closing july

 We just returned from a fun vacation in Lake Tahoe.
Pier sits.  Lake jumps.  Jeep rides.  Wanderlust.  Live music.  Delicious food + wine. Wild flower picking.  Flower crown making.  Chambers punches.  Boat rides.
Hollow Dress (Available until 8/5)
The last boat ride resulted in this.  I stepped into the boat and rolled onto my foot breaking both my foot and my ankle.  Oy.  I know my knitting peeps will rejoice with me in all the extra knitting time I will have.  There definitely are perks that come along with an injury.  A gift in every experience.

july knitcrate

I don't know what it is about this blue box, but it makes me so happy when I see it arrive. It's like a Tiffany box for knitters!
July's Knitcrate box did not disappoint, and it's perfect for the season.  Intense colors for the heat of summer!
The yarn ::  2 skeins of Artisans Yarn in BooBerry.  60% SuperWash Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, 20% Nylon.  It feels wonderful.
The pattern ::  A shawl.  One pattern for beginners and one for Intermediate/Advanced.  I prefer daisy, the pattern for beginners.
The Extras :: A pair of safe knitting shears.  Perfect for traveling!

I need to get my fingers moving so the daisy shawl and move up my queue quickly! I love that I always have a project waiting.  (My mantra ::  One project at a time.  One project at a time.  One project at a time.)

Remember to use code FKW20 to receive 20% off your first Knitcrate.

Happy Weekend Friends!

one at a time

What kind of knitter are you?  One at a time?  Two at a time?  As many as you like at a time?
For years I have been a one project at a time kind of girl.  I start a project.  Work completely on that project until it is finished.  Then, start another project.
The most I veer off that path is when I have one big project, and maybe a pair of TOAST on the needles, for the road.
This?  This photo?  Not how I typically work.
And, it's pretty much making me a little crazy.
Honestly, I have been feeling a little scattered lately and I am now concluding that it is my knitting! :)
But seriously.  I really think it is.
So, I have vowed to work on only one project at a time.
The woodstock tank.  (Almost finished.)
The Byron Bay Cardigan.
The 100x simple cowl.
The windswept shawl.
Two at a time 3x1 rib socks.

Ahhhh.  I'm already feeling more focused and organized.

we are knitters winner

{Random weekend photo.}

After I wrote that title, my heart sort of got a little bigger.  I feel as if you are a knitter, you are a winner.  Such a gift to be able to love this craft.  WE ARE KNITTERS!  Hellya!
However, I do have a winner for the We Are Knitters giveaway.  The random number generator chose number 101, Jane Piotraschke.  Jane, please email me and I will share your information with the sweet peeps at We Are Knitters.