some cookies before i go

It was Andrew's pick for our cookie of the week. He asked for black and white and I am pretty sure he meant these after seeing one at the coffee shop.  But, um, no thanks, not this week.
Instead I made these.  So much easier and they all loved them.  
Another slice and bake.  Perfect.  I wasn't exactly sure if I was doing the yin and yang correctly, but I think it worked.    
My husband will be holding down the fort over here while I travel west.  I am leaving early in the morning to meet my sister and a friend for a little ski trip.  So excited.  I packed a few party favors for them.  Chunky beanies, fetching and Rosebud salve. (Have I ever told you how much I love my Rosebud salve?)  I also have the Habu packed.
Airplane knitting.  My favorite.
I'll see you back here sometime next week.  

habu love

Besides the obvious reasons to cast on for a kusha kusha scarf, my boys came up with a few others......
-to talk on a habu phone
-to build habu towers
-to be a habu pirate
I think my boys are just as intrigued with this "yarn" as I am.  They can't believe that I am knitting with "string".  They must not know the word "thread".
I cast on for this back in November, however haven't knit on it much at all.  Picked it up last night while watching the Oscars and although I had to throw it down several times to watch Hugh Jackman (how great was he?) I managed to make some progress.  I have officially told the boys....hands off the habu!
Have a great one.


I wasn't going to commit to Erin's yellow week. Just decided to instead peak in on the flickr group to add a little bright spot to my day.
So there I was, minding my own business, sautéing mushrooms and shallots and I saw it.  It can catch your eye even when you aren't looking for it.  Especially on a grey February day.
Have a great Wednesday.


Remember the libby sweater?
Well, I finally put together the pattern for it. However, I am completely nervous in doing so. I cannot guarantee that there are not mistakes. I really wish I would have had someone knit a test sweater. But then I thought, well, the first person to make it will end up being a test knitter. I also wish that I could have offered it in other sizes besides the size I made (which I am assuming is a 10-12 year) however I just couldn't get my brain wrapped around the numbers.
With all the stitches, increases, decreases, measurements, and my substandard notes, this was the best I could do. (I'm thinking that there is a program that could do this for me, but I do not own it.) I apologize for those who were waiting for other sizes. However, I am sure there are those of you who can use this as a guide and resize it to fit your little one. Please e-mail me with any questions.
The pattern is on ravelry and over there, in my sidebar.
Have a fantastic day!


-Balloon heart garland.  Inspired by birds and trees after seeing hers.  Made out of card stock, hung on twine, a little tippy so I added twine to the bottom.  Floating heart balloons.  
-Flour on my jeans.
-Strong coffee.
-The post office.
-All of your wonderful comments and suggestions on my honeycomb cardigan.  Thank you so much.
I am sure there are a few simple things that you are loving.
Have a great one.

honeycomb cardigan

Well, after much stretching,  I can fit into my honeycomb cardigan.  When I first put it on I like it, and actually think it fits fine.
See, not too tight across the back.
However, after I have it on for a while, (a minute or two) it pulls across the chest.  Mistake #1: since I raised the neckline, I should have also added more buttons.  Darn.  But, I figure that I don't always have to wear it buttoned.
And if I want to wear it buttoned?  Presto.  Cover it with a scarf.

All in all, I really like this cardigan and am sure it will get a lot of wear.  I prefer sweaters that can be worn as a coat.  
Size:  Small (Mistake #2, should have made a Medium)
Yarn:  9 balls Moorland 2576, bark by Classic Elite
Needle: Size US 6
Modifications:  I actually did a few and will post them on ravelry.  If you are not on there and are interested in my modifications, I can let you know through e-mail.
And for those of you who think that I should just go ahead and give this to my sister, I would if I could.  However,  a much smaller sister also has much shorter arms.  :)
Enjoy your day!


I had a heart shaped cookie request for this weeks cookie. Ugh. I guess my children haven't realized I don't really like doing the whole cookie cutter thing.
Then I remembered that the barefoot contessa has a shortbread recipe, that I made in the past, where the dough is just right for cutting.  You know, doesn't get misshaped moving it from where you cut it, to the cookie sheet.
In her cookbook, she dips half of the heart in chocolate.  Really, really delicious and pretty.  I think a stack of those wrapped in a cellophane bag, tied with a ribbon, would make a really lovely little gift.  Just a thought.
I am currently blocking (stretching the you know what out of) my honeycomb cardigan.  I'm not exactly sure but I am thinking it may fit.  (Sorry, Lis!)
Have yourself a wonderful weekend.


While making dinner {saute onion, garlic, mushrooms in olive oil until tender, add sun dried tomatoes, add white wine, simmer, add half & half, and cream cheese, cook until thickened, throw in some peas, let those cook for a few minutes, add cooked pasta, campanelle are good, toss all together, garnish with shaved parmesan } it dawned on me that I have never made fetching and should really change that.  
You all do this too, right?

spread a little love

We are in full valentine making mode around here.
We saw this idea over on the purl bee and immediately Libby started tearing the card stock.  (Which has now become her least favorite part.)
She was able to cut all of the hearts out of scraps of fabric.  
To make it a little easier I made "half a heart" template and she cut the fabric on the fold.
Instead of sewing on the hearts, she is glueing them on using a glue stick.  I am doing the sewing (it is unusually rewarding to sew on card stock) and Libby is doing her favorite part....writing the names along with a special message inside.  Spreading a little love.
Happy Wednesday.