hittin' the road

We are going camping, tomorrow. So I made us some new pillowcases, today.  Flannel.  Totally fun.  As it was to sew.  It felt g r e a t.  Knitting is packed.  That feels great, too.

Back soon.

tnna weekend

On June 22, my mother and I took a road trip to Columbus, Ohio, and met my sister there.  (Thank goodness for my father who couldn't wait to stay at home with the kids!)
Hanging out with each other is always a special weekend.  Like years past, the TNNA show did not disappoint.  Inspiration showed up everywhere!  And there is something so incredible about being surrounded by like minded people.  It just feels awesome.
The Classic Elite Booth is always one of our favorite stops.  I just LOVE the way they display their yarns.  Their new yarn for fall '12, Color by Kristin, is 50% wool, 25% alpaca, 25% mohair and 100% delicious!
How about this gorgeous number?  Maybe something I could work on that would work on my concentration!  
However, see that?  Up there?  I am SO ordering the yarn to make that.  Looks like something my brain can handle about now.  A lot of stockinette with a little detail to keep it interesting.  Cute to wear to boot!
The Blue Sky Alpaca booth is another one that always impresses me.  
The creativity pours out from every fiber.  Honestly.  My mouth hangs open as I catch new sights in that booth.  And the way they print their patterns!  Totally vintagey cool.  There are some definite things I want to make.  
My sister took a seat on one of their most awesome displays.  I was dreaming of a few of those sit upons around a table that would be set up to knit around.  Their displays truly are incredible.  
I was so excited to meet the sweet Melynda of French Press Knits. Have you made her famous felted slippers?  Still on my long growing list of "things to knit"! 
It was so much fun to meet Ysolda, too.  
ANOTHER inspiring booth.  It would be dreamy to have that work station.

SO much talent, so much creativity, so much fun!