Christmas knits old and new

Merry Christmas Friends!
I hope everyone had a very Merry day!
Libby made a cameo appearance on my latest 
YouTube video.  

She wore her Christmas sweater I finished for her.  She also wore it on Christmas Eve and that made my heart happy!

I'm wearing a Christmas sweater I made back in 1997!!!  It's one of the only sweaters I saved as I tend to give away sweaters I don't wear.  I haven't worn this sweater for at least 20 years.  That sounds crazy. I'm thrilled that I saved it.

Libby's sweater
Pattern:  Hotline Sweater by Wool and the Gang
Yarn:  Take Care Mohair
Needles:  US size 11

Libby's WIP
Pattern:  Trefann
Yarn:  Lion Brand Wool Ease

My sweater
Pattern:  #13 Fall/Winter '96-'97 Vogue Knitting

My hat
Yarn:  Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky (Hue and Eye)
Needles:  US size 11

Happy week between Christmas Day and New Years Day.   I think it's the best week of the year!

gift knitting

I'm not usually that organized when it comes to gift knitting.  But, I always seem to find a few things I want to make the closer we get to Christmas.  

There are always a few people I think about who may need a pair of TOAST mitts.  

I made my hair stylist daughter a Barbie Doll sweater from a book I have had since Libby was little.  Now THAT was FUN!
And a simple hat in a cute color is always a winter brightener!  
Pattern:  I winged it.  Cast on 50 stitches.  Joined to work in the round for 5.5" then started decreases evenly throughout.  Yarn is Malabrigo Rasta.  They make such fun colors!

I have a couple of more hats on the needles (The Savante) and a pair of socks for Steve.  I think sock knitting is tricky business.  Not only do I hope I can get them finished but I hope they fit!

the daily pullover

Well, I started this post about 10 days ago, the day I really started to have flu like symptoms and took a Covid test.  The result showed positive for Covid.  Luckily, my symptoms remained mild for the entire time.  My symptoms also changed daily.  One day aches.  One day a sore throat.  One day super tired.  One day a cough.  One or two days a low grade fever.  
My son, Andrew got it first.  And then, of course, I passed it on to my husband.  I am so grateful that we all had pretty mild symptoms.  
Anyhow, I did have enough energy to knit everyday.  I have a few gifts knit and am still plugging along on a Christmas sweater for Libby.  More on those later.
Let's talk about The Daily Pullover for now.
I honestly can not say enough about this sweater.  Pure dreamy.  Especially if you like Linen Quill.  It is such a lovely drape.  Not too soft.  Not too firm.  Just the right combination.  
It's a top down knit and requires very little brain power.  You do have to keep track of your increases but once you divide for the body/sleeves it's pretty much on cruise control.  
I love this kettle black color and the flecks of white linen that come through to make a basic V neck sweater a little special.  
I did make my V a little "less" deep by binding off a little tighter than looser.  You can play with the bind off to get the right V for your liking.  

I truly think this is the perfect Daily Sweater.  I have 3 skeins of Nutmeg and will be casting on for another after the first of the year.  That's how much I love it!

Yarn:  Linen Quill in Black Kettle.  3 skeins
Needles: US size 3
Modifications:  The only thing I did differently was to add length to the body.  My body measures 12" before the short rows.