i love nest

I've been meaning to remind you about nest.  I love this.  I really, really do.  Knitting for others that are in need is such a great thing.  I knit a bunch of fingerless mitts last year.  I had declared last July my "knitting for others" month.  This July I was pretty much a selfish knitter, knitting only for myself.  But I plan on changing that.  Really, I do.  I want to make hats soon... and into August.  Hats for nest.  
I've packed some yarn to do just that.  Because tomorrow we are flying the coup.  Hopefully I will finish my empire waist cardigan, and perhaps get a photo of it in front of a Lake.  
Be well, friends.

on my needles

This is my new project.  I became completely obsessed over it after seeing the one spiralstitch made.  And it just happened to be Classic Elite design by Pam Allen.  Bonus.  You know how much I love their pattern/yarn combination.
The construction is really interesting and I am loving it.  Starting on the right sleeve, working around the back and to the left sleeve.
After you finish the top, you pick up and work the body of the sweater.  Very little finishing. Another bonus!  Knit in all stockinette out of 100% cotton, this makes for an easy knit while clocking the hours at the pool.  If it is as cute as it is as fun, I can see this in another color in my wardrobe.  I'm thinking grey.  Or black.  Or olive.  Or brown.  Or........

my most favorite

My girl and I spent one simple evening. 
With a flower that reminds me to enjoy the simple moments.
And in between all the running around we are doing.
It is these moments I want to remember most.
Enjoy your weekend.  

take two

Alright. Back to the rickrack rib pullover. 
I guess some of you didn't think it looked terrible before.  And, I thank you for that.  However,  I didn't give you the full view. It really was way too big after I blocked it. Too loose and boxy and baggy.   And it was entirely my fault because I initially thought it was too tight.  However, after re-blocking I got it exactly how I like it.  
A few thoughts about blocking:  Everything I ever make, I block.  Well, not my hats and gloves or scarves, but all of my sweaters.  So many garments don't even get the proper drape until you block them.  I do it all in the machine on the hand-wash setting and throw in a little bit of soap.  As soon as the machine stops, I lay the garment out on a towel.  I often take them outside and let them dry in the sun.  I also measure using the measurements from the pattern according to the size I made.  And many times I just base it on the fit before it is blocked.  (I am that anxious knitter that sews the sweater together and then try's it on with all the yarn tails hanging everywhere.)  I always block the finished garment and not just the pieces.  (Like a lot of patterns instruct you to do.)  And I try very hard to resist the temptation of trying on a wet sweater.  
This pattern is great.  Designed by Kat Coyle.  A perfect combination of a stitch pattern and a stockinette.  Just enough rickrack rib stitch to keep you busy and then giving you a little stockinette for those moments when you need a mindless knit.
It was the first time I worked with Classic Elites wool bam boo.  It is unbelievably soft. I'm not sure I expected that.    
Yarn:  Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo  color 1649, blueberry, 8 balls
Needle Size: US 6
Alright.   I'm onto the next.  Something in a shade of purple.  I'll be back soon to tell you all about it.
Have a great one!

whatcha reading?

I received this book last fall and immediately earmarked several projects.  The book then got placed alongside my knitting books and was sort of forgotten until Libby started reading a book she thought she couldn't read around her brothers.  The back cover had some "girl content" and she knew they would see it.
I remembered the book cover project which was perfect for concealing what she wanted to hide.
We picked out some fabric and used a contrasting brown linen scrap for the lining.  A ribbon saved from a gift from my sisters travels to Italy.  Gusto: Vigorous enjoyment.  Perfect.
There are several other projects in the book I would love to make.
A new apron may be in order.  I'm thinking brown linen would be nice.
And maybe a new set of summertime coasters.  
Happy July!