my number one activity.
Ice cream with any cookie is good. Chocolate chip, Chocolate, Sugar all sound good but I always wanted to try to make one like the ones in the store.
The recipe calls for margarine and mentions that margarine makes for a chewy, soft cookie. I never buy margarine and only ever bake with butter. I think the butter worked fine.
This was sort of fun. You know, like crafting in the kitchen. Sort of like using your rotary cutter and cutting fabric. With a bonus that you can eat all the extra trimming.
Have the kids poke holes in the top with a fork. Or a pin if you are really in the sewing mood.
Make sure you leave a sweet note so they won't eat a top. Or a bottom. Cause you know, a topless ice cream sandwich just wouldn't be cool.
Now this was a challenge. Finding the half gallon. You know, the rectangular one. My store had one brand and 3 flavors. Funny how I didn't notice that no one really makes it like that anymore until I actually went looking for one.
{c l a - charlie libby andrew, just in case you were wondering}
Assembly was fun. More scraps... this time ice cream, as you sort of have to trim the side so the ice cream fits in nicely. I then wrapped each one in parchment paper. And stuck them back into the freezer.
They were pretty big... so I cut them in half. (Meanie. Of course, they wanted more.)
Found some really great wooden buttons for my sweater. Plan on sewing those on this weekend and casting on for this.
All right... have a fabulous weekend!


I sat outside yesterday (in the heat, drinking hot coffee, alpaca in my hands) working on the second sleeve, watching an intense game of frisbee. Don't know why I didn't buy them that white plastic disc earlier in the summer. Who knew it would be such a time filling hit. Anyhow, about this sweater, I started it on July 19th. (Do you do that? Write down your start date? I have been doing that for years. Always love to see how long a sweater takes.) It was started while my slouchy was blocking, before photos were taken. On size 10.5 needles this thing is practically knitting itself. I plan on finishing it this weekend. Hoping to find three fantastic buttons for the finishing touch.
Oh! We made ice cream sandwiches that took us all week. Only because we made the dough and could never quite find a couple of hours to finish them off. I'll be sure to show you soon.
Hope your weekend is filled with a little or a lot of the things you love. I think I'll make more pesto.

hello august

I love August and its lazy days.
(These would be cute to try to make.)
No rushing.
Nowhere we have to be. (Except school on the 25th. Shhhh.)
The abundance of color.
Plum being a favorite.
Story telling. Of places and the people that live there.

Happy August!