wish i would have known

There are a few things I wish I would have learned before beginning the "tangled" cable pattern on the tangled yoke.
First and foremost, do not drink wine when trying to tangle. I know it may seem like the perfect Saturday evening; wine and yarn, however, trust me on this. Put your tangled yoke away. Perhaps you could pick up a thorpe you have sitting on the needles.
Also, do not watch The Holiday. Althought it may be like the twelfth time you have seen it, your mind will still wander and you will forget if you are 2 behind, 2 in front, etc.
Do not quiz your children on their vocabulary words, let them read to you, let them tell you about their day or watch them play guitar hero. As a matter a fact, do not work on this with your children around. Period.
Do not work on hungry. Again your mind will wander.
Do not listen to music. You will start to sing, and again loose focus.
In attempting to try any of these, my mind became a tangled mess as did the cable pattern.
Basically, what I wish I would have learned before starting the cable pattern, is to sit in a room without any distractions. If I would have known that, I would have saved myself from a huge tangled mess.
It should be smooth sailing now though, as I am finished tangling. Stockinette never felt so good.
Back tomorrow with our cookie. It was a good one.


There is no denying, I love winter. As I have said before, I love all seasons. And my favorite, is always the one I am currently in. To commemorate Shari's Winter White week, we enjoyed french onion soup, with white wine, of course. The kids had leftovers from the week.
A shot of my favorite stairs, on a walk we take often through the woods. I photograph these stairs almost every time I see them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Knitting to commence soon, I promise.


Sleeping in the winter.
Whirring ceiling fan, warm down comforter, crisp cotton sheets, and now my new favorite: scented linen powder. As the tag says, it is talc free, not tested on animals, earth friendly, hypo-allergenic and quite blissful. Wow, is it ever.

good things

My twelve year old couldn't wait to show me what he will be doing in school.
Sewing an apron!!! He knew how excited I would be. I actually think he is looking forward to it too. I remember my home-ec class like it was yesterday. We started in eighth grade, and made a jacket, with a zipper. I wore mine. (Of course, I did.)

(winter whites photo, day 3)
Thanks so much for the concern regarding my car. I will be without a car for a few days, which might just be a good thing. A good thing for my tangled yoke.

always take it with you

As I left the house today, I realized that I forgot my knitting. So I ran back into the house to get it. You see, I really never feel comfortable going anywhere without it. I debated for a moment on taking my camera, and then decided against it. I wish I would have grabbed that too, because then I could have showed my car, being towed away. I had just exited a bridge (I am so thankful) and came down the ramp, and kerplunk. The engine was still running, however, it just wouldn't go. So, I coasted to the side of the road, and made a few phone calls. One to the towing service, and one for a ride home. (My father-in-law came through again.) The man on the phone at the towing service told me they could be there within the hour. I glanced over at my knitting bag and told him "take your time".
I am sure they don't hear that often.

winter whites

Because, this week, I know that I will have no new knitting to show, I decided to join in Shari's Winter White week.
And really, I will have to stop myself from making more thorpe hats ( I have another on the needles) in order to work on the tangled yoke. It is time I faced it. I really don't want to, and I don't know why. But I will. I will finish this sweater. Because I want to. Well, I really don't want to knit it, I just want to wear it. Do you ever think this way?
So, knitter friends, please excuse me, while I post a little winter white.

cookies and hats

The cookie of the week was chosen by Libby. And since the kids had a half day of school yesterday, she also helped make them. I bought the dark chocolate with raspberry creme baking pieces at my local grocery. Not sure if you would be able to find them at your local grocery, but like the york pieces, maybe you can locate them here. We just used our chocolate chip cookie recipe and used these for the chips. Only two of the kids liked them, and my husband thought they were "different". I totally agreed. The next time I would probably bake them in brownies. The box brownie mix.
As I promised Andrew, I made his friend Jack a hat for his birthday. All the same information as here. I am loving these hats so much. Quick, easy, cute and inexpensive. Can't beat it!
Because there wasn't any school today, Andrew headed to the party. Like Emily, I am loving wrapping gifts in newspaper. Comics for the kids.
Enjoy your weekend. And if you are somewhere cold, bundle up in some of your warmest hand knits. I think it is the perfect weekend for that!

more hats

A photo shoot with my boys, without a plan, is not a good thing. I quickly asked them to put on their hats so we could take a quick photo. "Awww, mom. How long is this going to take? Do we have to wear coats?" I thought about it for a quick second and thought maybe they would cooperate better cold. I promised them hot chocolate when we came in. They put on shoes that weren't theirs, and out we went. If only you could have heard the voice behind the camera. It went something like this: "Come on guys, this isn't funny. Andrew, put Charlie down. Charlie get down, you are going to hurt Andrew's back. Really guys, stop it. You guys are in big trouble. Do you want hot chocolate when we go in? PUT HIM DOWN. Hey, COME BACK HERE!"
Do you think they heard a word of what I said? Nope, not one.
Anyhow. After the boys saw Libby's hat, they each asked for one. Andrew asked for an orange one,(I only aim to please) and Charlie asked for one with a pattern. Great, Kirsten designed one like that too.
They love them. And like Jane's child, Andrew has told me that all of his friends love it, and want one. Hmmm, I don't think I will knit them all one. However, I would make one for his friend, who is celebrating his birthday.
Yarn: Mauch Chunky. I do not recommend doing the stranded hat out of this yarn. The yarn turned into threads, basically falling apart in my hands.
Needles: size 10 double point.
And yes, I made them hot chocolate.

hello saturday

Hello Saturday. How about a little cookie to go with coffee or tea. Or milk. Or knitting.
The kids let me choose the cookie this week. I have really been wanting to try these, and they were a big success. They are thin and crispy with the just the slightest hint of orange. They do have shortening in them, which I was trying to avoid, but that is probably what makes them so good. Orange Ginger Cookies:
2 cups sugar::1 cup vegetable shortening::1/2 cup butter, softened::1/2 cup molasses::2 eggs::4 cups flour::2 tsp baking soda::2 tsp ground cinnamon::2 tsp ground ginger::2 tsp allspice::2 tsp grated orange peel::1/4 tsp salt::sugar for sprinkling.
Cream together sugar, shortening, butter and molasses. Add eggs. Beat until light and fluffy. Add dry ingredients, beat until combined. Divide dough into two. Shape into logs wrapped in wax paper. Refrigerate overnight. Cut logs into thin slices. Bake for 9-12 minutes at 350. Immediately sprinkle with sugar.
See how thin? The perfect little cookie to be satisfied with just one. Or Six.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Have you seen it? The pay it forward exchange? I love this idea. Spreading a little hand made love just a sprinkle at a time.
A couple of months back (has it really been a couple?) I was one of the lucky three to comment on Magnusmog's blog. And now, I would like to pass it along.
So, here is the deal:

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

I also forgot to tell you a couple of things. The wine is delicious. I purchased it from our local wine store. I haven't been back for more, but need to put that on my list of things to do: buy more wine.
And, the yarn I am using for my tangled yoke is the Rowan Felted Tweed, color 147. I have started the sleeves, thus, at a boring spot again. I just have to try to talk myself into pretending it is fun. Yes, ribbing is fun. Yes, ribbing is fun. I love to rib!


Hello and Happy New Year.
It is a little slow going over here. I think I sort of lost some steam after the holidays. Lately, I have been happy just sitting perusing the blogosphere. Really, I wish I could do it all day. I love reading about every ones new projects and new years resolutions. One of mine, was to get back on track, for the rest of the school year, with our cookie of the week.
The requested cookie was for lemony snickets from Melana. They were such a huge hit, my children asked if I would make them again. My husband said they were the best Christmas cookie I have ever made. There is noway these will be a Christmas time only cookie. They are just too good to make only one time a year.
As far as my new project is concerned, I think I need a jump start. This is the start of the tangled yoke. You've seen it around, I am sure. In fact, as of today, 141 people have made this, 264 people are knitting it and 1754 people have it in their queue, over at Ravelry! I know I will love it, but I just can't get excited about knitting it. Maybe after I get through the ribbing. I sure hope so.
Happy Friday to you all.