March 17, 2008
It's St. Patty's day... and it is going to be 75˚ with not a cloud in the sky!!!

The winner of Extra Yarn book is number 4... Lyn. Please e-mail me with your address and I will get the book off to you.

Have a beautiful day!

extra yarn

Have you heard the buzz about this book, EXTRA YARN? Seen the darling pages?
I think it is one of the most charming little books I have ever read. Probably because of my love of knitting.
A girl named Annabelle. Who has a tiny box full of never ending yarn for her.
And a heart full of the love for knitting and the art of giving.
Sweet and creative with darling illustrations.

I have one copy for one of my readers. If interested, please leave a comment here before Wednesday, March 14, 5pm EST and I will have the random number generator choose a number.

pepper nuts

Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!
Good day!
Wanted to share a recipe with you where you will either love me for or not.
They are a little time consuming. Hopefully, worth your time.
The name given is "pepper nut" but, nothing nutty about them. They contain no nuts. Just sized like a nut. Little bits of spice. Perfect for your yarn.
After the dough is mixed, roll small pieces into "snakes". The thinner the snake, the smaller and crisper the "nuts". If your dough is sticky, you may want to place your snakes in the freezer to harden a bit. This will make the next step easier.
Cutting. This is the part that may take time. I find that using kitchen scissors is a little quicker... although you may just want to use a knife.
Lots of little nuts ready to pop into the oven. Try to make sure there is enough space in between them on the cookie sheet. Bake at 350˚ for about 10 minutes... until they start to brown.
They really are the perfect size to grab a handful and pop into your mouth... one at a time.
Knit a row.

Enjoy your weekend!

patterns ago again

Hi there!
Gosh, I so, so apologize for link inconvenience. And, I really apologize for those I never emailed back regarding the non working links. The links for toast, toasty and those mitts are now working!
Happy March!